Class One Romanian GP Presentation


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Class One Romanian GP Presentation

  1. 1. Class 1 Romanian Grand Prix – 2010 editionMamaia, 27 – 29 August, 2010
  2. 2. Contents: Class One World Powerboat Championship Class One Romanian Grand Prix – 2009 edition National and international propagation in the media Advertising campaign
  3. 3. Class One World Powerboat ChampionshipClass One World Powerboat Championship represents the equivalent on waterof the Formula 1 and it is the most spectacular powerboat race in the world, acompetition fuelled by passion and adrenalin, which attracts over 1 million viewersannually and approximately 250 million TV spectators.10 international teams of pilots, copilots and technical staff enter this highlytechnological battle of financial power and piloting mastership, competing for themost prestigious prize in the water sports world.
  4. 4. Class One World Powerboat ChampionshipThe race powerboats are powered by twin900 hp engines with 1800 HP, they are 14 mlong and can reach over 250 km/h in alwaysunpredictable conditions.The race venues, for example Qatar, Dubai,Arendal (Norvegia) and Stresa (Italia), arefull of exoticism and concentrate during the3 days of the contest a lot of fashionableevents.In 2009 Class One introduced a spectacularelement! Starting with the Romanian roundeach location hosted 2 races, both veryimportant in the general classification, oneon Saturday and one on Sunday.
  5. 5. Class One Romanian Grand Prix – 2009 edition The 2009 Romanian Grand Prix was a really spectacular week-end: two races full of suspense, overturns, surprising accidents and incidents, parties, new experiences, impressive acrobatic stunts in the air and on water!On water, team FAZZA dominated from start-to-finish, coming back to the top of theWorld Powerboat Championship classification.On dry land, Class One teams forgot about the classification problems every nightand had fun at the parties organized by Power Marine.
  6. 6. Class One Romanian Grand Prix – 2009 editionAfter three rounds organized in Romania,Mamaia became one of the star venues of ClassOne. The pilots say that they feel like home: thepublic is very warm and Siutghiol lake, the onlyplace with sweet water in the championship,offers special sensations allowing very highspeeds.To proove that the 2009 edition was a successalso, Saeed Hareb, preşedintele WPPA ( WorldProfessional Powerboating Association),proposed that Ionu Barbu, the Power Marinerepresentative, should become a voting memberof the board of administration of WPPA, beingalso appointed the promoter and officialrepresentative of WPPA in the south-east ofEurope.
  7. 7. Class One ROGP 2009 TimetableFriday- 28th August 2009 Official practice Press conference Boat Parade in Mamaia. The parade ended with the presentation of the teams on the stage at Cazino Mamaia Power Marine Party - KAIAK Welcome reception – Bamboo Club Mamaia
  8. 8. Friday – Official practice
  9. 9. Friday – Press conferenceGrand Hotel Rex was in 2009 too the host ofthe Romanian Grand Prix Press Office and ofthe press conferences organized for the race.The press received the event with greatinterest. During the 3 days of the race morethan 300 Romanian and foreign journalists havebeen accredited .
  10. 10. Friday - Boat Parade in Constanta
  11. 11. Friday – Presentation of the teamsThe boat parade on the streets of Constanta ends in front of the Cazino fromMamaia with the presentation of the teams.Each year the host is the Mayor of Constanta city, Mr. Radu Ştefan Mazăre.Hundreds of people from Constanta and tourists have gathered to wish the ClassOne pilots good luck.
  12. 12. Friday – Power Marine Party – Kaiak Restaurant
  13. 13. Welcome reception – Bamboo Club MamaiaIn 2009 Class One teams had a dream night in Bamboo Club in Mamaia. Theatmosphere was hot, and the pilots decided to go to their hotel only in the morning.The most appreciated moment of the evening was the presentation of one ofCătălin Botezatu’s collections. The elegant dresses, the sophisticated hair stylesand the surrealist make-ups impressed everybody at the party.
