Tourism Trend Tracker September 2011


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Tourism Trend Tracker September 2011

  1. 1. Special Treatment Based On A Guests‟ Social InfluenceIn San Fran, A Weekend Is 49 Hours LongSocial Trip-Planning Site Target Group Travel With FriendsColorado City Taking Market Direct To The PublicAnd more
  2. 2. SPECIAL TREATMENTBASED ON A GUEST’SSOCIAL INFLUENCE SMURFS AND BILLY THE KID HAVE SOMETHING INThe Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas has COMMON: THEY ARE BOTHintroduced the Klout Klub as part of its Social PROMOTING TRAVELRewards Program, allowing high-ranking socialmedia influencers (based on their Klout score) toaccess additional amenities during their stay in The bipartisan US House-Senatehopes that they will share these positive committee charged with finding US$1.5experiences with their online networks. Their trillion to be cut from budget deficits is nowSocial Rewards Program awards points to in operation, though virtually no one thinksanyone who Tweets about the hotel, and for it has much of a chance for success. Noeach offer that someone Tweets, they earn 10 one expects it to have much influence on travel, either.points, and for each offer that their friends purchase, they receive 250points. Accumulated points can be redeemed for free rooms, dinners, But it does raise the question of what thedrinks and more. Furthermore, customers who check-in to the hotel via federal government has done to promoteFacebook Places may receive two drinks for free. overseas travel, which virtually all groupsSource: and (picture) say is a desirable goal not only because of its highly favorable economic impact but also to help polish the image of the US.CONCRETE PIPES The US is far from alone in wanting more tourism, and Billy the Kid and the SmurfsTRANSFORMED INTO are among creative gimmicks other areas and countries are doing to promote much-ECO-HOTEL IN MEXICO needed tourism in tough times. But first, what has the US Congress done?Combining the concept of pod-like hotel rooms, with the growing trend of Source: travelmole.comeco-responsible tourism and the use of waste materials for construction,architects T3arc have created the 20 room Tubohotel made from recycledconcrete pipes.Inspired by dasparkhotel which opened in Germany in 2006, T3arc haveextended the concept by stacking pipes to form two mini pyramids withladders to access the upper level. Located 45 minutes south of Mexico City,T3arc completed the project in three months, furnishing the 2.44m by 3.5mpipes with a queen-size bed, desk light and fan, with space for under bedstorage. Unlike dasparkhotel which operates a pay-as-you-wish system,rooms at Tubohotel are priced at USD 42 a night, which they hope willattract backpackers and those looking for alternative and uniqueaccommodation that won‟t break the bank. Unfortunately the cement pipedoesn‟t allow for bathroom facilities, but there are two communalbathhouses onsite with private showers.Both Tubohotel and dasparkhotel have explored the possibilities of usingunwanted construction materials in natural surroundings to create hotelsthat are cheap and quick to build, better for the environment and boast thebenefits of affordability and a quirky experience for visitors. Plenty here tobe inspired by!Source:
  3. 3. FIND A PLACE TO STAYWITH GOOGLE’S HOTELFINDERGoogle is now offering users the ability to look for a hotel for their trip in theU.S., with options to refine that search by preferred location, dates, priceand ratings. Recommendations are then shown in either a list or on GoogleMaps and the user can book a room from a range of available partners ordirectly from the hotel.Some of the features include a „tourist spotlight,‟ where Hotel Finderhighlights the most visited areas of U.S. cities so you can see the popularareas on the map. A „compared to typical‟ section shows you how eachhotel‟s price compares to its historical average, so you can see if you are IN SAN FRAN, A WEEKEND ISgetting a good deal. 49 HOURS LONGGoogle Hotel Finder makes it fast and easy to compare. When you select ahotel, you are shown a collage of images, Google Places reviews and key A weekend is 48 hours but the number 49information. You can also use keyboard shortcuts („J‟ and „K‟) to flip through is significant in San Francisco. And nowthe results quickly. As you do so, you can add the hotels you like to a tourism officials there are capitalizing onshortlist to easily keep track of your