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  1. 1. Ancient Rome- famous for gladiators, emperors, generals, slaverevolts, dramatic politics, and becoming the largest empire the world hadever seen! But what was life like for different types of people living in theRoman Empire? What was the role of women? What were the rights ofslaves and peasants? What did it feel like to lead a Roman army, or to be asoldier on the battle lines? What was life like for newly conquered peopleliving far away from the capital of Rome? Lets travel back in time and findout...Introduction
  2. 2. • You and your team will be creating a set of parallel diaries that describe aday in the life of a Roman. You will each do background research on onegroup of people living in the Roman Empire and then write a diarycovering 1 day in the life of the type of person you learned about. You willwrite the diary from that persons point of view.• Your group will meet to share information and check each othersprogress, and then your groups diaries will be compiled as "a day in thelife of a Roman".• Remember that although your person may be imaginary, historicalaccuracy is important! Other students should be able to read your diaryand learn something about the Roman Empire. Your diary should beaccurate, creative, informative, and use proper spelling and grammar.Task
  3. 3. ProcessYou are going to be writing a diary from the perspective of a person living inAncient Rome. Your first step is to decide what type of person youre going to beresearching and then find out as much about their daily lives as you can! Spend afew minutes thinking about your choices- then talk to your group members andmake sure everyone has chosen a different role!Your choices:• Woman living in Rome• Roman soldier• Slave/Gladiator• Roman Plebeian• Roman PatricianOnce your group has decided on who is researching what roles, begin exploringthe web links below. Remember that you will be writing a diary from theperspective (point of view) of a Roman person living the role that you research. Asyou read, you should be paying attention to important facts about your role, butalso details that might be a part of everyday life for that person. Pay attention toyour roles background, where they live, what they would do every day, who theywould interact with, and what their struggles and successes might be. Think aboutdetails such as what they wear, what they eat, who they live with, and more.
  4. 4. Before you go any further, brainstorm about how you can use your researchto create a fictional person that demonstrates the role youve learnedabout. Answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper:1. What is your role?2. What is your name?3. How old are you?4. Describe where you live.5. Who do you live with?6. What types of clothes and/or jewelry do you wear?7. What is your occupation (job), if you have one?8. What do you do all day?9. What is something exciting or extraordinary that happened to you this week?10. What is something that you struggle with?11. What is something that you’re good at?12. What are your hopes and dreams?13. What are your fears?
  5. 5. Think about the following when youre preparingyour diary entry:• What is a typical day like for someone living yourrole in Ancient Rome?• Where do they live? Who do they livewith? What do they do all day? What are someof their struggles or challenges?• What are some of their successes or benefits?• Are they rich or poor? How much power do theyhave?• What are their hopes, dreams, and goals?
  6. 6. • Begin working individually on your diary rough draft. You will be writingabout 1 da in the life of someone living the role you selected. Here aresome guidelines to follow as you work on your diary:• Write your diary using Microsoft Word, size 12 font (Arial or Times NewToman), double-spaced.• At the top right of the page record the date (make sure it fits in theAncient Roman time period!)• You may start the diary entry with "Dear Diary" if you want to• Make sure to write using the first person: "I, me, we"• The whole diary should be 1-2 pages double spaced.• Give your Roman person a name from the links of names above. In thediary entry, you should share the persons name, age, gender, what theydo for a living (or not), where they live, and who they live with.• Include details about what your person did that day and what they werethinking- the more details and creativity, the better! (But remember thatyour details need to be historically accurate!)
  7. 7. • Edit your rough draft. Feel free to have a group memberlook over it to give you feed back. Check spelling andgrammar• Does the diary make sense?• Does the diary illustrate what life was like for AncientRomans?• Does the diary have lots of details?• Now take your partners comments and suggestions andmake any changes to the final draft of your diary!• When everyone in your group is done, you will put thecopies together to make a single document. As agroup, make a cover page with an Introduction. Make sureeveryones name is on the diary!
  8. 8. Woman living in Rome• Status of Women in Ancient Rome• Women in the Roman Empire• Women in Roman Society• Womans ClothingLinks for EveryoneRoman FoodDaily LifeRoman Name
  9. 9. Roman Soldier• Roman Soldier• The Roman Army• Soldiers Clothing• Soldier dressLinks for EveryoneRoman FoodDaily LifeRoman Name
  10. 10. Slave/Gladiator• Roman Slaves• More on SlaveryLinks for EveryoneRoman FoodDaily LifeRoman Name
  11. 11. Roman Plebeian• Roman Plebeians• Plebeians and PatriciansLinks for EveryoneRoman FoodDaily LifeRoman Name
  12. 12. Roman Patrician• Roman Patricians• Plebeians and PatriciansLinks for EveryoneRoman FoodDaily LifeRoman Name