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Digipack deconstruction.
Digipack deconstruction.
Digipack deconstruction.
Digipack deconstruction.
Digipack deconstruction.
Digipack deconstruction.
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Digipack deconstruction.


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  • 1. Katy Perry- One Of The Boys Digipack Deconstruc The front cover of Katy Perry’s One of the boys album uses a lot of bright colours. They use the 1950s theme. This is how she is presented and also the font used is from that time period. ‘Katy Perry’ ( The Title ) has got stars surrounding the name which is insinuating that she’s a star. The title is coloured in the colour pink, where as ‘ One of the boys’ is coloured blue. The colour pink is stereotypically linked with girls and the colour blue is linked with boys. This is showing that there is a relation between the 2 colours . This is also shown with Katy Perry’s dress code being blue and pink.
  • 2. Katy Perry- One Of The Boys DigipackDeconstruction. The back of the Digipack is showing a nearly replicated background except the front cover, The ‘Katy Perry’ is coloured pink with white around the outside but on the back its using the colour collaboration of white being the song names and pink being the boarder. They also are using the same colour scheme of blue and pink. This is done by Katy Perry being dressed in these colours. Therefore throughout this digipack there is a strong relation between the 2 colours. Katy Perry is also looking into the camera and holding a love heart showing a positive relation between her and her fans.
  • 3. Katy Perry- One Of The Boys DigipackDeconstruction.The inside of the CD shows a close up of Katy Perry. The coloursused in this are mainly positive and paying attention to the pink andreds. In this photo she is looking directly into the camera, this iscreating a positive interaction between her and her audience. Theuse of pink and blues again are used as the writing is in blue andeven her earring has got a blue tint to it. She is also dressed in pinkwith red/pink lipstick .
  • 4. Rihanna- Loud . Digipack deconstruction.The front cover of Rihanna- Loud is showing mainly a close up ofher face, the face itself is rather blank but mainly is getting you tofocus on the colour of her hair and lips, both of which are a deepred colour. This could be identifying a meaning of love as thecolour red is associated with love and happiness. Her eyes aremade to look dark and are looking away from the audience, whichis maybe giving a sense mystery and showing that shes revealingnothing. This could show a connection with some of her songnames such as “ What my name?”. The font used in this is sansserif, with the term coming from the French meaning of sansmeaning without, This could be showing that she’s withoutsomething. The front is also showing her trademark ‘R’ forRihanna.
  • 5. Rihanna- Loud . Digipack deconstruction.The inside of the digipack is using a picture which is very similar to the frontcover but it’s a little softer than the front. Again this is a close up shot of herface revealing who she is but still a quarter of her face is being covered upby her hair, still giving a sense of mystery. But more of which is beingrevealed in this, this also gives a more positive interaction between her andher audience. They still emphasise on the colour red, with her hair and therose. But they have changed the colour of her lips to create a focus on thenew features being added to the photo.
  • 6. Rihanna- Loud . Digipack deconstruction.The back cover in contrast with the others is shown with more softercolours than the others giving it a more natural effect on this side. They alsoshow on this image that she is looking more innocent, but she is still lookingaway on this photo. So there is a contrast between innocence and mystery.They still use The colour red as her hair colour and also the font is red stillgiving a positive vibe to the photo.