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Media evaluation

  1. 1.  This was a key programme in allowing me to edit images and create my double page, front page and contents. The programme is at first confusing and seems hard to get used to, however after creating my preliminary tasks I became more comfortable and confident with using the software. My basic knowledge of applying simple effects, cutting and organising has somewhat developed to a level which in effect has allowed me to develop what I feel is a good standard of work. I have done this by understanding tools such as the blur and eraser tool- both of which were used in fine detail on the image to give the magazine an overall professionalism.
  2. 2.  My laptop was used for mainly photoshop, I chose to do all photoshop work on my own laptop as it was much more quicker and I was more familiar with my version. My laptop was also used to browse the internet for inspiration and research. Furthermore my laptop allowed me to do work in my own time rather than in lesson time which is something I preferred doing.
  3. 3.  Blogger An online blogging service which allowed me to set up a page to upload my work. I found this particularly useful as it was much quicker and easier to receive feedback and advice from peers and teachers. It also meant my work was accessible from just about anywhere with an internet connection including my phone.
  4. 4.  A video sharing website to upload your own videos onto the internet. I used this to upload my preliminary task and magazine pitch recording after which I could embed onto my blog. This is a different and interesting way of displaying work and in the case of the magazine pitch was useful as I could capture questions asked for evaluation purposes.
  5. 5.  Used for my Magazine pitch. Again, varying my use of technologies. This was an unfamiliar programme to myself however it was pretty simple to get used to. Its easy to use website allowed me to create a presentation with images, text and music. Animoto creates interesting presentations which allows you to simply create and present without the requirement of much speech. It is useful in getting your ideas across to an audience and this is one of the main reasons I chose this programme for my pitch.
  6. 6.  I used this programme to present a series of images in a more interesting and different way rather than posting images straight onto a blog post. This programme allows you to upload your own images and add effects to personalise your slide show. This was used when presenting artistic magazine covers.
  7. 7.  This was used to upload pieces of work from other programmes such as powerpoint or word. They are presented as though you are viewing in the original programme. This was especially useful when wanting to upload a document with a particular layout such as my draft feedback ( The table which was included in this document would not have been able to be re-created on a blogger post) It is a quick process in which you upload your document and receive an embed code.
  8. 8.  This is a website which allows you to browse through various fonts and then download them, these can then be used in programmes such as word, paint and Photoshop. The layout of the website enables you to easily find a specific font due to the themed categorising. This site was useful in helping me research and chose a final font and so, shows my furthered researching skills.
  9. 9.  My camera has allowed me to take high quality photos to be used in my magazine. Without this piece of equipment I would have found it very difficult to produce a good quality magazine. I have discovered new settings within my camera whilst shooting my final pictures, rather than maintaining a custom mode, I experimented with a manual mode and changed light settings to create a different effect.