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Last year I was fascinated by the "How to build your own Quadrocopter" by Lenz Grimmer and decided that somehow I should try to do a similar thing.

This talk is about the way I'm building a bi-copter using lessons learned for last year's talk and also with the errors I've made so far.

My journey to getting a flying device running Multiwii is not yet complete.

In this talk I will present all the common problems related to the project,
- sourcing for the right components
- choosing the materials
- messing around with software
- how not to blow everything up

As of today, the bi-copter itself isn't build yet, but I have almost all things ready to start building it.

But I sincerely hope to have it ready for a demo in my talk at Codebits 2011.

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Codebits bi copter

  1. 1. How I'm building my bi-copter with Arduino and Android     Luis Correia twitter @luisfcorreia
  2. 2. Contents • Description • Elements • Difficulties • Construction costs • Do's and Don't s • Demo (maybe...)
  3. 3. who am I? geek v0.46 hardware electronics hacker since the 80's writing code since I got my ZX Spectrum online since there were BBS (80's Internet) linux kernel developer (Ralink rt2x00 wireless driver)
  4. 4. who am I? first contact with digital technology in 1985 microcontrollers PIC, SX computers software development arduino em 2009 android em 2010
  5. 5. Description 1/3 a bi-copter is: multi-rotor helicopter with transversal engines in a tilt-rotor configuration Features ● Can hover ● Can fly as an airplane
  6. 6. Description 2/3 Two motors provide thurst uses clockwise and anti-clockwise propellers Two servos tilt the motors from -180 up to +180 degrees
  7. 7. Description 3/3 version 0.1
  8. 8. Components
  9. 9. Schematics
  10. 10. Main part Arduino PROMINI Arduino MINI
  11. 11. Parts Wii Motion Plus(TM) = 3 axis gyroscope • I2C bus • Nunchuck ACC can be daisy-chained • tons of cheap clones • wildcard component
  12. 12. Parts Servo • weight • speed • strength
  13. 13. Parts Motors (out-runners) Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC) Propellers WARNING! USE ONLY TESTED COMBINATIONS!
  14. 14. Elements Battery • use only Li-Ion or Li-Poly • best power to weight ratio • use a proper charger • WARNING: explosion risk is always present (while charging or in operation)
  15. 15. Protocols Traditional remote control systems • use series of pulses for each channel • almost everything is analog
  16. 16. Operation theory The control technique is the same, uses five channels • Throttle • Yaw • Pitch • Roll • Aux1
  17. 17. Elements My solution: • Android App • Bluetooth Serial Module Two stick positions are emulated in software
  18. 18. Operation theory • Uses a Bluetooth serial module • A simple protocol is used: "K1J2H3G4F5" • Each 'packet' is 10 bytes long K = Throttle J = Pitch H = Roll G = Yaw F = AUX1
  19. 19. Software - Android Touch based application Uses an external library for Bluetooth • Throttle/Yaw is emulated via touch screen • Pitch/Roll with the Orientation sensor.
  20. 20. Software - Android User Interface
  21. 21. Software - Arduino Uses MultiWii ( first on my branch (MultiWiiBT) code is now present in mainline globally, I've added some #ifdef's and some 20 lines of code
  22. 22. The build Arduino Mini 15.50€ Wii Motion Plus (clone) 6.90€ Bluetooth Module 9.50€ eBay seller Motors, ESCs and props 13.43€ Aluminum profile, nuts&bolts 5.40€ Leroy Merlin Chassis (fiberglass PCB) 2.00€ Assorted electronics bits (wires, pins, jumpers and other stuff) no value my junk box
  23. 23. The real construction costs Arduino Mini 15.50€ PTRobotics Wii Motion Plus 6.90€ DealeXtreme Wii Motion Plus 9.90€ Worten Wii Motion Plus 9.90€ Worten Nunchuck clone 2,50€ eBay Nunchuck clone 3,20€ eBay Nunchuck clone 9,90€ Worten Bluetooth Module 9.50€ eBay Motor,ESC,Props 13.43€ HobbyKing Servos 7.42€ HobbyKing Aluminum, nuts & bolts 5.32€ Leroy Merlin
  24. 24. The build (again) mark my words: YOU WILL FAIL!
  25. 25. The build (again) The only question is: IN HOW MANY WAYS?
  26. 26. The build (again) But then you'll think: I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. Thomas A. Edison
  27. 27. My errors ● Bi-copter tops the difficulty level ● Is the most unstable 'copter of them all ● Motor, ESC & propellers were NOT well chosen ● Hardware assembly not optimal
  28. 28. My errors ● being overconfident ● doing stuff from scratch ● trying to reinvent the wheel
  29. 29. Thanks Alexandre Dubus - Rafael Pato - Main Menu & config screen @metalweirdo Marco Sequeira - battery, li-po charger and moral support @codebits for the awesome event
  30. 30. and now for something completely different MEGA FAIL The live demo
  31. 31. Helpful links • Code: • RC Parts: • Arduino • Arduino • Help (WiP)