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Newsletter For Staff Of The British Museum

  1. 1. INSIDEstaff newsletter November 2009 Inside ‘The Story of Chocolate’ brings sweet temptation to our museum ‘The Story of C andy bars, milk shakes, cookies, Chocolate’ flavoured coffee Page 1/2 – even cereal and medicine! Chocolate Welcome back, is a key ingredient in many ‘Black George’! foods. We tend to think of Page 1/4 chocolate as a sweet candy created during modern Discounted access times. But actually, humans to Bannatyne’s have been fascinated with Health Club this delicious phenomenon for thousands of years. Page 2 In fact, it ranks as the favourite flavour of most UK ‘Minnies & Mickies’ residents – we consume comes to the aid a quarter of all Europe’s of all women chocolate! employees ‘The Story of Chocolate’ Chocolate’s roots in museum, the ancient Page 3 ancient Mesoamerica masterpiece was stored in In a unique collaboration the archive of the British with Cadbury, our museum The Maya and their Employee hosts Europe’s first ancestors were the first to Library until now. The codex from the 14th century, Spotlight chocolate exhibition. ‘The turn the bitter seeds into showing Mixtec kings Page 3 Story of Chocolate’, open a spicy drink for use in consuming chocolate, will through 5th April 2010, ceremonies and trade. for the first time be opened takes visitors on a journey Cacao was coveted by Healthy eating to the public within this through the history of other cultures and soon during cold and flu a confectionary which became a valuable article exhibition. season is indulged in so many of trade in the Aztec culture A European sweet Page 4 different variations. in 16th -century Mexico. An All the chocolate we interactive and authentic Europe’s first contact eat comes from one rather Aztec marketplace shows with chocolate came ‘Taste Chocolate’ during the conquest special plant which seeds visitors the purchasing Weeks started it all – the cacao power of a handful of beans. of Mexico in 1521.The Page 4 tree. But the journey from Among several other Spaniards recognized the seed to sweet is a long one, pre-Columbian ceramics value attached to cacao, spanning many centuries and ritual objects, the brought it home and began and requiring numbers of historical Codex Zouche- sweetening it with sugar. different and complicate Nuttall will be displayed. processes. Acquired in 1917 by our continue on page 2 Welcome back, ‘Black George’! The Metropolitan Police London has put was stolen from the British Museum almost an end to a breath-taking game of cat-and- two weeks ago, has been authenticated mouse: Last Friday, the famous Russian by art experts who examined it in a secret painting of St George was recovered in a vault. police raid at Heathrow Airport which led to the arrest of two men. ‘Black George’, which continue on page 4
  2. 2. Discounted access to Bannatyne’s Health Club There really is no excuse that you want, at a price available, the health club The next club is just now! The staff health that’s right. offers you the flexibility to around the corner questionnaire told us you With off peak and full become members with a wanted to improve your membership packages as package that suits your The nearest Bannatyne’s fitness levels and cheap well as with single, joint and personal circumstances. Health club is located at staff memberships to a gym children’s memberships Russell Square. For further which has facilities located information, membership near to the British Museum, enquiries and club opening so here it is! hours please visit the club’s homepage. Exceptional discount of 15% Bannatyne’s Bannatyne’s Health Club, Health Club the largest independently owned health club operator Cont@ct in the UK offers a discount 32 Woburn Place, corporate rate of 15% on Russell Square all available membership London, WC1H 0JR packages for staff of the Phone: +44 (0)20 72 91 British Museum. 65 00 Whatever your personal situation, the club’s off Discount peak and full membership 15% on all membership packages will allow you to packages access its facilities at a time ‘The Story of Chocolate Brings sweet temptation to our museum continued from page 1 ‘Exhibition Celebration Events and workshops Are you up for Party’ chocolate? Sweetened chocolate On the opening day, Throughout the exhibition, soon became the latest 16th November 2009, a several events and Exclusive ‘Exhibition and greatest fad to hit the chocolate fountain will be workshops will take place. Celebration Party’ continent. set up in the Great Court. On Sundays, three The exhibition shows After closing time, all chocolate manufacturers Date ancient European silver staff and friends of our from Cadbury will hold 16 November and porcelain chocolate museum are invited to join special shows, introducing 19.00 services, cocoa tins from the exclusive ‘Exhibition the visitors to the many the 19th and 20th century and Celebration Party’ in the ways one can experience Pricing antique and contemporary Court Restaurant. Guests chocolate. 