Retail trend tracker april 2012


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Retail trend tracker april 2012

  1. 1. 4/12What’s In Your Little Black Bag?Mobile Customer Service Done Right…And WrongThe Macy’s Mantra: Customer at the CenterHelp Inspire Oscar de la RentaAnd more
  2. 2. PINTEREST DRIVES TRAFFIC 4/12TO RETAILERSPinterest has introduced a new aspect to social media by giving users the abilityto create online pin boards made up of digital images from the Internet. Thesevirtual boards allow users to create multiple boards of different categories,displaying small pictures (pins) of recipes, fashion, crafts, humor and so much QR CODES TOmore. INCREASE VIDEO Pins make it easy for users to see what they like and share it with TRAFFIC others. Most major retailers have Circa Jewels is giving customers a look already caught on to the Pinterest behind the scenes of its most recent fad and have designed their pin campaign through a QR code. Circa boards as part of their marketing Jewels is a jewelry-buying house that strategies. The top retail Pinterest attempts to purchase antique and profiles include Modcloth, West Elm, modern jewelry. This is the company’s Nordstrom and HGTV. second QR code campaign. The QR code connects to a video, allowing you to The innovative social media site’s see why the brand is so unique. traffic has increased 429 percent in the last quarter. An infographic from The campaign will have the QR codes inMonetate shows how Pinterest has gained an advantage over Google+ by driving print advertisements in Hearst’s Town &referral traffic to retailers. Retail brands should learn more about Pinterest and the Country and Harper’s Bazaar’s ability for marketing versus other social media. Retailers need to capitalize A four-page spread in this month’s issueson all networking sites, but they also need to learn which social media sites suit includes two pages with companytheir companies’ needs the best. locations and a customer service phone number. The other two pages contain aRead the full article here. QR code that when scanned leads to a blog post and video about the company’s new campaign. The video takes consumers behind the scenes of the advertising creations. Using video has become increasinglyWHAT’S IN YOUR popular among luxury brands. A QR code that provides more than a websiteLITTLE BLACK BAG? link can be a great tool. It can give consumers a glimpse into a brand’s creative side beyond staticRetailers are looking for ways to make the online shopping experience more advertisements.compelling and interactive: not only with people, but brands as well.Little Black Bag is a new online shopping experience based on the Japanese Read the full article here.concept of the “lucky bag sale.” Shoppers get to choose a mystery “Little BlackBag” of top-brand fashion and beauty products. After seeing what is in their bags,customers have a week to search the site’s marketplace to trade their items andbuild an ideal set. When the time limit and swapping is complete, the bag is sentto the customer.The company says their experience puts fun and excitement back into shoppingand allows consumers to discover and experience new products. This new ideacould be risky, but it can make the online shopping experience seem moreappealing. Little Black Bag is capitalizing on the element of surprise, and thetrading capability is an added plus. If Little Black Bag advertises well andcontinues to use different brands in their bags, this could be one of the mostcreative ways to engage online shoppers.Read the full article here.
  3. 3. TIFFANY & CO. SHOWS 4/12 TRUE LOVE Tiffany & Co. is trying to bring the aspect of true love to the company’s website, not just the merchandise. If someone is emotionally involved with an MOBILE CUSTOMER advertisement or product, they are more likely to purchase. So the newest SERVICE DONE installment of Tiffany’s campaign “What Makes Love True” allows photographers and consumers to upload candid photos of what true love is to them. RIGHT…AND WRONG The growing number of smartphones in The website has four separate sections, from stories to America has in turn created a growing photos. In mid-January, consumers were number of mobile online shoppers. able to start submitting their photos for use Customer service is always No. 1 on any on the site, some of which will be chosen retailer’s priority list, and some retailers for the Instagram gallery. have taken mobile customer service to a new level. Others, however, are not taking This campaign has included videos, stories, customer content and songs. Tiffany advantage of the returns a proper mobile has created an environment and lifestyle that also promotes the brand. What site could bring to their companies. makes love true? The answer is different for everyone, and the unique media approaches Tiffany has formed allow each consumer to take away a personal response. The rising use of apps and media such as Instagram and Pandora is There are many different ways to replicate certain to boost knowledge and consumer interest in this campaign. great customer service on mobile sites. Macy’s has used a text alert program to Read the full article here. inform users about one-day online sales. Sephora’s tactics are another excellent example of giving consumers the best possible mobile experience. Sephora’s user-based reviews and product recommendations add opportunities to increase and improve customer service. Some companies’ mobile sites, likeLET’S GET SOME SHOES Target’s, do not include related products or have deals directly on product pages. Mistakes like these are small but can DSW, a footwear and accessories certainly cause customer inconvenience. retailer, recently realized the potential of QR codes and is placing them on static magazine Discovering which mobile resources would ads to engage customers. The increase customer service for your brand is springtime advertisement reads, a must. The importance of user-friendly “Where’d You Get Those Shoes?” mobile sites with excellent customer To the lower left of a model service will only increase as time goes on. wearing brightly colored shoes is a QR code that takes readers to the Read the full article here. upcoming season’s fashions onDSW’s mobile site. Multiple categories and a search function provide a broadshopping experience for customers.QR codes allow advertisers to engage their audiences further by bringing printcampaigns to life in the mobile channel. The code can also help build acustomer/brand relationship. Using QR codes provides instant access to mobilesites that hopefully the retailer has spent a lot of time enhancing. QR codes canprovide any static advertisement with the burst of life it needs as well as a simplelink to allow purchases. This marketing effort is one to be utilized, especially in theretail industry.Read the full article here. Photo by Marcus Q on Flickr.
