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4 Secrets To Making Money Online With The Right Mindset

4 Secrets To Making Money Online With The Right Mindset



You need to have the right mindset to start making money online or you'll not earn a dime!

You need to have the right mindset to start making money online or you'll not earn a dime!



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    4 Secrets To Making Money Online With The Right Mindset 4 Secrets To Making Money Online With The Right Mindset Presentation Transcript

    • STEP 1It’s Time YouSucceeded!
    • We Are All Capable OfAchieving More
    • Mathematicians And StatisticiansHave Even Put A Number To It: 3%
    • 3%! That’s all! However Is Still 198Million People.
    • Are You Going To Be One Of These198 Million?
    • Woody Allen Said It Best “...the world is runby people who show up. When you talk toany successful person, they all say that inlife, there are either results or excuses.”
    • Which Are You Going To Choose?
    • How Do You View The Business OfMaking Money Online?Be Honest!
    • Do YouBelieve That ItWill BeDifficult But ItCan Be Done?
    • Or Secretly DeepDown Inside DoYou Think ItWon’t ReallyWork For You?
    • “The People Who Get On In This WorldAre The People Who Get Up And LookFor What They Want. And If TheyCannotFind It – They Make It”George Bernard Shaw
    • Let Me Tell You Clearly And Plainly– Making Money Online ISSomething That You CAN Do.
    • But The FIRST Step Is AdoptingThe Correct Mindset
    • STEP 2EnvisioningSuccess
    • EVERY Successful PersonPuts a BIG Part Their Success Down ToTheir Ability To Visualize Their SuccessBEFORE It Happened.
    • Procrastination is the fear of success. Winners don’tlive their lives in the future safely out of sight. Theyset goals in the specific, foreseeable future, whichgives their everyday activities richness and purpose.Denis Waitley
    • Read That Again. “…they visualizetheir success BEFORE ithappened…”
    • This Means Dwelling On The EndResult. Of Course You Still Have ToTAKE ACTION
    • But Taking Action When You AreFully Confident Of The Result- PutsYou In A Completely DifferentBallpark
    • But How Do You Do DwellConfidently On The End Result?
    • Make A Vision So Powerful ThatWhen You Finally Accomplish YourGoal, You Have A Sense Of Déjà Vu
    • This ‘thinking from the end’ Attitude WillCause You To Behave As If All You WantTo Create Is Already Here
    • Imagine Yourself To Be - And YouShall Be.
    • What would you attempt to do ifyou knew you could not fail?Dr Robert Schuller
    • STEP 3Write AnAction Plan
    • Have You Put Your Goals IntoWriting?
    • You Need To Have A Laser-Focused Pin-Pointed ImmediateAnswer Of EXACTLY What You Want ToAchieve
    • I Tend To Break My Goals IntoMonthly Targets
    • If You AreStarting Out In This Business – WhyDon’t You Give It A Go Too?
    • He who has begun his taskhas half done itHorace
    • One Of The Secrets Of AttractingBountiful Abundance Into Your LifeIs As Follows:
    • Change The Way You Look AtThings, And The Things You LookAt Change
    • STEP 4Don’t BecomeAnotherOpportunitySeeker
    • The Majority Of People New ToThis Business Are OpportunitySeekers
    • Most People Are Sold On The IdeaOf Making A Quick Buck RatherThan Building A Real Business
    • $5000 A Week From Your OwnAutomated Business
    • Guaranteed! Your PersonalBlueprint To $100,000 A Year
    • Make $1000 A Day By Clicking AButton!
    • The Only Criteria An opportunitySeeker Has Is ‘Can I make moneyfrom this?’
    • STOP Behaving Like AnOpportunity Seeker
    • And START Behaving Like AStrategic Thinker
    • The difference between and successful man anda failure, is not one’s better abilities or ideas,but the courage one has to act on themMaxwell Maltz
    • An Opportunity Seeker Will BuyLots Of Products
    • A Strategic Thinker Has A ClearVision That He Has To Take HisTime To Build A Solid Business
    • It’s TimeYouSucceeded
    • There Is A Lot Of LegitimateMoney To Be Made On TheInternet
    • Adopting The Correct Mindset WillMake All The Difference To YourSuccess In The Business Of MakingMoney Online
    • Now It’s Time For You To TAKE ACTIONWith Your New Mindset.
    • You Can Find Out EXACTLY What To DoNext – A STEP-BY-STEP Nuts AndBolts Essential Guide
    • You Have The Capacity ToCreate Your Own Wealth
    • All You Have To Do Now Is Be One OfThe 3% That Does Something About It