favorites. that unlikely number in a clever promotion that should pay off.Source: “The average weekend is 48 hours, but in San Francisco, there‟s no such thing as anVISIT FLORIDA average weekend.” claims Matt Stiker, SF Travel executive vice president/chiefLAUNCHES ‘FLORIDA marketing officer. “It takes at least 49 hours – or an extra day - to explore newFAN GAME’ neighborhoods, experience new ideas in art and culture and indulge in some of the best food in America.” Tourism officials have started a contest forFloridas tourism marketing participants to show what they love aboutcorporation, Visit Florida, is launching the city in 49 seconds of video in its “49a contest around NCAA football to Seconds of SF” contest, part of theirboost the tourism-based economy by summer-long “49 Hours of SF: Arts &getting people to vote on which of the Culture” program. Learn more here.states six major universities has themost avid fans. Source: and (picture)Part of the "Share A Little Sunshine," a viral marketing program to getFloridians to support tourism, the effort involves Florida A&M University,Florida State University, University of Central Florida, University of Florida,University of Miami and University of South Florida which collectively havemore than 10 million fans, per Visit Florida.The "Florida Fan Game" includes TV spots by each of the six universityhead football coaches that start airing Friday, Sept. 2 via a partnership withthe Florida Association of Broadcasters and the Florida CableTelecommunications Association. The ads feature head coaches JimboFisher, Al Golden, Skip Holtz Will Muschamp, George OLeary and JoeTaylor. Learn more here.Source: and (picture)
  4. 4. SOCIAL TRIP-PLANNINGSITE TARGETS GROUPTRAVEL WITH FRIENDSThere‟s been virtually no end to the list of travel-planning sites emerging inrecent years, but one niche we hadn‟t yet seen filled is group trips jointlyplanned by multiple friends. Sure enough, TripHuddle targets just thatsituation, with a social trip-planning application that aims to makecoordinating trips easier and more fun by helping people work together andshare their travel information.Users of TripHuddle begin by registering with the site and then creating COLORADO CITY TAKINGtrips, entering their travel plans and inviting their friends. Trips can alwaysbe kept private, but those who are invited can see who is attending and the MARKETING DIRECT TO THEdetails of their travel plans. Users can also edit a trip-specific shared PUBLICcalendar and post to a message board to make sharing easier. Each tripcreated then gets its own profile and features a list of who‟s going, a shared The snow-conscious city of Telluride,calendar for events and a bulletin board for posting thoughts and questions. Colorado, is doing something more peopleThe result? An easier way to coordinate arrivals, departures and in the travel business might consider: It isaccommodations, the Washington, D.C.-based company says. asking the public how to market theSource: destination directly to skiers and snowboarders next winter. “Businesses spend countless hours and resources developing annual marketingJ.D. POWER: HOTEL campaigns to appeal to customers and drive products. But what interests guestsOVERALL can be different from what a business perceives,” says a press release from theSATISFACTION site. The resort has created a survey asking theDECLINES public to become a part of the marketing team for the 2011-2012 ad campaign. Source: andDrury Inn & Suites, Embassy Suites Hotels, Holiday Inn, Homewood Suites, (Picture)Hotel Indigo, Microtel Inns & Suites and The Ritz-Carlton rank highest incustomer satisfaction in their respective segments, although overall hotelguest satisfaction has declined.Hotel guest satisfaction with costs and fees has improved despite higherroom rates, while satisfaction with other service and product-relatedaspects has declined amid increasing occupancy rates, according to theJ.D. Power and Associates 2011 North America Hotel Guest SatisfactionIndex Study.The annual study measures overall hotel guest satisfaction across sevenhotel segments: luxury; upper-upscale; upscale; mid-scale full service; mid-scale, limited service; economy/budget; and extended stay. Seven keymeasures are examined within each segment to determine overallsatisfaction: reservations; check-in/check-out; guest room; food andbeverage; hotel services; hotel facilities; and costs and fees.Source:
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