35 £ per person – Drinks candy moulds. will be treated to a strolling On Saturdays, children are not included. supper featuring a will have the opportunity delicious chocolate to create their own ‘Kids Chocolate infused menu. The personalised chocolates in Making Workshops’ atmosphere is all- interactive ‘Kids Chocolate Date chocolate café and Making Workshops’. The On Saturdays the bar will feature workshops are free of cost 10.30, 14.30 selected wine for all children of staff. pairings for the During the exhibition, Pricing evening’s menu. visitors can purchase 10 £ per child One of the limited Cadbury editions FREE OF CHARGE for main highlights of from the souvenir and guide children of staff – the evening is the shop. All proceeds will be Reservations are ‘Chocolate Legs donated to the Cadbury appreciated. Live Performance’ Cocoa Partnership. of the world-famous Tickets & Bookings r&b soul singer Eric Benét. Souvenir & guide shop
  3. 3. ‘Minnies & Mickies’ comes to the aid of all women employees Women seek to constantly In good hands strike the balance between The capacity of the crèche family and job. But for all will be thirty children, our female employees, between the ages of one help is at hand, or in the and five. With trained museum rather. staff and caretakers, the Bring your little ones crèche promises to offer along all-round day care including medical, recreational and On 30th November 2009, a educational activities, from crèche for the children of 9.30 to 18.30. to have, together with a The fees for the staff will be inaugurated. The employees can also computer room, snacks, crèche are subsidized Located right next to the meet their children during toys, abaci, jigsaw puzzles and deductible from the staff area on the ground lunch hours and spend time and other odds and ends. employee’s salaries. floor, ‘Minnies & Mickies’ with them. will offer employees the advantage of dropping their A second home Minnies & Mickies kids to the crèche as soon Opening date Minimum/Maximum Age With its colour-striped as they enter the ambient floor and a wall that 30 November 2009 1-5 premises of the museum. seems to pictorially depict As 60 % of all employees Opening hours Cont@ct Walt Disney characters Mon-Fri, 9.30 to 18.30 Minnies & Mickies are women the museum from Mickey Mouse to Phone: +44 (0)20 73 23 decided to introduce this Cinderella, the place has Capacity 00 00 path-breaking concept all the requisites one would 30 children E-Mail: info@emandem. and probably decides on envision a kindergarten org expansion. Employee Spotlight Our monthly ‘Employee How long have you did several courses on First What is your mission? Spotlight’ page profiles been in the business of Aid, Equal Opportunities, some of the people and childcare? Working with Parents, Children will be treated with projects that make our Language & Literacy, etc respect as individuals and museum a success. This Altogether 7 years. As I service and delivery will be month’s spotlight shines on used to work as a midwife What is the most positive developed and designed Sarah Foster. before, babies and children aspect of your service? around their changing have always played an needs. Racial and cultural important role in my Our opening hours accord values will be recognised professional life. with those of the British and respected. Qualified, Museum. We offer all supportive and caring staff Why did you pursue a employees the advantage have been trained to listen career in childcare? of dropping their kids aged and communicate in a between one and five to non-judgemental way, with I have always had a great the crèche. clear polices and standards love for children. There to ensure consistency of is huge job satisfaction in Describe the facilities of care. childcare, helping children your service? develop to their best We will be located on the Cont@ct abilities. ground floor of the museum What is the highest level next to the staff area. The Sarah Foster of training you recently facilities are divided into two sections: the baby Director completed? unit and the toddler & pre- Minnies & Mickies I obtained both the ‘Award school unit. We provide a Phone: +44 (0)20 73 in Playwork for Early Years fully equipped indoor play 23 00 24 As the Director of ‘Minnies and Child Care Workers’ area with an extensive E-Mail: & Mickies’ (see article and the ‘Certificate range of toys and books sfoster@emandem. above), she will inaugurate of Managing Quality for different ages and org the British Museum’s first Standards in Children’s stages of development and on-site crèche at the end of Services’ from Crechendo a lovingly arranged nap November. Training, London. Further, I room.
