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Social Media is more than a way to social and network, it can offer you an opportunity to make instant cash, for doing what you would normally do in the office. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with you on how to monitise the internet and start using your social media sites to get noticed online. Visit my blog site for more free information and share this with your network, so we can all begin understanding how to use the internet.

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  • If you’ve ever wondered how easy it is to harness the power of the internet and change the way you think about making money? Then watch this slide show and take the first step to creating the life you all ways dreamed of ! Wow Lucille truly Divine.
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Social Media How To Cash In On Your Share

  1. 1. MeetLucille Divine
  2. 2. How To Connect or @LucilleDivine or @LucilleDivine or @LucilleDivine
  3. 3. What is Social Media?BUSINESS TERMSocial Media is a Communicationand Marketing toolthat connects you toother people andbusiness online.
  4. 4. What is Social Media?SOCIAL TERMSimply put it is a meeting placewhere people and businessmeet to discuss andshare Informationor Knowledge and“X”periences.
  5. 5. Who is Lucille Divine? eCommerce SpecialistAn eCommerceSpecialist is a personwho makes moneyusing the internet.
  6. 6. How do I make money online? eCommerce Specialist Writing Articles Event Reviewer Blogger Online Marketing Affiliate Marketing
  7. 7. BENEFITS OF WORKING ONLINE? Internet base business – work from home Can start making money instantly A way to earn extra money part-time A great way to expand your network and open doors for your career While building your online brand or presence.
  8. 8. MORE BENIFITS Build valuable online networking skills. Your “netiquette.” Design your own working schedule. You work the hours you want to. Help you build an online network
  9. 9. HOW DO I START? What do I need to get started? Computer, Smartphone Internet Connection Social Media presence What don’t I need? A website or blog site A resume or CV Client list
  10. 10. WHAT KIND OF WORK WILL I BE EXPECTED TO DO? Listen to your network and engage with them daily online Create advertorial videos using the power of the internet. An understanding of how to use the internet resources is a must. We teach you how… Simple writing skills for article writing. Networking with your contacts.
  11. 11. WHO NEEDS THESE SERVICES? Business owners who want to increase: SEO Update their content Backlinks Internet Marketers who want to: Promote their products services New Business Owners who want to: Expose their business online
  12. 12. HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I MAKE? Articles writing is a great way to get started. I write a min of 400-450 words, which can be sold at R50 per article. Client normally order up to 10 articles a month to keep their SEO ranking.1x set min of 5 articles = R250.00 per article set 5 articles x five clients per month each of them order a min of 5 articles each = R1250.00 per month10 articles x 10 clients x min order 10 articles permonth= R5000.00 a month
  13. 13. HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I MAKE? Video Advertising is a little more technical, but can be done with the help of a resource tool that I love to share Client normally order up to 3 videos a month to keep their SEO ranking. R575.00 per video x 3 = R1725.00 per month 5 x clients per month = R8625.00 per month 20 clients = R34500.00 per month
  14. 14. HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I MAKE? Event Reviewer I get to attend events, festivals and so much more and blog about the experience. Also blog about products or will also stand in as a Brand Ambassador Client normally ask per event or product, depending on what they want me to promote.R1500.00 per event/product event reviewR3500.00 once off set up fee (organise onlinebloggers & campaigning for event. 5 x clients per month = R7500.00 Once Off set up fee x 5 = R17500.00 (marketing budget)
  15. 15. HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I MAKE? Online Marketing is a specialised service I give to select clients. I develop and assist with their online marketing strategy and forecast. Client normally call you in annual or quarterly. R550.00 per hour – R75000.00 per campaign 5 x clients R25,000.00 per campaign = R250,000.00 per campaign
  16. 16. HOW MUCH MONEY CAN I MAKE? Affiliate Marketing - I have various products that I help sell to my network, and this is a passive way of earning money. This is not client driven, this type of marketing is Multi Level Marketing or Network marketing where you sell products online for a small fee and receive a commission for doing it and build a network of people.R50.00 – R5000.00 per product. Sometimes most online affiliates receiveclose to R50% per product sold back. Very lucrative if used correctly.Connect with me via email with#AffilateMarketing in the subheading. I will share my affiliatenetwork with you.
  17. 17. WHERE CAN I FIND CLIENTS? Social Networking sites Freelance websites or INSTANT work Options! Networking events Seminars Live event Yellow Pages Malls or local shops Schools
  18. 18. Free Online Training Register your name & email and install our Smart Library where you can learn how to harness the power of the internet by watching our educational video tutorials.These tutorials give you step by step formulas that will help you get positioned on social media sites like facebook, twitter and Skype. As well as video tutorials that show you how to use online graphic and editing programmers like gimp, camtacia and so much more. Watch these videos 24/7 in the comfort of your own office or home whenever you want. Simply navigate to; www.CSBC.mobiGive yourself the power to harness the internet today.
  19. 19. Visit SEOTipsSpot.comfor free resources that help you get startedConnect with me to ask questions or ask about myservices: (click on the social media icons below) Lucille Divine