Analysis of Magazines


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Analysis of Magazines

  1. 1. Music Magazine Analysis
  2. 2. Front Cover
  3. 3. Red, black and white are the main colours to emphasise more of a ‘rock’ theme which reflect the 2 artists on the front cover. Also, the colours reflect what the people are wearing.The exclusive ‘stamp’ is in a The typography emphasises thedifferent colour to make it stand genre of the magazine and itsout from other aspects of the content by being big and bold withmagazine. the more exclusive text being in capitals.The content includesartists/bands that relate to the The main image has been placedcover band so therefore create a over the mast head with the covertheme and initial audience. Also, stories placed around them thefor those audiences there are only thing in front of the mainrelated topics targeted at them. image is the information about them and the barcode which show relevance and significance.The representation giventowards the main image is thatAlex Turner and Miles Kane knowwhat they’re doing through theway in which they are positioned The barcode information stilland facially expressed. They follows the colour that they know whatthey’re doing through looking at Quote from the front cover artiststhe camera (audience) with a drawing the audience into thestern yet intriguing look. magazine and wanting to read more.
  4. 4. The main image is overlapping the mast head to show the significance of the artist. Also, it emphasises that the magazine is well known by its audience so therefore doesn’t need to stand out as much.The way in which Alicia Keyes is poised and The typography is in all different sizesdressed is targeted at both genders as she can emphasising their importance/ seen as a role model and as an attractive There is a subheading with smallerwoman for men. informational texts underneath.The cover stories include topics that relate tothe main image as Alicia Keyes is a musicianbut in different music categories (acoustic, The content is all placed around the mainRnB etc.). Moreover the artists mentioned image which emphasises how the main coverhave similar music abilities to Alicia therefore story is of significance.targeting the magazine’s audience through thecontent of the front cover. The colours used on the front cover help to emphasise the main images look to make her stand out more due to her tan, clothing and features.
  5. 5. Purple, pink and white are the 3 main colours which give an immediate audience stereotypically targeting females.The majority of the text has been The main image is of a very well-placed around the main image to known American singer (Britneyshow significance of the main story in Spears) which also reflect thethe magazine. However the mast audience being mainly females ashead, bottom section and headline she has been seen as a role model.overlap the main image showing (for However it also targets males assome) more significance. she is attractive and posed in an inviting way.The content reflects pop music well asit includes pop stars information and The main headline is drawing theactivities. It also emphasises the audience into the magazine andaudience as being a slightly younger wanting to find out more.audience (early to mid-teens) by theway in which it has been written andstructured due to its simplicity. Also,at the top there are free gifts inside The representation given towards thethe magazine which tend to be for a main image reflects the head line as ityounger audience. is telling Britney to ‘behave’ as she is posed in a seductive manner and in flirtatious clothing.
  6. 6. The main colours continually used are black and white. They emphasise severity and intensity which represent the wild cats and draws the audience into the magazine. The main image is of Lily Allen posingThe representation of the wild cats on in a way which is seductive andthe front cover is that Lily Allen isn’t therefore makes the audience (mainlyscared and it also emphasises the men) want to read on.caption of ‘sexy beast’ describing Lily;the beast being her and the cats. The contents is reasonably similar toApart from the headline, the content the main cover story as it is still to dohas been pled behind and beside Lily with musical stars although have aalthough they are still capitalised and different audience compared to Lilybold so don’t show a lack of Allen. However, the 3 bandsimportance. The main image is also mentioned have a main targetoverlapping the mast head slightly so audience of males so the main imagethat it completely shows Lily’s flirt. of Lily could be targeted mainly at men due to the way she is poised and placed on the cover. The information at the bottom of the page is still completely music orientated with no side-tracking of games or competitions.
  7. 7. The main image is overlapping the mast headThe way in which Adele has been to show the significance of the artist. Also, itphotographed makes her seem quite emphasises that the magazine is well knownserious. This makes the reader want to find by its audience so therefore doesn’t need toout about her. Also, she has some quite stand out as much.strong features which can draw attentionto people aspiring to be like her or menfinding her attractive. The typography is in all different fonts and sizes which emphasises their importance/relevance and the topic. The main heading is brightly coloured and stands out against the black background to emphasise it’s significance. The content is all placed around the main image which shows how the artist pictured is the main importance of this issue. Also, the artist’s name isn’t standing out very much compared to the rest of the text around it which signifies that she is well known, The colours used are bright and cheerful therefore reading about her should be quite a which seem the opposite of the image being privilege. quite serious. Adele is wearing black clothing and there is a black background so having a variety of bright colours makes the magazine more stand out.
  8. 8. Contents Page
  9. 9. The colours used are mainly blue, white and black. Theseconnote more of a masculine look which helps emphasisethe main picture on the page of a band taking up ¼ of thepage. The colours also emphasise the other images but itsmain focus is the bigger picture.The layout is split into a ‘text, image, text, image, text’format to keep it reader friendly and inviting. All of theartists used are different from each other which emphasisesthat the magazine doesn’t have a specific target audience,that it is wide and open to nearly anyone. As well as thecontents there is also further information on music, eventsand online exclusives with further images which makes thepage more than just telling people where things are.In the contents, there are larger and bolder headings in thecentre with larger descriptions underneath which shows thatthey are the main stories and worth being read. Also, thesetopics are under the same heading of ‘features’ which meansthat these topics are only in the magazine for this issuemaking them more significant.The main image creates a relaxed and laid-back atmosphereas the band are chilled-out on a sofa some not even lookingat the camera and all smiling. This makes the magazine morefriendly and inviting therefore giving itself a good reputation.
  10. 10. The main colours are red black and white which are ‘Q’magazine’s brand colours used throughout. The ‘contents’ isbold and in white on a black background which makes itstand out more compared the rest of the page layout. Thesubheadings are all more in a different colour andbackground colour strip compared to the text underneathwhich makes them stand out and find more easily.The ‘Oasis Special’ is in a different font and colour, however.Because it is a special it is made to look it in a gold colourwhich symbolises grand and significant things.The main image used is taking up the majority of the pageand the text that goes with it includes a pull quote whichdraws the reader into that article. The way in which TheCourtneeners are stood is a very laid-back and relaxed whichmakes the magazine seem tranquil too. Also, where the bandare stood is on top of a hill with them looking like they’rehalf in the cloud (dominance) and half overpowering thetown below. This creates an image for the band of being asuccess and for the reader to want to read on.The content doesn’t just include a variety of different music,but also a crossword and information on contacts. Thismakes the magazine more widespread and audiencefriendly.
  11. 11. This contents page has a different approach compared tothe previous ones I have looked at as there isn’t thatmuch. The majority of the magazine has been taken overby a striking image of a woman lying on the floor with herlegs in the air creating a ‘V’ shape (representing the titleof the magazine – Vibe). She is looking at the audiencewhich draws them into the magazine (for this particularone, mainly med due to the seductive pose).The colours used are black and white creating a ‘smoky’look to make it more intriguing. Also, the sub headingsare purple which stand out against the rest of the page.The content includes fashion which is ironic compared tothe image given as she is wearing little clothing!However, the heading of fashion is mainly focusing onfemales so that now the target gender is equal.The typography for ‘contents’ is big and bold whereas theheadings and subtexts are a lot smaller and placedaround the picture. Also, the picture is overlapping thetitle to show that she has more importance.
  12. 12. This contents page has a lot of text compared to others Ihave analysed. NME is a very successful and popularmagazine with a very wide audience range. On the far leftcolumn of the contents page there is a band index whichtargets all audiences.The mast head is big, bold and stands out from the rest ofthe content. ‘NME’ is, as always, in red as that is itsknown colour. The rest of the magazine has a whitebackground with black writing. It sound plain but with theuse of different sizes, fonts and alternations, it makes thecontents page more readable and straight forward foranyone to read.There is one image of a band with a paragraph of textbelow informing the reader about them. There are alsoarrows and an additional text box with information in itabout subscriptions.The content includes such things like music stars, newbands, reviews of albums and tracks and best gigs. Thismakes the magazine’s sole purpose to entertain andinform the reader on just music which makes themagazine so popular.
  13. 13. There are 3 colours used throughout this contentspage or black, white and yellow. White is thebackground colour, yellow is used as the headingcolours to make them stand out against the rest of thecontent and black is used as subtext information.The images used take up the majority of the magazineand are all related to each other musically as they havethe same type or genre of music.Typography is mainly in block capitals as the type ofmagazine is quite ‘rocky’ so therefore makes it moreaudience specific. Also, there is an editor’s note at thetop left of the page in lower case letters and a lotsmaller compared to the rest of the text. Although it islonger than the other texts on the page it seems like itdoesn’t have as much importance as it doesn’tnecessarily stand out. People who want to read it ofcourse can but it is not seen as much importance.The content relates to the images through the artistsspoken about and is in page order which is simple andeasy for the audience if they want to go to a particulartopic.
  14. 14. Double-Page Spread