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The State of Health 2.0
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The State of Health 2.0



Slide deck from my State of Health 2.0 presentation to the Los Angeles Health 2.0 Meetup Group on 11/9/2011.

Slide deck from my State of Health 2.0 presentation to the Los Angeles Health 2.0 Meetup Group on 11/9/2011.



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The State of Health 2.0 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The State Of Health 2.0 Los Angeles Health 2.0 Meetup Group 11/09/2011
  • 2. The State Of Health 2.0Luis De Avila - SOA/Integration Architect+LuisDeAvila, @luisdeavila• A decade of experience designing and building Enterprise Application Integration solutions for commercial and health care clients.• Designed and built one of the first Health Information Exchanges in the country, Colorado Regional Health Information Organization.• Past clients include top 10 health care systems like Ascension Health and Catholic Health Initiatives.
  • 3. What I DoYou Have This
  • 4. What I DoI Give You This
  • 5. Overview• What Is Health 2.0?• Whats Driving The Change?• The Developing Ecosystem• Whats Working, Whats Not• Getting Involved And Staying Engaged
  • 6. DisclaimerI in no way endorse or support any company, product, orservices whos logo you will see during this presentation.They are just up here because it was easy for me to steal... erborrow their photos and logos.
  • 7. Health 1.0 
  • 8. Health 1.0 Im healthy I get sick I see a doctor I am treated I go home
  • 9. Health 1.0 Im healthy I develop a chronic condition I see a doctor I am treated I go home ......
  • 10. Health 1.0 
  • 11. Health 1.0 One Effect Is Rising Costs http://www.cbo.gov/ftpdocs/87xx/doc8758/MainText.3.1.shtml#box2
  • 12. Whats Health 2.0? 
  • 13. Whats Health 2.0?Web 2.0 is... o AJAX o Blogs o RSS o Social o Mobile o etc.
  • 14. Whats Health 2.0?Web 2.0 is... o The Web as a Platform o Interactive and Participatory
  • 15. Whats Health 2.0? 
  • 16. Whats Health 2.0?What if instead of this...
  • 17. This is Health 2.0Health care and wellness was this...
  • 18. Whats Driving The Change?• Health Care Costs And The Need For Savings• Changes In Health Care Law• OpportunityThe Health 2.0 ecosystem can a important part of the Health ITinfrastructure for effectively implementing new efficiency andcare requirements 
  • 19. Whats Driving The Change?Reach the patient beyond hospital walls
  • 20. The Developing Ecosystem 
  • 21. Devices/SensorsTools used to collect physiological data:
  • 22. Devices/SensorsEach has a different focus; Wellness, Chronic DiseaseManagement, etc.
  • 23. A Closer Look• Heart Flow Sensor• Accelerometer• Heat Senor• Galvanic Skin Response Senor http://mybasis.com/
  • 24. A Closer Look• Weight• BMI• Muscle http://www.withings.com/
  • 25. Use Case - Cardiovascular Disease 
  • 26. Challenges• Demand• Price• Who Pays?• IntegrationRock Health, a health start-up accelerator produced anexcellent report on sensors: http://www.slideshare.net/RockHealth/rock-report-sensors-9962927
  • 27. PredictionManaged Care Organizations (MCO) and Accountable CareOrganizations (ACO) will lead in this area.• Improve Care• Reduce Health Care Costs
  • 28. Personal Health RecordsUser/Patient managed record of your health information
  • 29. The Pure Play PHRWhats the value proposition?Fred Trotter - "Lets spend a few 10′s of millions on this, and then make it back because afew million people will click on ads, after leaving Google Health to do a web search ofsome kind." http://www.fredtrotter.com/category/the-currently-evil-microsoft-phr/
  • 30. PHRs+Communities+Devices• Automate Data Collection• Sharing/Support• Add Value to Data
  • 31. A CLoser Look• Track Health Factors• Education• Reminders• Sharing• Data vs Information https://www.heart360.org
  • 32. A Closer Look• Track Health Factors• 3rd Party Connections• Sharing http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/healthvault/
  • 33. Use Case - Cardiovascular Disease 
  • 34. Challenges• Integration• Who Pays?
  • 35. Mobile Health AppsSoftware that uses your phones hardware and OS API
  • 36. A Closer Look• Drug Reference• Disease Database• Clinical Information http://www.epocrates.com/
  • 37. A Closer Look• Activity Tracking• GPS• Social Sharing http://www.endomondo.com
  • 38. Use Case - Cardiovascular Disease 
  • 39. Challenges• Integration• Who Pays?
  • 40. Corporate WellnessEmployer-sponsored programs and services for improvinghealth
  • 41. A Closer Look• Challenges• Social• Play• Prizes
  • 42. Youre At The Center 
  • 43. Stimulating InnovationDeveloper Challenges• Office of the National Coordinator - http://www.health2challenge.org/onc-i2-challenges/• Corporate and Foundation - http://www.health2challenge.org/challenges/Accelerators• Rock Health - http://rockhealth.com/• Health Box - http://www.healthboxaccelerator.com/
  • 44. Summary• Change Is Happening Now• Technology, Cost, and Health Law Are Driving Change• Change Creates Opportunities• Still Many Challenges
  • 45. Resources• Health 2.0 Community on Google+ and Twitter• HealthIt.gov - http://healthit.hhs.gov• Health 2.0 Conference - http://www.health2con.com• HealthCa.mp Foundation - http://healthca.mp/• TEDMed - http://www.tedmed.com• Mobile Health - http://mobihealthnews.com/• Wireless Health Group http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Wireless-Health- 2181454• Healthcare IT News - http://www.healthcareitnews.com/• Government IT News - http://govhealthit.com/
  • 46. The State Of Health 2.0 Thank You Connect With Me on Google+ or Twitter +LuisDeAvila @LuisDeAvila