  4. 4. Healthy eating during cold and flu season Stay healthy As the weather becomes power from garlic, crush the levels of vitamin D may Get plenty of rest colder and we stay indoors cloves with the flat side of a be linked to a seasonal more, people often catch knife before adding them to increase in colds and flu Eat a well-balanced colds or other viruses. The your food. This releases the and a higher incidence of diet cold and flu season can garlic juice, which has great respiratory infections. Exercise regularly begin as early as October immune properties. Vitamin C, found in citrus and usually ends sometime Cheese and other fruits and juices, may also Decrease stress in April. dairy products contain help the body’s immune While there is no way conjugated linoleic acid, system. Get enough sleep to cure the common cold a natural component of Zinc, found in meat, or the flu, healthy eating dairy fat which has boosted chicken, peanuts and Cut back on during cold and flu season immune response in animal peanut butter, plays an unhealthy habits, can help you avoid getting studies. important role in the proper such as smoking sick. Yogurt and all other functioning of the immune and over consuming Foods that may boost cultured milk products system in the body. alcohol contain essential probiotics, your immune system Foods that heal beneficial bacterial with Researchers are finding immune-boosting benefits. ‘Taste Chocolate’ Fresh ginger root can help positive links between Look for the “live active you when you are sick by weeks immune function and culture” seal, which If chocolate is your inducing sweating and components in food. indicates that probiotics passion, you should decreasing nausea and Garlic may boost your have been added. definitely not miss the diarrhea. Make ginger tea immune system, increasing Also check milk product by grating one ounce of resistance to infection and labels for vitamin D. Early ‘Taste Chocolate’ weeks fresh ginger in a pint of stress. To get the immune research suggests low in the Court Restaurant. water. Cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Add lemon During the first two weeks and honey to taste. of the exhibition ‘Story of Chicken soup and warm Chocolate’, it invites all beverages increase the visitors and staff to feel flow of nasal secretions, the origin of chocolate, the helping alleviate cold taste of cocoa from Chuao symptoms. Of course, the — Venezuela, Trinidad, taste and wonderful aroma Jamaica and other exotic of chicken soup may be places. an important part of the Among many other beneficial effects. luscious treats, chocolate Healthy eating during pizzas, cupcakes or even cold and flu season steak & vegetables in means getting the daily chocolate beer are on the requirement of essential menu. vitamins and minerals by The most seductive eating a balanced diet that offer: staff of the museum contains a variety of foods get a 30 % discount on from all food groups. all chocolate specials. Welcome back, ‘Black George’! continued from page 1 In the last two weeks, the Metropolitan police detained and questioned several suspects – admittedly without The act had been arranged way beforehand success. Through careful investigations and intelligence- In the night of 29th October 2009, two perpetrators scored led police work, the experts were able to locate the painting a big coup: By putting the security system out of operation, and make two arrests. the committers succeeded in abstracting the £850.000 All’s well that ends well masterpiece from the museum. The Byzantine icon, on loan from Moscow’s State The ‘missing child’ has finally been returned to our Historical Museum, is part of a collection of five icons and museum where it has been welcomed warmly. Despite the has an extremely high historical value. Its theft sparked incidence, it will be exhibited within the exhibition ‘Roman a worldwide search and was put on the FBI’s list of fifty and Byzantine icons’ until July 2010. most wanted stolen artworks, while a £10,000 reward was At this point, we want to thank the Historical State offered by the State Historical Museum for its return. Museum for its unconditional support.