Film opening titles- Breakfast At Tiffany's
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Film opening titles- Breakfast At Tiffany's






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Film opening titles- Breakfast At Tiffany's Film opening titles- Breakfast At Tiffany's Presentation Transcript

  • Film Opening TitlesBreakfast At Tiffany’s By Lucy Johnson
  • The Production Company The first image shown is the production company; this indicates that this is important because without a production company, there wouldn’t be a film.
  • The first and second names that appear are ‘Audrey Hepburn’ and ‘George Peppard’. This is because Audrey Hepburn is the main character in the film and George Peppard plays the second biggest role.
  • The title of the film comes after the production company and two main actors. This is because the actors have ‘star power’, drawing the audience into the famous well known actors, more than the name of the film.
  • After the titles of the film, the next piece of writing to appear is the producer’s name. The producers are the people who take overall responsibility for the production and planning of the whole film, so they are very important people.
  • • Names of people who co-star in the film appear next; Patricia Neal appears by herself on screen because she is a more well known actress and has a more important role in the film. • The next frame shows three names on the screen, these actors are less important than Patricia Neal and also have a lesser role in the film.
  • The next names are just other actors in the film- they may not necessarily be known to the audience, but they are still in the film and have small roles. The last actors name that appears on the screen is Mickey Rooney as “Mr. Yunioshi’. His name is shown last because ‘Mr Yunioshi’ is a main character and is important so his name is shown separately so people remember it.
  • The next shot shows a long list of names and what their job was in the film. These are the people that the audience don’t see or particularly care about, but they are still very important to the making of the film e.g. Set Decoration The next shot is similar to the last, although at the bottom it has copyright logos.
  • The next two shots are about the music; the name of a very famous song ‘Moonriver’ that was written for the film is included in the titles. This has audience appeal, as people may like the song or the singer, so want to watch the film. The next shot is the music, and just one name is shown. Henry Mancini produces the music for ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ and he also sung ‘Moonriver’, so he was well known, also creating audience appeal.
  • The last three shots are essentially the most important. The producers and director are shown last so that their names is the last that the audience see; so it stays in their mind.
  • • How do the titles link to the genre of the film? • • • • • • The font and the colour of the font both are very smart. Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance There aren’t any characters that are actually introduced within the opening titles, apart from Mr Yunioshi, but still the audience doesn’t see the character, only his character name is shown. From the opening titles you can begin to tell what type of film it is going to be. Although we only see Audrey Hepburn, from the clothes she’s wearing and the way she’s walking the audience can tell that she is smart and posh. Because she’s the only character shown, we know that the main character in film is her. The target audience would be woman, ranging from 20-60. The audience appeals would be the famous actors e.g. Audrey Hepburn. Also the song ‘Moonriver’