  4. 4. BOOMERS SHOP ONLINE TO 4/12SAVE MONEYEvery generation loves a bargain. Baby Boomers especially do. A recentshopping behavior study shows 52 percent of shoppers 50-54 are purchasinghealth and beauty products online; this is more than any other age group.Furthermore, 29 percent of this age group has also bought food and beverageproducts online. These products are sold as a great price online, which shows that J.C. PENNEY TAKES USBoomers, more so than any other age group, take advantage of getting value for BACK TO THEtheir dollar. GOOD OL’ DAYSAccording to a 2011 survey, 73 percent of shoppers were buying more online,although their overall shopping habits hadn’t changed. Concerns over purchasing J.C. Penney has a rich, 110-year history ingroceries online, such as expiration dates or shipping costs, are still relevant to the retail industry, and CEO Ron Johnsonthe growing customers of online shopping. If the Boomers help this market is giving this department store’s marketingcontinue to grow, however, companies will make improvements to make shopping and sales system a transformation using aonline for grocery and packaged goods even easier and more convenient, and will simple pricing strategy.further the horizons of online shopping for everyone. There will be three prices: “Everyday,”Read the full article here. “Month-Long Value” (seasonal/theme sales) and “Best Prices” (clearance). All prices will end in “0” instead of the usual “99” or “50” and there will be just one price, instead of “marked down from.” Along withNEIMAN MARCUS USES this simple change, every J.C. Penney store will also have a Town Square withCUSTOMER PURCHASE HISTORY complimentary services and free food. Will this new strategy bring back customersTO ASSIST STAFF or even bring in a new crowd? If J.C. Penney puts great products and excellentNeiman Marcus is advancing the in-store shopping experience using mobile service behind its pricing strategy and newphones to allow the staff to have more knowledge about the customer instantly. marketing campaign, it most definitely will.The store is currently testing its NM Service app in select stores. However, backing up what the company has advertised will be a necessity for the Participating customers will have success of this transformation. information on new products, events and an in-store staff listing provided to them via NM Service. In turn, the in- store sales assistants have their own version of the app, which alerts them when a participating customer is in- store. Sales staff will have access to the customer’s purchase history, in- store and online. There will also be an image from the consumer’s Facebook page so sales assistants can easily identify customers, and a messaging service so the customer and Read the full article here. Photo by Andy associates can communicate. Callahan via Flickr.Neiman Marcus is attempting to give employees information about individualcustomers to build an even stronger relationship with that consumer.Understanding the consumer allows the associate to not only try and help, butalso make suggestions that are suited for that individual. Loyal customers shouldfind this new technology helpful, and it will forge an even strongerconsumer/brand relationship.Read full article here. Photo by Jimmy Smith via Flickr.
  5. 5. 4/12WALGREENS TAPS MOBILECHECK-INS FOR REWARDSWalgreens is upgrading its mobile strategy with several different ways for THE MACY’S MANTRA:customers to engage and receive rewards. The company is using a varietyof social media and app approaches. Walgreens’ goal for customer CUSTOMER ATcheck-ins on mobile devices is to alert customers of deals and events.Walgreens is working with LocalResponse, a location-based service, on THE CENTERmobile and social media strategy. LocalResponse’s technology scours Macy’s has 70 percent of Americancheck-in services, recognizes which location a user is visiting and can send households shopping within the company’sout a store-specific offer to that customer via Twitter. Tweeting a check-in stores at least once a year. To make thatallows LocalResponse to connect with the customer and send a special huge customer base more loyal, theoffer from the Walgreens Twitter account within a minute. company is putting the customer at the center of every business decision. In a panelMobile check-ins have grown increasingly popular, but it is rare to find them discussion at Retail’s BIG Show, Macy’sconnected to a deal or reward for the customer. Privacy may be an issue CMO, Peter Sachse, spoke on developingwith some users, but a site-based reward should ease their nerves about and retaining loyal shoppers. The messagesending their location into cyberspace. Some people will do anything for a from Macy’s was to focus on the customersdeal, and Walgreens makes it easy to get a discount. This reward-based you have. Making current consumers happycheck-in campaign is sure to bring in a lot of traffic; other retailers should will bring a lot more to your company thanlook into this as a potential strategy for their brands. Mobile check-ins could trying to get all new the reward cards of the future. Treating your customers well and your bestRead the full article here. customers better are the basics of strengthening customer loyalty. This sounds easy enough, but it is necessary to get the entire organization behind the effort. Customer data speaks loudly about what consumers want. Listening and adapting toHELP INSPIRE OSCAR customer feedback has helped Macy’s make changes through their entire organization.DE LA RENTA Following through with the plan for excellent customer service and experience in all storesOscar de la Renta needs you for inspiration. His label has recently will depend on whether or not the entirelaunched an interactive website called “The Board” where customers and organization steps up to the can upload images to inspire Oscar de la Renta and his team as theywork on their upcoming Resort collection. Customers upload images of fabrics, colors, people, places anything they like – and add short captions about why the images inspire them. The revolving board is the first thing you see on the site. Scrolling over an image allows you to share it using Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. An informational video on the page lets Oscar de la Renta tell more about the creative process behind The Board. The idea of The Board is for fans to share their inspirations with Oscar de la Renta himself. User-generated content is extremely powerful and drives users to want to interactwith the brand. This creative idea has taken off with customers, and the Read full article here. Photo by Daniel Cruzvirtual corkboard is full of various photographs. This unique website will via Flickr.allow the design team to better understand the audience they aredesigning clothes for.Read the full article here. Photo by Lemon Tank via Flickr.
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