  14. 14. Programul Class One ROGP 2009Saturday - 29 August 2009 Edox POLE POSITION Flying Bulls Air show – acrobatic stunts in the air made by the Red Bull helicopter Class 1 Romanian Grand Prix – first race Class One EXPERIENCE The award ceremony at the Cazino stage in Mamaia Gala Dinner – Grand Hotel Rex
  15. 15. Saturday – Edox POLE POSITION
  16. 16. Saturday – Flying Bulls Airshow2.500 kg flying upside down? Hard to believe, but true …actually a very easy thingfor BO-105. They came to Romania especially for this demonstration at Mamaia,this helicopter being the only one that can do this kind of stunts and Flying BullsAerobatics Team is one of the most appreciated teams of air stunts in the world.
  17. 17. Saturday – The first race Romanian Grand Prix 2009The Romanian Grand Prix was packed with incident and accidents, with the fearlessFazza leading from start-to-finish to claim their second win of the season and theirteam-mates and Championship leaders, Victory 1, continued their fine seasontaking second place.
  18. 18. Saturday – The first race - Romanian Grand Prix 2009Maritimo 12 gave the viewers some thrills after flipping over on the bottom cornerof the race course. "We went into the corner and then slid around the corner; as soon as it droppedits beak, it was gone. I wasn’t expecting it at that corner..."The boat crash out and ended their weekend’s racing.
  19. 19. Saturday – The award ceremony for the first race
  20. 20. Saturday – Class One EXPERIENCEEach year the reputation of Class One in Romania grows, the number of thoseinterested in this sport getting bigger and bigger. Those who wanted to experiencethe feeling of flying on water at over 250 km/h could register in the Class OneEXPERIENCE programme.During the race days almost 50 people came aboard a Nor-Tech powerboat anddid the ROGP circuit with over 100 mph.
  21. 21. Saturday –Romanian Grand Prix Gala DinnerIt is already a tradition that the Romanian GP Gala Dinner takes place at the RexHotel, the organizers planning unforgettable evenings for their guests every year.If until now the end of August was rainy and cold, forcing the guests to stay insidethe restaurant, at the 2009 edition we could relax on the beautiful terrace of thehotel.The evening was open with Mara’s jazz concert and continued with the awardceremony of the Edox Pole Position. The ceremony was run by the EDOXrepresentatives, the official sponsor of the World Professional PowerboatingAssociation and of the Romanian Grand Prix.The Mayor of Constanta wanted to emphasize once more the importance of theRomanian GP for Mamaia and thanked everyone who supported the organizersand made possible the Class One event for the third time in Constanta.The party continued till late at night, with fashion shows, live ice sculptingmoments, fireworks and lots of champagne.
  22. 22. Saturday – Romanian Grand Prix Gala Dinner
  23. 23. Class One ROGP 2009 TimetableSunday - 30 August 2009 Official practice Flying Bulls vs Nor-Tech – a race between the Red Bull helicopter and a race powerboat. Class 1 Romanian Grand Prix – the second race The award ceremony Class One EXPERIENCE Farewell party – The Office Temporary Lounge Mamaia
  24. 24. Sunday – Flying Bulls vs Nor-TechThe first spectacular moment of the day was the race between the Red Bullhelicopter and a Nor Tech powerboat. The Mayor of Constanta, Radu ŞtefanMazăre was the copilot in the Nor Tech powerboat.Being performed for the first time, the race had a lot of supporters and the happiestwere the Nor Tech fans, when the powerboat won.
  25. 25. Sunday – Romanian GP 2009 – The second race
  26. 26. Sunday – The award ceremony for the second race
  27. 27. Sunday – Farewell party – Office LoungeThe Farewell party at the Office Temporary Lounge Mamaia, organized togetherwith Jack Daniels and Class Living, marked the ending of the third edition of ClassOne Romanian Grand Prix. The most hailed moments of the evening were thepresentation of Cătălin Botezatu’s swimsuits collection and the live concert ofPublika.The party dismissed the losers’ sadness and was a great celebrating occasion forthe winners.
  28. 28. The VIP Power Marine Locations
  29. 29. The VIP Power Marine Locations
  30. 30. The VIP Power Marine Locations
  31. 31. National propagation in the media 172 news on TV 67 articles in newspapers and magazines 45 news and şi topical allusions at the radio 350 accredited journalists, cameramen and photographers 10 TV stations presented news from the event 25 publications presented articles from the event 53.300 allusions to Class One Romanian Grand Prix on the internet.
