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Struggle and Survival Blocks 1 and 2
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Struggle and Survival Blocks 1 and 2


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Published in: Travel
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  • 1. -Sophia Mick
  • 2. The Women  Isabel Moctezuma  Born in 1509 (in Tenochtitlan)- Died about 1550  Daughter of Moctezuma II; the Aztec ruler. ○ After the Spanish conquest, was recognized as Moctezuma’s heir.  Married 5 men  Supported the Catholic Church and was respected by the people of her tribe as well as the Spaniards  Francisca  Born around1705  Was in the Manao tribe  She was a slave in Anna de Fonte’s house. ○ Petitioned to be set free, but did not win.  Smallpox survivor  Spoke Tupian
  • 3. The Women  Micaela Angela Carrillo  Lived in Amazou, Mexico during the 18th century  Of Noble heritage and lived a privileged life due to it.  Supported herself and her children by selling Pulque  Damiana da Cunha  Member of the Calapo tribe.  Baptized Christian  Aided in helping her relatives settle in Maria Primeira  Strived to lead her tribe for 20 years from being a outpost into being a civilized village  Very smart.
  • 4. The Men  Martin Ocelotl  Lived from 1496-1537 in Puebla, Mexico  Was a Catholic/Aztecan hybrid priest (wouldn’t give up Aztecan beliefs but was a practicing Catholic.)  Put on trial before Moctezuma during the Spanish conquest  Antonio de Gouveia  Lived from 1528-1580 in Portugal  Governor and Azorean Priest  Practiced medicine  Arrested 4 times for disobeying the church
  • 5. The Men  Diego Vasicuio  Lived from 1580-1670’s in Peru  Peruvian priest  Kept his culture alive during the Spanish rule and secretly practiced his religion  Enrico Marinez  Lived from 1557-1632 in Spain  He was an engineer, a Spanish interpreter, a publisher, as well as the cosmographer to the King of Spain.  Built a drainage canal to prevent Texcoco from flooding but lack of maintenance and skill prevented it from being successful
  • 6. The Men  Miguel Hernandez  Lived from 1550-1604 in Mexico  Was a member of the Mulatto tribe  Started a mule train business and quickly became wealthy and bought slaves (which mainly the Europeans did)  Hernando de Valencia  Lived during the 16th and 17th century in Spain  At the age of 60 he was sent to collect taxes from wealthy Spanish- Americans in Peru  Imprisoned in Peru for defying the Peruvian government but stayed loyal to the King of Spain  Francisco Baquero  Lived from 1748-1810 in Beunos Aires, Argentina  As a child (age 12) he became a shoemakers apprentice and eventually opened his own shop in Calle Santo Domingo  Married Bonifacia Vera  Was the officer of a segregated militia.