real people     people’s attitudes towards me. It’s     almost as though the “lighter” Vatiswa                            ...
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Lucille Divine My Story


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Lucille Divine is a eCommerce specialist who teaches entrepreneurs how to harness the power of the internet.

Visit her business page:

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Lucille Divine My Story

  1. 1. real people people’s attitudes towards me. It’s almost as though the “lighter” Vatiswa ‘I LIKE LIVING IN of our previous business, I was already a competent marketer, so I used this is more acceptable to society. In the THE 21ST CENTURY!’ knowledge and started a home-based past, people looked past me; they just Over three years ago, Joburg mom business that didn’t require much saw a fat woman with nothing to offer. Lucille Vicars, 39, and her husband capital outlay, or even staff for that We all have our individual issues – Justin, 38, lost their business. matter. obviously, weight was mine. Instead of leaping like lemmings ‘I call myself a Network and On an intellectual level I know I’ve back onto the corporate treadmill, Information Partner, and specialise lost weight and look different. When she looked elsewhere to make a in eCommerce techniques online. A I step onto a scale I see I’ve lost living. Now, every day feels like a mouthful, I know, but basically I share weight. But it still has to sink in on an Friday! my knowledge of how to harness the emotional level. I’m not yet used to the ‘I lost a R3.8millon-business overnight. wealth-building power of the Internet idea I can buy smaller sizes and have It was a partnership that soured, and through social media and other unique more choice in what to wear. in the end I lost my successful decor wealth-building tools. We teach people ‘I feel lighter, have more energy, and business. My clients, some of whom how to start their own businesses generally feel a lot more positive about I’d retained for over eight years, online, with minimal capital outlay, and myself! My son, Sivato, 20, also sees jumped ship because my embattled how to market themselves online too. the change in me. He’s so happy for business couldn’t offer them reliable Today I’m online almost seven days a me. I suppose every child just wants service anymore. My entire world came week. I talk to several different groups to see their parents happy. In the past crashing down and I felt worthless. But on BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), and I I made excuses, but now I’m thrilled I got up and dusted myself off – you also maintain Facebook, Twitter, Google to admit I’m no longer living in denial. have to when you have two daughters +, LinkedIn and other social media who need supporting, and Justin accounts. They keep me very busy, and I started brainstorming. because I respond to every ‘beep’ and We decided that if we ‘ping’, but I do set aside time to spend were going to plough all with my girls, Trya, 13, and Simonea, of our effort into growing 7. In the afternoons I get to watch my ‘ another business, this time girls play sports, and I just take my office with me – my We have an amazing life together; it’s definitely changed for ‘ trusty laptop and 3G connection. Everyday feels like a Friday! I still have meetings with clients, but I schedule FEATURE: KATE TURNER PHOTOS: BROOKE AUCHINCLOSS AND ELMARIE KNAPTON the better... these for when my girls are at school, so I can we were going to focus on dedicate my afternoons to them. making ourselves successful ‘We have an amazing life together; and rich, without working it’s definitely changed for the better. I our fingers to the bone. I have a very different perspective from wanted to spend time with where I was three years ago – stuck in a my beautiful daughters, enjoy failing business and living in fear. Today breakfasts, lunches and I’m free. I like living in the 21st century dinners together as a family. and enjoy making a living teaching and ‘We knew we needed to sharing my knowledge. This is what I think differently, so we began was born to do and I love it!’ looking for ways to make money online. I watched a web clip on online marketing To find Lucille on Facebook, – and I sat back and had a search for ‘Lucille Divine’. And light-bulb moment. I even she goes by @LucilleDivine on remember saying to Justin: Twitter. Or visit her website: www. “This is what I was born to do. I know I can do this!” Because 24 your family January 2012