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Why first impressions matter ...

Why first impressions matter
Most interviewers will make up their mind about you within 30 seconds of first meeting you, based largely on your appearance and body language.
This is your chance to gain an edge on your competition and stand out from the crowd.



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Dress To Impress Dress To Impress Presentation Transcript

  • Interview tips: dress to impress from changeboard.com
  • Why first impressions matterMost interviewers will make up their mind about you within 30 seconds offirst meeting you, based largely on your appearance and body language.This is your chance to gain an edge on your competition and stand out fromthe crowd.By presenting yourself well, you will make a good first impression on yourinterviewer, which will set the tone of your interview.You’ll stand out from other applicants – an advantage that could be thedifference between landing and losing the job. changeboard.com
  • The planning stageJust like any other stage of job hunting, research is imperative to yoursuccess.What is the company culture like, and how does this influence the dresscode?Call the organisation in advance to see what they expect you to wear, or dosome research on their website. Top Tip: If you dress like you already work there, then it will be easier for your interviewer to picture you in the role. changeboard.com
  • The planning stageMake sure to prepare in advance.Choose a few outfits that may be suitable and then try them on, assessingeach look based on these factors:• Do you still look like yourself?• Do you look like you could work for the company you’re interviewing for?• Do you feel confident?• Do you feel physically comfortable in the clothes?• Are the clothes in good condition and do they fit you properly?If you answer yes to all of these questions, then you’ve found the right outfit. Top Tip: Prepare in advance by making sure it’s washed, pressed, and ready to go. changeboard.com
  • Interview-friendly attire:Tips for women• Keep it professional by choosing high necklines and low hemlines.• If you twiddle with your hair, tie it back so it doesn’t distract you in the interview.• Put on some makeup: a little foundation, blush, mascara and lipstick create a polished look. This will draw attention to your face and help your potential employer to focus on what you’re saying.• Make sure nail polish is subtle and not chipped. Top Tip: Hair should be tied back and professional. changeboard.com
  • Interview-friendly attire:Tips for women• Suits look smart on any body type.• If you go with a dress or skirt, wear tights• If you’re comfortable walking in heels, then choose a modest, business-appropriate pair. If you are more comfortable in flat shoes, patent leather always looks smart with a suit.• If you’re known for your accessorising, try to tone it down. Lots of jewellery is just more to fiddle with, which could be distracting for your interviewer. Top Tip: Polished nails speak of attention to detail. changeboard.com
  • Interview-friendly attire:Tips for men• Wear a fitted, dark suit. The fit is important; if your jacket is too big, it gives the impression that you’re playing dress-up.• Make sure your shirt is lighter than your jacket and tie.• Choose a tie with a subtle pattern. Top Tip: Wear cufflinks for a polished look. changeboard.com
  • Interview-friendly attire:Tips for Men• Refrain from mixing any patterns.• Shine your shoes; studies have revealed that women check out people’s footwear when they first meet you. This is a great chance for you to make a good impression on your female interviewer. Top Tip: Smile and be confident. changeboard.com
  • Interview-friendly attire:Tips for everyone• Outerwear: This is the first thing your prospective employer will see. Make sure that your coat and hat look professional as well. Show up in a classic-cut pea coat or modern trench, but leave windbreakers and other types of casual coats at home.• Have glasses? Put them on: A study by Henley’s Eyewear revealed 90% of people believe that those with glasses are attractive, intelligent, and approachable, while 1/3 of adults think glasses make people look professional. Top Tip: Maintain good eye contact. changeboard.com
  • Interview-friendly attire:Tips for Everyone• Keep it simple: Don’t wear any items that are unnecessary or may be a distraction to you or your interviewer.• Your success is in the bag: Refrain from colourful backpacks with logos that may make you appear juvenile or unprofessional. Sport a bag that is neutral, compact, and complements your outfit. Top Tip: Less is more. changeboard.com
  • Anxious about yourupcoming interview?In Part 2 of this series, we’ll discuss the different typesof interview styles you should be prepared for and offertips on how to best handle each one. changeboard.com
  • For more tips…… on CV writing and covering letters, as well as HR Jobs, go to: www.changeboard.com changeboard.com