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Deconstruction2 Deconstruction2 Presentation Transcript

  • Music videos demonstrate genre characteristicsThis music video is a performance video but alsohas elements of it being a narrative video, this isbecause in some parts of the song, Travis McCoy islip syncing the words to the song but also hasscenes of the story being told. They demonstrategenre characteristics of the pop genre through this,so this is a good example of Goodwin’s theory ofgenre characteristics.
  • Relationship between the visuals and the lyrics.They also show in this video a link between thelyrics and the visuals, one good example of this iswhen he says ‘ she even cooks me pancakes ‘(0:44) and it shows his girlfriend in the video givinghim pancakes, this is to build the relationshipbetween the video and the song, also this helpsillustrate the lyrics to the viewers
  • Relationship between the music and the visuals.There is also elements i found between themusic and the visuals, That whenever a newscene is introduced they use a stronger beatto introduce these a prime example rightfrom the start is at (0:18).
  • The demands for the record label. Throughout this video they use a series of close ups on the main singer Travis McCoy ,this is called ‘ The demands for the record label’ which then they can use to reoccur within their work or to get the leading singer promoted for their work, so viewers who like his music will listen to it
  • Relationship between the lyrics and the title.They also use the title of song to illustrate thewhole meaning of it, through it the song the lyricscreate a meaning for the title on several occasionsbuilding up a whole story for the title, an exampleof where they do this is when it says “and i know itssounds so old, but cupids got me in a choke hold”,this relates to the song title of ‘Cupids Chokehold’ .
  • Conclusion.This video demonstrates the pop genre on manyoccasions, with the lyrics and video being fun andentertaining for most people and the colours used in thevideo are never dull but mainly bright, positive colours.