History Of Action Films


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History Of Action Films

  1. 1. The majority of action films which you see include tremendous impactand continuous high energy, to keep the audience with the whole rhythmof the scene and what’s going on. Lots of physical stunts and activity areput in to emphasise on the whole action and brutality of the scene. Theyinclude chase scenes, races, rescues, battles these are all included, theyget people adrenalin flowing as normally these are faced paced andinclude large impacts and destruction. Martial arts and fight scenes areincluded in a lot of fight scene mainly used by the main characters todefeat the bad guy they use allot of non-stop motion, spectacular rhythmand pacing to really get the audience to feel the pace and spped of thefight . Destructive disasters which normally includefloods, explosions, natural disasters these always have one of the morevenerable characters also know as the ‘ Damsel In Distress’ where themain character does a spectacular rescue. All of the above are mainly inthe stereo typical action film which are designed for pure audienceescapism with the action sequences at the core of the film.
  2. 2. During the 1920s and 1930s many films featured asswashbuckling, these are action adventure subgenre films, theynormally consist of sword fighting and adventurous heroiccharacters, these will normally be sit in renaissance westernEurope, the plot to this is normally a damsel in distress and a romanticelement.Many films associated with this subgenre is this era are:-The Mark of Zorro (1920)-Robin Hood (1922)-The Three Musketeers (1921)-Captain Blood (1935)-The Prisoner Of Zenda (1937)
  3. 3. Noah BeeryDouglas Fairbanks Errol Flynn
  4. 4. The 1940s and 1950s saw a different subgenre of films, most films in the 40sand 50s were mainly in he form of a war film, or a cowboy movie. War filmswere generally related on warfare, these either consisted of naval, air or landbattles. Some of these were prisoners of war this is where the film has the plotof someone who is held in prisoner by an enemy during or immediately afterthe war or conflict between either sides. Finally just anything based on these, whether it was fictional, documentaries orgenerally just based on the history of war. of war this is where the film has theplot of someone who is held in prisoner by an enemy during or immediatelyafter the war or conflict between either sides.Some War Films From The 40s And 50s:-The Wooden Horse (1950)- Albert R.N. (1953)- The Colditz Story (1955)
  5. 5. Jack Warner Leo GennDavid Tomlinson
  6. 6. The 1960s Introduced a new subgenre of action films, this was the SpyAdventure Genre, These films, were something new, James Bond cameinto the whole equation, These films dominated the action films of 1960s.This introduced to everyone the staples of a modern day action film. Thesefilms normally consisted of a ‘one man army’ who has the abilities todisposal of villainous masterminds in even more creative ways.These films normally included high speed car chases which would get onthe end of your seat, also these included fist fights and the big fight sceneswith the use of different gadgets and weapons.
  7. 7. Steve McQueen Sean Connery Sir Roger Moore
  8. 8. The 1970s, This is where bond saw a competition on his hands thesewere gritty detective stories and urban crime dramas, these consisted ofthis new action style, leading to a string of police officer films all of whichfeatured an intense car chase, which they replicated of bonds popularstuntwork of the Bond films.The 70s also saw the introduction of martial-arts films to westernaudiences. These were:-Enter the Dragon (1973)-Way of (or Return of) the Dragon(1972)Also these were getting popularized by the cross films of martial arts withcops and robbers, starring Chuck Norris:-Good Guys Wear Black (1977)-A Force of One (1979)From Japan, Sonny Chiba starred in the Karate Kiba in 1973. It was the first moviefor him about martial arts. His international breakthrough film was the Streetfighter series in 1974. His films werent just about martial arts but they alsoincluded action thriller:- Doberman Cop and Golgo 13: Assignment Kowloon -(1977)
  9. 9. Notable Actors In The 70s.Clint Eastwood Chuck Norris Bruce Lee 李小龍
  10. 10. The 1980s, saw the action film take over in Hollywood to become adominant form of summer blockbuster This was named the TheAction Era. This introduced some of the main actors such as :-Sylvester Stallone-Arnold Schwarzenegger-Bruce Willis-Chuck Norris.Steven Spielberg and George Lucas introduced a new james bondinspired style with the mega-hit:-Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)This introduced a new hero ‘ indiana jones ‘ Played by the actorHarrison Ford.In 1982 the first ‘buddie cop’ film was introduced named 48hrs, thishad smashed the box office records.
  11. 11. The History Of Action Films.1980s Continued: in 1982 also the first of the Rambo films were popularized named‘first blood’ starring Sylvester Stallone, this was the first of the Rambo sequels. Thisfilm proved to be very successful and in 1985 the introduced a second to the filmnamed ‘ Rambo First Blood: Part 2’ this was the most successful in the Rambo seriesand gave Rambo the name of a pop culture icon.Other great action films were introduced during this, such as in 1987 the first of thedie hards named ‘Die Hard’, this consisted of a maverick cop with martial arts skillsfighting drug traffickers.In 1988 The first of the sequels ‘ Die Hard’ was introduced starring one of the mostmemorable actors ‘Bruce Willis’. This is where a New York police detective whoinadvertently becomes embroiled in a terrorist take-over of a Los Angeles officebuilding high-rise.This then introduced many dub genres such as: war-action hybrids, science fictionand musical-action-comedy.
  12. 12. Arnold Schwarzenegger Harrison Ford Bruce WillisSylvester Stallone
  13. 13. The 1990s was an era of sequels and hybrid, sub genre actions films, Like the:-Western genre-The spy-movies.- urban-action films. These all were starting to parody themselves.With the growing revolution in Computer Gaming Imagery these real worldsetting, started to have an allowance budget of any motion picture films.The success of many of the successful film sequels had proven that a singlesuccessful action film could lead to a continuing action franchise.All the new rise in amount of technology allowed many film makers to producea new height in film making with breath taking experiences.In 1989 ‘Tim Burton’ introduced and had great successes ‘Batman’, which withits great success lead to many great successful sequels and had proved thevariability of a new sub genre ‘ The Comic Book Movie’.
  14. 14. Notable Actors In the 90s.Will Smith Jackie Chan 成龍Chris Farley
  15. 15. The 20th and 21st Century Films had a whole new thing to them, with mostfilms having budgets of$ 100,000,000s. This meant that films were able tocreate thrilling, breath taking features.The ability to use CGI ( Computer Generated Imagery ) ables films to have suchspectacular graphics : 3D computerised graphics. These are used to makecomputer generated movies, which allows fine art and to create pure finedetailed, surfaces textures and brilliant picture to the filming world.