  32. 32. National propagation in the media
  33. 33. National propagation in the media
  34. 34. Antena 1 and GSP TV Antena 1 and GSP TV were the TV partners of the event. During the 3 days of the race, near the VIP tent was set up a mobile studio where live interviews, commentaries, news about the ROGP were transmitted. Antena 1 transmitted live on Saturday, between 13:30 and 14:00, Flying Bulls vs Nor Tech and on Sunday transmitted live the second race of the Romanian Grand Prix. GSP TV transmitted live: the Friday practice, the Saturday programme ( 1:00 – 16:00 : Pole Position, Flying Bulls and the first race of the Romanian Grand Prix ) and also Flying Bulls vs Nor Tech, Sunday 11:00 – 15:00.
  35. 35. Antena 1 and GSP TV
  36. 36. Antena 1 and GSP TV
  37. 37. International propagation in the media The official Class One Romanian GP programme, produced by Class 1 TV is distributed in 56 countries with a total potential of 264 mil. TV viewers. The news material was distributed via satellite 4 hours after the race, through: - SNTV in 191 countries - Reuters in 142 countries - EBU in 72 countries, with a total potential of 534 mil. TV viewers Press handouts and photographs were sent to 260 journalists from 34 countries, journalists who are registred in the Class 1 data base .
  38. 38. Advertising campaign – Flags in Mamaia 1 June – 30 August Flag dimensions : 0,8 x 3
  39. 39. Advertising campaign – LED Video Panels 1 June – 30 August Spots campaign on the video panels from the partner networks in Bucharest (7 panels), Constanta (7 panels), Brașov (1 panel), Iaşi (1 panel), Ploieşti (1 panel), Cluj (1 panel) The partners logos will be posted at the end of the spot.
  40. 40. Advertising campaign - The tourist buses The tourist buses start on 15 May until 30 August.
  41. 41. Advertising campaign – Access barriers in Mamaia
  42. 42. Advertising campaign - TV and Radio Antena 1, GSP TV and TV Neptun Constanta are the TV partners of Class One Romanian Grand Prix. The promotion and spots campaign will take place between 1 – 30 August 2010 and will have over 200 spots where all the partners are displayed and approximatively 100 promos exclusively for the event. KISS FM is the traditional radio partner of Class One Romanian Grand Prix. The campaign will take place between 1 July – 30 August, both locally and nationally.
  43. 43. Promotion materials and official publications Approximatively 80 issues of the press layout in over 10 publications with local and national circulation; 100.000 fliers with distribution in the central areas of Constanta and Bucharest; Over 300 posters which will be displayed in the reception halls of the seaside hotels; 1.000 tickets and invitations in the VIP locations; Class One Magazine – the official magazine in English; Romanian Grand Prix Magazine – the official magazine in Romanian;
  44. 44. Access cards in The Class 1 General Headquarters 300 access cards will be FATA VERSOdistributed in the Class OneGeneral Headquarters,which are closed to thepublic. The logos of the partnerswill be positioned on the thecard
  45. 45. Branding in Class 1 Village SPONSORI SPONSORI SPONSORI SPONSORI
  46. 46. Class 1 Village
  47. 47. VIP Power Marine Locations
  48. 48. HostessHostesses dressed in uniforms with the partner logo will take part in all theRomanian Grand Prix 2009 moments: caravan, teams presentation, VIP locations,pits, award ceremonies, parties.
  49. 49. The background at the press conference
  50. 50. The background at the teams presentation
  51. 51. The background at the award ceremonies Saturday award ceremony Sunday award ceremony for the first race for the second race
  52. 52. The beacons that delimit the circuit 350 cm 270 cm PARTNER 90 cm Surface of the water
  53. 53. The powerboat The partner logo will be displayed on all the powerboats of the race.
  54. 54. Advertising campaign - Online Promotion On the Romanian official sites of the race, and will be displayed banners of all the partners of the event. The logos of the partners will be displayed on
  55. 55. Power Marine Str, Gheorghe Şon u, nr. 10, Constan a, România Tel.: 0341 730 103, Fax: 0341 730 104 Ionu Barbu - manager GSM: 0724.242.020. E-mail: Alin Vintilă – project manager GSM: 0730.666.661 E-mail: Luiza Bota – event coordinator GSM: 0730.666.662 E-mail: