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BU NSAC 2014 (Mary Kay Cosmetics)
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BU NSAC 2014 (Mary Kay Cosmetics)


I worked as one of the creatives on Boston University's team for the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC). We created a campaign for Mary Kay Cosmetics. This is the plans book for the …

I worked as one of the creatives on Boston University's team for the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC). We created a campaign for Mary Kay Cosmetics. This is the plans book for the campaign.

Published in Career , Business , Technology
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  • 1. Contents Research Methods Category Overview Consumer Trends Competitive Landscape Mary Kay & SWOT Analysis 2 3 4 5 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 21 22 23 24 25 26 Introducing MK MK & Mary Kay Campaign Objectives Positioning Problems & Opportunities Campaign Strategy Creative Strategy Out-of-Home Mobile App Social Media Partnerships & PR Package Redesign Media Phase Breakdown Media Spencing Evaluation Conclusion & Sources Background Target Audience Strategy Creative & Media Evaluation Executive Summary Since its founding in 1963, Mary Kay has been one of the world’s leading cosmetic direct sales brands, however Mary Kay’s share of female millennial consumers in the United States is not on par with their competitors such as Avon and CoverGirl. Reposition Mary Kay as a contemporary and rrelevant brand to feemale millennials. The “Your Connection to Confidence” campaign will: To best reach the female millennial market and maximize campaign dollars, we will employ a three-part media strategy. We will conduct a baseline campaign targeting 18-25 year-old females through non-traditional, mobile media, social media, and supplemental Independent Beauty Consultant marketing outreaces and promotional efforts. Media spending will be spread accross the year-long campaign. Increase Mary Kay brand awareness Acheive a 8% growth in Mary Kay’s market share in the core target through new young fmale product line and initiatives The average IBC’s client base will increase by 300% within the core segment 200% increase in core segment enrollment to become an IBC Agency 419 introduces the “Your Connection to Confidence” campaign to build awareness and lasting favorability among 18-25 year-old female consumers in the United States as the go-to cosmetic brand.1 Our strategy changes female millennials’ perceptions of Mary Kay and its Independent Beauty Consultants by addressing the target’s desire for accessible and quality produces that give them confidence in their professional and personal lives and emphasizing the benefits of having an Independent Beauty Consultant to guide them through the cosmetic buying experience. Female Millennials are receptive to “Your Connection to Confidence” because the campaign is relevant, entertaining and involves them in the cosmetics conversation. Challenge Solution 1
  • 2. Research Methods 3 2 1 Research Objectives Gain insights into the ce cultural influences, buying behaviors, and lifestyles of the Gen Y target audience. Evaluate consumer awareness of the Mary Kay Brand within the beauty community. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of Mary Kay and its competitors through consumer perceptions and opinions. Primary Research We surveyed, interviewed, and held focus groups with Mary Kay’s current and desired target audiences. Secondary Research We collected, reviewed, and analyzezed articles, websites, and social media reactions regarding Mary Kay and its competitors. We Tracked industry and buying trends within the beauty community 903 surveys 32 focus group participants total 4 Separate Focus Groups 3 in-depth target interviews 6 competitor campaigns * Followed twitter, pintrest, facebook, instagram, and blog mentions Monitored a variety of consumer reports and news articles *Avon, Olay, CoverGirl, Neutrogena, Sephora and urban Decay 2 in-depth Independent Beauty Con- sultant Interviews 2
  • 3. In the US: the purchase of beauty products online increases every year. “Consumers are becoming more connected, the convenience and time-saving aspects of Internet shopping makes online shopping a real competitor to brick and mortar retailers as well as Direct Sales. Beauty consumers are using internet to shop but are also seeking information by reading consumer reviews, engaging with brands and retailers via social media and viewing how-to tutorials”From the case study Mary Kay’s Digital IQ went up 30% from 2011-2012 (revamped site, enhanced navigation, popular e-catalog download for tablets) “the expansion of specialty store, home shopping clubs and drugstore retail further into the beauty segment increase the threat on the strength of the direct selling model, offering intimate, personalized service to the end consumer.” Industry Overview Tech-savvy Consumers Retail Invasion of the Beauty Segment Ecommerce- 4.7% of sales Direct selling- 11% Mary Kay’s top three categories of skin care, color cosmetics and fragrance, direct selling represents over 15% of sales in these categories. Expected to see highest growth in next 5 years. (However still a small portion of total beauty & personal care sales) 3
  • 4. Consumer Trends - A majority of millennials have reported to use or have used tutorial and how to videos in their day to day activities - Consumers are very likely to buy the brands of products used in these videos because they believe it will give them the same result. - Millennial women use these videos, for make up especially, for more of a special occasion, or ‘night out’ look. - Cosmetics tutorial videos are the most popularly viewed on the internet. -71% of Millennials agree that getting the most value for their money is important when purchasing a product for themselves. ( - Millennials are 52% likelier than any other generation to make unplanned purchases to pamper themselves. ( - Millennials expect companies to communicate electronically with them and have a presence on social media. 43% of Millennials are receptive to emails from companies if they offer “a discount, an invitation to a special sale, or some other compelling offer.” ( - 43% of Millennials intentionally purchase from a company that “either supports an issue they believe in, takes an active role in their community, or donates to charities and nonprofit organizations.” (http://academic. - Searching for a deal has become a “fun and social pursuit”. Companies who make shopping exciting are encouraging both visits to stores and customer loyalty. ( - Women don’t want to just see the product, they want to sample it and interact with sales associates who are knowledgeable and can help them improve their shopping experience. ( display/689430/) - 42% of millenials (more than any other age group) say that the store’s selection of beauty products has an impact on choosing a certain retailer ( Shopping Behavior of Millennials Experiencing Social Media -More time is being invested in mobile -60% of Millennials “would like to see more online initiatives from companies aimed at informing consumers about how they are behaving responsibly” -Social listening is no longer something just the marketers do. Consumers listen to social media and it can be used to educate through the right content - improve customer experiences with social care and building and maintaining customer relationships to create and maintain good brand image. How To / Tutorial Video 4
  • 5. Competitors . Typical Consumer Typical Consumer Slogan Slogan 25-50 (MRI) 25-50 (MRI+) “The Company for Women” “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful.” Avon is the world’s largest direct selling company with a variety of products specializing in anti- aging, fragrance, and color cosmetics. They target a large range of women, emphasizing economic opportunities available through their Independent Sales Reps, but they lack a strong millennial attraction. Universal Celebrity Endorsements What the brand says What the brand says What millennials say What millennials say General General For Older Women Unaware Poor Customer Service Affordable Everyday Makeup Colorful Solid/ Dependable Personable Economic engine Innovative Socially Responsible Confident Imaginative Energetic Typical ConsumerSlogan Broad target because there is such a wide range of products. The common thread among Neutrogena users is that they have an average income, and spend their money frugally. Women start using Neutrogena skin care products at about age 15 and use it until they die. “#1 Dermatologist Recommended skincare” Neutrogena provides no-nonsense skin care and beauty products that are effective, safe, and simple though, sometimes so strong that they harm the skin. Neutrogena is concerned with providing scientifically backed products that are stylish. What the brand says What millennials say General Plain/ Basic Clean Not Universal/ Not For Everyone Strong/ Effective Clean Clinically Approved Healthy/ Safe 5
  • 6. Competitors Typical Consumer Typical Consumer Gen Y and Gen X females (MRI+) who are looking for makeup that is higher quality than what they find at the drugstore, but for more reasonable prices than department store brands. Women ages 15-40 looking to experiment with their makeup, they show interest in makeup and beauty as well as in the trends associated Sephora Collection doesn’t have a brand identity and doesn’t advertise. However, Sephora itself is all about the experience. Management emphasizes the “Scinece of Sephora” - a program that makes sure the team is knowledgeable and personable - a sort of in-store IBC. For the woamn looking to be outside of the conventional makeup pallet. Constantly pushing the limits with bold, bright and unique colors and products while remaining “vegan” not allowing any kind of animal testing. What the brand says What the brand says What millennials say What millennials say Current Campaigns General General modern knowledgeable comparable Original Edgy Innovative helpful generic/ substitute overwhelming modern Bold Trendy Innovative “Skin Energy” 6
  • 7. Focused on healthy, energized skin renewal. Rejuvenate. Brand “Energized skin is younger looking skin.” Slogan “Color Correction Cream” (Beauty Pros Love CC Cream). Current Campaigns “Challenge what’s possible.” Slogan: “The Fresh Life” “Your #NoFilter Life” Current Campaigns: Younger, fresher, natural feel. Brand “Start fresh and finish sparkling from one adventure to the next.” Slogan The Brand is an older, corrective, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation line, “a great value in skincare,” and mainly produces skin treatments based off of scientific research However recently Olay just introduced their “Fresh Effects” line which is aimed at targeting a younger generation. (mintel) Olay is one of the most recognizable beauty brands today and has been trusted by women for 60 years. The brand is mostly popular among older woman and is usually associated with anti-aging skincare. However, recently Olay introduced a new line called “Fresh Effects,” which is aimed at targeting a younger generation (millennials). According to Mintel, Olay is the second most used facial cleansing brand next to Neutrogena. General R strictly skincare mom recommended (not on our radar) Reliable affordable What millennials say Trusted Reliable (well researched) Scientific (detailed ingredients and advertising) affordable value What the brand says 33-55+(mintel) Typical Consumers “Love the skin you’re in” Slogan Competitors 7
  • 8. Strengths Brands that are more conveniently available in-stores Threats Capitalize on Corporate Social Responsibility trend Opportunities Perceived as a brand for older women Not accessible in stores Years of experience as an established makeup brand Strong corporate foundation based off of brand values Weaknesses SWOT Easy to navigate website Quality and customizable products Outdated visuals across site and marketing efforts Little to no recognition among younger women Poor social media engagement across all platforms Diversify Mary Kay’s marketing programs IBCs available to guide consumers Expand and improve social media component Assimilate Mary Kay’s traditional culture with the younger generation Position the IBC role as a valuable career experience and networking opportunity College-Aged girls perceive themselves as too busy for part time job Brands that are already well established among the younger set Saturated cosmetics market 8
  • 9. Experiencers are a product of the Mary Kay equation. Their expressive and active tendencies allow them to be empowered millennial women with a look good, do good, feel good attitude. Experiencers value their peer’s opinions but are not dependent on them. They are open to change and new experiences because they are still discovering their identity. -not a homogenous cohort - they want peer affirmations, they want to feel validated -passive-explorers -developmental stage in life (trying to find themselves) - convenience - nostalgic - incentives Introducing MK MK18-25 yr old Millenials Trend setters/ followers We call them... 9
  • 10. active (do good) Our target audience strives to be active in their professional lives while staying involved with their charity work, hobbies, friends, and community. They hold themselves and others to high standards and are dedicated to making a difference. -continue to seek challenges -hold social responsibility important -high standards -go-getters/ambitious Our target audience are content creators and sharers. They are digital natives, hooked on social media for communication, information, and entertainment. They take pride in their appearance and express themselves through the brands that they choose. expressive (look good) -hooked on social media -share ideas -”content creators” - digital natives -care about appearances -brand names important -innovative -content creators The confidence instilled in our target audience throughout their lives has transformed them into empowered consumers. These change leaders know they influence market trends with their purchases, so they demand high quality from the brands that they choose. empowered (feel good) -feel as though they can make a change in the world - open to new ideas/technology -successful and sophisticated -change leaders - confidence -demand /influence MK & Mary Kay 10
  • 11. Increase awareness among female consumers ages 18-25 Increase positive perception among female consumers ages 18-25 Increase consideration for product purchase and for the Mary Kay business opportunity among female consumers 18-25 Campaign Objective 3 2 1 11
  • 12. 3. Empowering and Dynamic Community 2. Personalized Experience 1. Confidence To MK, the IBC and Mary Kay inspire confidence through a personalized experience and an empowering and dynamic community that reflects their lifestyle. Our focus groups have shown that confidence is key to MK. It determines when she wears makeup, how she does her makeup, and where she buys her Through our primary and secondary research we found that MK demands that products be customized and interactive. Not only does she want personalized products, she wants to build unique relationships with her brands. MK wants to become apart of a brand that she can contribute to and benefit from. Through various media and social outlets, she is always able to stay con- nected. Positioning Statement 12
  • 13. MK has little to no name recognition of Mary Kay. Those that are aware of the brand have misconceptions about Mary Kay branding, IBC services, and product range. They are not aware that Mary Kay has adapted to the changing consumer landscape. By expanding Mary Kay’s existing social media presence, Mary Kay will position itself as a relatable, accessible cosmetics brand and increase awareness of branding, IBC services, and product range. Uninformed Identify Problems Opportunities MK perceives Mary Kay as a cosmetics brand for older generations. They associate Mary Kay with the stylish older women in their life but do not see it as a brand intended for millennial use. They do not understand how IBCs function in a modern day world and think of them as intrusive, door-to-door saleswomen. We will emphasize the ease that IBCs provide and the confidence that comes with this unique sales model. MK will see that Mary Kay is accessible and easier than buying online from other vendors because they are guided by their trusted, knowledgeable IBC and Outdated Emphasize Inconvenient Educate MK is only available for purchase through an IBC or online- not in stores. Although millennials are becoming more comfortable with e-commerce, our research shows that they are still skeptical about purchasing makeup that they have not used before online. (survey) Our campaign will clear up misconceptions MK has about Mary Kay. It will highlight the strong existing foundation/heritage of Mary Kay and its products while positioning it as a brand that can and will support her. Problems & Opportunities 13
  • 14. In order to have an effective campaign, there must be a clear and concise message to the designated target audience. The major points must be focused on throughout the entirety of the campaign to keep the audience engaged with the brand. Our campaign, “Your Connection to Confidence,” will transform Mary Kay into the go-to cosmetic company for customized, quality buying experiences in three ways: It is a priority for MK to be able to find products and experience new things on their own time. MK is constantly on-the-go and wants to be able to interact with brands immediately and when she wants to. Mary Kay prides itself on it’s unique business model involving Independent Beauty Consultants that directly interact with consumers. Throughout the campaign, we will showcase the various different ways MK can interact and build a relationship with the Mary Kay at any moment in time. Our campaign revolves around a central idea of “confidence”- confidence in yourself, confidence in your peers and above all, confidence in Mary Kay. We want MK to feel connected to the confidence that Mary Kay instills in her and that Mary Kay can be there for the most important moments of her life. The campaign will attract MK by bringing confidence to her everyday life and inspiring her to be her best self with Mary Kay by her side. MK is at a point in her life where she is striving to find success in her career and personal life and needs brands that will grow with and understand her. The “Your Connection to Confidence” campaign will turn Mary Kay into a brand that is in-the-know, influential and dynamic like MK through innovative initiatives that will inspire her. It will highlight the accessibility and dependability of Independent Beauty Consultants and the Mary Kay brand It will capture the confidence MK feels wh en she is buying and wearing Mary Kay products It will emphasize the relatability and relevance of Mary Kay to MK Campaign Strategy 14
  • 15. Creative Strategy In order to reach MK effectively, our creative strategy involves a breakdown of a positioning line we came up with: “Your connection to confidence.” This simple phrase portrays many key concepts that drove our creative. We understood that it was important for MK to feel as relatable as possible, so we knew our campaign had to be both relatable and modern. Since MK views Mary Kay as an “older brand,” one of the most important things we sought to do was make the brand feel younger. For instance, MK wants a company that both uses and understands the same digital platforms they do. The more current Mary Kay feels, the more MK will be likely to positively associate with the brand, almost seeing the company as a companion they could grow with. We found through our research that MK feels uncomfortable starting a business relationship with IBCs. But once she talks to an IBC and has a chance to relate to her, the likelihood of becoming a returning customer increases. So with that in mind, much of our campaign gives MK as many opportunities as possible to converse with IBCs directly, both in-person and through digital platforms. Perhaps the most important aspect we wanted MK to be aware of us the power of Mary Kay to inspire confidence. The IBC business model (both full-time and part-time) among other business advantages, capitalize on the potential to use makeup as a way to bring out a woman’s favorite things about herself. With makeup on, we found, a woman feels better prepared to take on her social, professional, and personal challenges. Our campaign transitions from messages self- directed confidence directed toward MK to events harnessing confidence directed toward others in order to establish a pay-it-forward-like brand message (e.g. Mary Kay consumers becoming IBCs.) YOUR CONNECTION CONFIDENCE Considering how much of our campaign is based around one-on-one relationships, we also chose strategic partnerships and newsworthy executions to expand that relationship to larger audiences. That way, people who would not have the chance to interact with the phases’ executions directly will still be able to hear about them through the news and social media. Also, our partnerships promote the idea that Mary Kay can see beyond its product line to understand what else MK cares about as far as beauty is concerned. Partnerships & PR 15
  • 16. Out-of-Home MK Confidence Kit MK University The MK Confidence Kit is a sanitary dispensing unit that provides MK with the everyday beauty essentials that keep them confident. The pink, plastic unit — which will hang from a public restroom mirror — will dispense four primary products: Q-tips for makeup touch-ups, makeup removal wipes, hair ties and lip balm samples. Above these kits will be a plastic shelving unit intended for women’s purses and makeup bags. This will protect women’s belongings from restrooms’ waterlogged sink areas. This unit, in combination with a quote above the plastic shelving, will show women that Mary Kay un- derstands their daily needs. Whether MK is sweating at the gym, or crying during a sappy Rom-Com, Mary Kay strives to bring confidence to women in situations where they often need a boost. These kits will be placed in various public restrooms, including those in airports, LA fitness centers and AMC movie theatres. Each location will have a different sticker quote (Gym bathroom: “Who’s running harder: You or your mascara?” Movie theatre: “We saw that Rom-Com too, and we’ve got your back” Airport: “Long flight? We’ve got you.”) Once MK has experienced the brand for herself she will have the opportunity to become a part of the brand and enroll in MK University. MK University is the training program geared towards 18 to 25 year old females who are passionate about inspiring others and wish to become an Independent Beauty Consultant. The women who choose to enroll will take part in an interactive and invigorating five-week training program. With busy lifestyles in mind, women have the option to take classes online or to complete the classes in person for part of the program. Once they have completed the program, they will graduate and begin their careers as Independent Beauty Consultants. ’s running harder: You or your mascara? #MK Who #MK Q-tipsMakeup RemoverHair Ties Lip Balm Who’s running harder: You or your mascara? 16
  • 17. Out-of-Home #MK WANTS TO KNOW. . . WHAT MAKES YOU CONFIDENT? 14’ 4’ 3’ 7 ‘1 2/ # Beauty Bar Tour 17 A journey across the land. A quest to bring beauty.Two trucks,one brand: MK’s BeautyBar Tour. We will release an origi- nal mini docu-series, which will follow our BeautyBars as they journey from city to city. Hired drivers will navigate the trucks, and IBCs from each city will eventually meet up with trucks to work the Beauty- Bars. We will create a 15-second video for each city that the truck hits, eventually compiling the videos into a larger 5-min- ute series. The videos will be available on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter in order to keep our customers connected to MK after the trucks pass through their own city or college campus. The video footage will include shots of various women who have approached the BeautyBars and participated in the IBCmini-parties. They will be seen sam- pling MK products, writing on the chalk- board, and scoring quick tips and fix- ups—all while jamming out to awesome music. A hand-held camera will also cap- ture snippets of monuments and areas largely associated with each major city or college campus in order to show the connection between these unique wom- en in these unique places.
  • 18. Mobile App MK Mobile 18 One of the most important goals in our campaign was to forge a mobile relationship between MK and IBCs. Since Mary Kay has no retail outlets, the only way for current Mary Kay customers to contact an IBC is either through the IBC’s website or calling them. Since the advent of third-party apps and GPS tracking, brands have had the ability to contact their customers more efficiently than through a standard website. As a result, we introduce Mary Kay Mobile, Mary Kay’s most efficient mobile platform. Mary Kay mobile introduces several important features. First, MK can access any area IBC’s locations when she uses the map function. The map displays pins at IBCs locations. For privacy reasons, IBCs can disable their pin when they’re off the clock. While the beauty bar trucks are in route, users near the truck can see where it is located, too. Second, we’ve developed a point system as an incentive to connecting MK to IBCs. Users would gain points based on the amount of contact they have with IBCs, such as starting in-app conversations, looking at IBC profiles, and scheduling IBC parties. IBC’s profiles will also feature a ratings system based on users’ reviews of their personability and skills. Users can then cash in the points for discounts on products.
  • 19. Social Media Social Media coverage Cost: 19
  • 20. the digital ibc INSIGHT SOLUTION MEDIA This gives MK 2 options to receive info: corporate (YouTube) and personalized (Helpouts). MK does not feel comfortable inviting IBCs into her home and desires convenience in her busy lives. Make IBCs accessible via video platforms YouTube and Google Helpouts. MK will join Mary Kay once shefeelsconnectedto IBCs,whoseemtrustworthy due to their expertise and open personality. Partnerships & PR how to Personal beauty is key to confidence, but not all women know how to achieve what makes them, as individuals, shine. Partnering with top beauty vloggers, Mary Kay will host branded makeup tutorials. vlogs by mk ibcs & yt celebs expert ibcs Mary Kay will present beauty videos and vlogs on its own channel, marykay featuring famous makeup artists and vloggers as well as IBCs. KANDEEJOHNSON ELLEFOWLER ANDREABROOKS ZOESUGG WYLIEHOANG Popular youtube vloggers will feature Mary Kay products and pair up with local MK IBCs in their videos, giving visibility to both the brand and IBCs. other youtube channels Pushing off the buzz from the Youtube celebs, IBCs will run their own channels and highlighting their own specific skill sets, e.g. cat eyes or smoky eyes. Patricia Bright Tanya Burr Lindy Tsang Bethany Mota Destiny Godley Louise Pentland i love makeup. MakeupGeek Youtube Vlogging Cost: 20
  • 21. Package Redesign Package Redesign In the beginning of the campaign we will phase out the Mary Kay at Play line and introduce the new Muse by Mary Kay line. The Muse line will feature new pack- aging that will attract MK and visually convey the voice behind the new Mary Kay. The design of the packaging uses real makeup to write out each product and gives MK a preview of the the product inside. 21 TOTAL POIDS NET WT. .51oz. / 14.7 g 0.25fl.oz./7.5ml 15.0mL/0.5fl.oz. 0.016fl.oz/0.5mL BY
  • 22. To successfully execute the “Your Connection to Confidence” campaign, we have strategically broken up the non-traditional, digital, and out-of-home advertising into three media phases. Melanie will be introduced to the brand through various media outlets at various times throughout the year-long campaign. Phase 2: How can I get in touch? Phase 1: Who is MK ? Phase 3: How can I get involved? (What makes you confident?) (How can I become confident?) (How can I help others become confident?) During the first phase (February 1, 2015 - June 6, 2015), we will focus on generating buzz about the Mary Kay’s new image and Muse by Mary Kay line. The Muse by Mary Kay line will feature new, sustainable packaging and a sleek design. We will launch our Nationwide Mobile Beauty Bar Tour, which will be a resource for video content that will last throughout the entire campaign. The Beauty Bar Tour will travel across the country to visit universities and city hot spots to connect with young women interested in both personal makeup and career opportunities.*** The Independent Beauty Consultants (IBCs) will be handing out Confidence-To-Go boxes packed with promotions and product samples. The Confidence-To-Go boxes will supplement the Confidence Kits that will be installed in various gym, theatre, and airport bathrooms throughout the twenty tour cities. Content from the tour (stories/videos) will ripple out into the digital space, taking form of promoted social media posts, search campaigns, banner ads, and custom posts on beauty/style blog sites. During the second phase (June 7, 2015 - October 3, 2015), we are going harness all the new Phase 1 connections and drive that audience to a digital space to learn more about the new Mary Kay. Although the Mobile App will already exist in Phase 1, Phase 2 is committed to spreading awareness of the app and encouraging young women to download it. In Phase 2, IBCs will be creating a series of 15 high-quality videos to share on YouTube and other media properties regarding Beauty Basics, Trend Makeup, and Occasion Tutorials. During this time, Mary Kay will also be in a brand partnership with Drybar, a premier blow dry bar. This collaboration will allow for promotions and joint events that will encourage women to get their hair and makeup done together. During the third phase (October 4, 2015 - February 6, 2016), the campaign will focus on Mary Kay’s partnerships with Value for Women, Young Female Entrepreneurs, and Drybar. Mary Kay will connect with Value for Women and Young Female Entrepreneur with a monetary donation to each cause, a donation of all remaining makeup with outdated packaging, and volunteer hours from IBCs and IBCs-in-training to help young women prepare for the careers of their dreams (professional makeup tutorials, outfit workshops, mock interviews, etc). These volunteer hours will be mandatory for the young women enrolled in MK University, a hands on training program available to prospective IBCs in target cities. Current IBCs will be compensated to lead workshops for MK University. With the help of partnerships, Mary Kay will have young women looking and feeling great from head to toe. ***Make a side blurb to mention the city targets: Boston, New York, DC, Austin, San Francisco, Seattle, Minnie, Atlanta, Long Beach, Denver, Phoenix, LA, Miami, Philly, Memphis, Chicago, Dallas, Arizona, San Diego, Columbus Phases of Media 22
  • 23. Media Spending 23 Reference: Media Breakdown Phase Blog Ads/Content $727,000 1 Social Media: Promoted, Search $1,043,250 1 CSR Partnerships $250,000 3 Drybar - Brand Partnership $750,000 3 Confidence Kit $5,092,947 1 Mobile App $40,000 2 Professional Video Series $300,000 2 Confidence-To-Go Box $42,131 1 Beauty Bar Tour $187,000 1 New Packaging $3,000 1 MK University $161,000 3 Total Media Spend $8,596,328
  • 24. Agency 419 will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to measure the effectiveness of the “Your Connection to Confidence” campaign with MK. These measures will provide us with valyable feedback in order to adjust our campaign to be more impactful. Objectives Tactics Evaluation Increase Mary Kay brand awareness By creating executions that will directly interact with MK in her everyday life. We will track the number of visits to the beauty bar, the number of views on Beauty Bar video content, likes on Facebook, followers on Instagram and Twitter and the number of views on YouTube content. Achieve an 8% growth in Mary Kay’s market share in the core target through new young female product line and initiatives By strategically advertising in locations that are heavily populated by 18 to 25 year old females we will reach MK in various aspects of her life. We will track sales on Mary Kay products based on the consumer’s demographic. Increase the average IBC’s client base by 300% within the core segment By showing MK that IBCs are accessible through Mary Kay Mobile, Helpouts by Google, by phone and online as well as creating more inviting and personalized ways to get to know IBCS. We will track the number of clients in the core segment of 18 to 25 year old females that IBCs gain. 200% increase in core segment enrollment to become an IBC By creating a training program, MK University, that is geared towards the target segment that offers monetary, social and professional incentives. We will monitor the number of consumers in the core segment that enroll in MK University. Evaluation 24
  • 25. We at Agency 419 believe that the “Your Connection to Confidence” campaign is based on a strong and unique strategy that accomplished both our advertising objectives and Mary Kay’s long-term business objectives. In order to reach the 18 to 25 year old female, or as we call her MK, our campaign’s three phases introduce and reinforce Mary Kay’s new and existing customer to the accessibility and quality of Mary Kay. The “Your Connection to Confidence” platform will garner a sense of confidence in MK and encourage her to share her memorable experiences with the Mary Kay brand with her friends and through social media outlets. Our campaign appeals to MK’s need to stay connected and experience opportunities firsthand. As a result, we believe this campaign will increase Mary Kay brand awareness, increase Mary Kay’s core segment market share, increase IBC’s client base within the core segment and expand Sources 1. Case Study 2. Conclusion 25
  • 26. Katelyn Burns Executive Director Shara Ogg Media Director Andrew Caplan Creative Director Dara DeMatteo Account Director Spring Adriana Casteneda Media Annie Pullen Media Zarah Mohamed Account Mario Caballero Ayalsse Creative Jessica Munoz- Torres Media Evan Xiner Hong Media Connor Cahill Account Oghogho Tasha Odemwingie Creative Kathryn Schneider Media Ben Masters Account Elizabeth Emmert Creative OIivia DelVecchio Creative Marcela Cantú Media Zoë Lupo Account Jamie Lin Creative Truman Boyes Creative Nadine Mansour Media Danni McGovern Account Lucy Ye Creative Christina Janansky Creative Yanquitian Huang Media Paige Hakim Account Madison François Creative Rachel Vazquez Account Jaqui Malis Account Director Fall Mark Flitsch Technical Director 26