How To Optimise Your Biz Using Keywords


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Are you ranking on the front page of Google yet? Why not? Your competitors are doing it, so should you. Ask yourself how many times a day do you pop onto Google to find a local business? Once maybe twice a day...more than that? Well just like you, your clients are searching for you. But if you are not using essential keywords or keyword phrases, to optimise your site, then your not ranking where others can find you. Read how you can start making small changes and start getting noticed online.

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How To Optimise Your Biz Using Keywords

  1. 1. SEO TIPS SPOT How to Optimise your Biz For Google Page RankingSEO Tips Spot SEO Tips Spot eBookLucille@seotipsspot.com0793359534
  2. 2. DisclaimerThis e-book has been written to provide information about Starting you own businessusing SEO marketing. Every effort has been made to make this eBook as completeand accurate as possible. However, there may be mistakes in typography or content.Therefore, this eBook should be used as a guide - not as the ultimate source ofWeb2.0 and how to harness the power of the internet using SEO tactics.The purpose of this eBook is to educate you and help you understand how to position,market and advertise your biz online.The author and the publisher do not warrant that the information contained in this e-book is fully complete and shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions. Giventhe fact that the internet changes every day, and that the reader should always keepupdated with new internet trends.The author and publisher shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person orentity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly orindirectly by this e-book. This is only a do-it-yourself recommendation that can helpposition, market and advertise your biz, especially for that biz who have no Web2.0platform. Looking to get your biz online or help you start an online biz from scratch.SEO Tips Spot SEO Tips Spot eBookLucille@seotipsspot.com0793359534
  3. 3. IntroductionAs a business owner, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. Let’s face it, now morethan ever, people want to understand and know more about how to use Web2.0, SEOmarketing and social media. This type of service is on the increase! It goes withoutsaying that it is so important to understand and implement international marketing andcommunication trends within your organisation today, to reap the rewards of tomorrow.Profit is equal to hard work and a whole lot of exposure. Weather your business is alarge industrial firm or a one person show, the principles of growing your business andincreasing your revenue remain the same.The competition is definitely fierce, there are plenty of things you can do to make sureyour current customers stick around, and a way to have potential customers becomelifelong patrons. By using these simple suggestions, even you can take charge of youronline marketing strategy.So it goes without saying, that anyone can sell a product or service, but it takes aspecial, strategic plan to sell your wares or services in a unique way, and that is whereSEO Tips Spot is going to help guide your online journey to position, market andadvertise your biz online, with ease.Learn how to keep ahead of the game and have a unique branding strategy. After allbranding is what makes biz online stand out. Biz like Coca-Cola, KFC, Outsurance,and Pick n Pay are all household names.With the help of proper branding, which they have worked so hard to establish. Theirbiz brand has fast become a household name, because they are trusted in theirconsumers eyes.SEO Tips Spot SEO Tips Spot eBookLucille@seotipsspot.com0793359534
  4. 4. You will also learn that branding helps give your business its own personalized identity.Ensuring that people automatically recognize your company and its products. This littlesecret, is what larger corporations have depended upon to make them money.So you would need to use effective branding as a way to attract customers, and stayahead of the competition?Also just announcing that you haveproducts or services for sale is not a goodenough strategy. To place your business A hot #SEOTIPS; ‘make sure yours ison top - you have to want to become a professionally done, and a fluid, polisheddynamic, over the top, success in business. site, giving you the ‘closers’ edge. AfterBe seen as a business leader that has all, more clients and more traffic equalsvalue to share with others who need yourservices or products. more profits and more value added. The cycle never ends, and you as a wise business owner know that.Excelling is definitely possible with some‘out of the box’ thinking and tactics. Simplechanges can make a huge difference in theway you look at your business and in theway customers will respond to youradvertising.The road to success starts with firstly, defining your business and deciding what it isyou stand for. What you represent, and how you will make money. Defining your bizpurpose is absolutely essential part of success.Or if you are starting a biz online, finding your niche market is the first step you take.Niche marketing really is the way to go, there areliterally thousands of business out there, all youhave to do is choose one. Remember the Golden Rule;The next step is to begin looking at professional people will be attracted to a sitefunctioning websites. The best Web2.0 website so you have to make it inviting,platform we use at SEO Tips Spot, which comes informative, interactive andhighly recommend is WordPress. There is even a easy for people to accessfree entry level blog site available for those whoare new to the internet, and don’t want to invest inlarge sums in the beginning.Simply go to: and registerfor free.SEO Tips Spot SEO Tips Spot eBookLucille@seotipsspot.com0793359534
