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App.net Introduction
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App.net Introduction






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    App.net Introduction App.net Introduction Presentation Transcript

    • BarCamp Rhein Main 2013 Lukas Rosenstock Disclaimer: Neither I nor my own company are in any way affiliated with app.net. This presentation represents solely my own personal opinion.
    • Dalton Caldwell ● Serial Entrepreneur: Imeem + picplz ● app.net initial concept: landing pages for apps ● app.net pivot: an ad-free social network – $500.000 crowdfunding ● WHY?
    • Twitter in the beginning ● ● Pioneer of Platforms and APIs Powered by the community of early adopters and developers – ● Users invented Hashtags, Retweets etc. 'Twitter’s not a site, it’s a protocol' – http://www.human20.com/twitters-not-a-site-its-a-protocol/
    • Twitter in 2012... ● Display Guidelines → Display Requirements ● No anonymous API / no offical RSS feeds ● Enforced t.co URL shortening ● ● 1 million API access token limit for any developer 100 000 API access tokens for client apps – „we gave developers guidance that they should not build client apps that mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience“ ● http://dev.twitter.com/blog/changes-coming-to-twitter-api
    • Web Business Models ● Infrastructure Companies – ● Dropbox, Evernote, AWS, Twilio, GitHub etc. ● Media/Advertising Companies – Twitter, Facebook, Google etc. 'If you are building an advertising/media business, it would then follow that you need to own all of the screen real-estate that users see.' – http://daltoncaldwell.com/what-twitter-could-have-been
    • Social Infrastructure Company?! ● 'Why isn’t there an opportunity to pay money to get an ad-free feed from a company where the product is something you pay for, not, well, you.' – http://daltoncaldwell.com/an-audacious-proposal Propably one of the app.net backers
    • Dalton 'screwed' by Facebook ● ● ● ● '[...] the individuals in the room explained that the product I was building was competitive with your recently-announced Facebook App Center product.' '[…] your “platform developer relations” executive made no attempt to defend my position. [...] made clear that the success of my product would be an impediment to your ad revenue financial goals […]' 'Personally speaking, I am resolved to never write another line of code for rotten-to-the-core “platforms” like Facebook or Twitter. Lesson learned.' 'Your company, and Twitter, have demonstrably proven that they are willing to screw with users and 3rd-party developer ecosystems, all in the name of ad-revenue.' – http://daltoncaldwell.com/dear-mark-zuckerberg
    • Overview on App.net ● Products / APIs: ● Account Tiers: – Stream – Free – Message Channels – Yearly User ($36/year) – Files – Monthly User ($5/m.) – NEW: Broadcasts – Developer ($100/year)
    • Stream ● Twitter-like but with 256 characters – Profiles, Bios, Hashtags, Search, Reposts, @Mentions, Conversations … – Annotations, e.g. for Places ● – ● User-defined annotation types Domain Verification $ Free tier can follow max. 40 users
    • Alpha: The default web stream client
    • Favd: third party 'Instagram clone' built on top of app.net streams
    • Message Channels ● Public, private, groups ● Control read/write access ● Publish/Subscribe-Model or auto-subscription ● Two or multiple members
    • Patter: third party chat system built on app.net messaging
    • Amy: third party plugin for private and group messaging on a Mac
    • Files ● General purpose file storage API for apps – ● e.g. for photos shared in the stream $ Free users have 500 MB, paid users 10 GB
    • Can app.net be successful? ● ● ● Currently: 200.000 users We don't know yet – it's a Social Software business model experiment If you want them to succeed ….
    • Action steps ● Go to http://join.app.net/ ● Create an account ● Follow me: @lukasros :-)
    • Alternatives ● Twitter/Facebook – ● Remember: You are the product! Decentralized Social Networks – Diaspora, status.net/identi.ca, tent.io, pump.io oStatus … ● ● Highly fragmented market IndieWeb Movement – Microblogging on your own domain – Silos (Twitter/Facebook etc.) for distribution
    • PESOS ● Publish Elsewhere, Syndicate on your Own Site – http://indiewebcamp.com/PESOS ● Services often limit/disallow this in their terms ● E = app.net – ● Use any client (e.g. Robin on Android, Felix on iOS) OS = phpADNSite :-) – Archival of all posts in a MySQL database – Custom visualization, permalinks on your own domain etc. – https://github.com/LukasRos/phpADNSite
    • phpADNSite open source project - in development demo running on http://lukasrosenstock.net
    • Thank you! Questions?!