  5. 5. Or if you are more serious and want to invest in your online SEO marketing then wesuggest that you use SEO Tips Spot select SEO packages for your biz. Because youknow that in today’s online world, there are a lot more internet savvy people who knowwhat a polished website looks like. They also know what a generic, unimpressive onelooks like too.Navigation is a must, make it look good so another important element is to source areliable hosting company to reduce downtime. SEO Tips Spot recommend you or to host your website. Not having arealisable service provider will result in downtown and a huge loss in revenue andtrust. The results will affect your biz bottom line and reputation.The next SEO Tips Spot step is to decided on your biz name and tagline. Or if youhave a current biz name then start getting creative, by playing with words. Type yoursuggestions into Google search engines. See what comes up and if there is a need inthe market place for your service or products. Google will always show you how manypeople are looking for that word by giving you a list of pre texted idea’s already.SEO Tips Spot SEO Tips Spot eBookLucille@seotipsspot.com0793359534
  6. 6. How many people are looking for your biz? Who wantsyour services or products?Remember you want to always be unique, you biz name should tell people within threewords what your main function is. So use something that will stand out in peoples’minds. What would you look for?Your biz tagline is just as important, that is why brainstorming a few taglines of yourown until you find one that really helps define your biz.Use this dynamic logo website to create and design your own logo with tagline. Theprofessional selection of designs will help give your biz the edge, when people find youonline. If you are an existing biz and have never had a logo designed for you, then nowis your chance to design your own. It takes a few minutes to set up and implement.www.freelogoservices.comA logo really does have an impact on the waypeople perceive a business. So make sure thatyou know what type of logo fits your biz.Also know what tempo your biz will take.The local plumber website could have humorousposts, while the professional lawyer wouldtake on a more serious tone.Your colour also plays a major part in presentation of your website, so play around withsome theme’s or skins and make sure that you are happy with the way you websitelooks before you launch to the public.SEO Tips Spot SEO Tips Spot eBookLucille@seotipsspot.com0793359534
  7. 7. At SEO Tips Spot, we understand how important this step is, and help guide mostpeople who are unsure if they are ready to launch their do-it-yourself websites. Pleasetalk to us about our free website consultation service, where we give you a fullanalyses of your website and how you can optimise it.The next step is to begin brain storming andplanning your online marketing forecast.This plan will also include your online SEO marketing,so that your website is optimised and properlyindexed by Google search robots.This process is simple once you know whatyour keywords and keyword phrases are.Don’t be fooled by other developers,having 3 main keywords and 3 main keywordphrases is enough, as long as they lead back toyour website and are seen and ranked by the search engines.SEO Tips Spot uses a unique tool to measure keywords. You can too, simply visitGooglekeywordtools . Using keywords that are relevant to you and your biz will make aworld of difference for you, because there are people searching for you right nowonline, you have to simply find the right keywords people are searching for on Googleso that you can get your biz in front of their searches. And that become child play whenyou know what keywords to use.When it comes to online marketing tactics, SEO Tips Spot has the right formula for youto use. Don’t just offer your customers emails with coupon codes. Think of some new,creative ways to send them special offers.We suggest that you give a free product away first, something just like this eBook, thatwe are giving away. Look for ways to market your biz well by setting up a marketingforecast of what you want to give, achieve and build online.Freebies entice buyers to make a purchase.Some companies cannot afford to give away freeproducts, but sometimes this is the most effectiveway of marketing a new product. Whether it is a freesample, or by giving away a gift with purchase, etc,free stuff often gets people interested in thewebsite and what the company has to offer.SEO Tips Spot SEO Tips Spot eBookLucille@seotipsspot.com0793359534
  8. 8. Promotional material is also a good way to advertise, but studies show that givingaway the actual product itself for free really entices people to buy and learn more.Stay fresh. Don’t ever let your website get dull or stay full of old inventory. Try toupdate your items and products as much as possible. If the business is only offeringone thing or is offering a service, then try to take new approaches to the website everycouple of months. Develop a “sister” product for the main product so that people willwant to buy its companion.Updating with new content and a new look works wonders for any business, sincepeople are always looking for something new. Contests always seem to do well, so think of something that relates to your business that will also get people interested in what you have to offer. You have to make everything look appealing to the customer, while still remaining focused on your own goals and getting the word out about who you are as a brand.Always take a look at the competition. While it’s obvious you’re focusing on yourbusiness and the tasks at hand, don’t lose sight of the your competition. See whatthey are offering, find out who their customer base is, and look at what tactics they areusing effectively that you might be able to revamp and use.Knowing who your competitors are as well as what makes them successful will giveyour business a whole lot of ammunition and a new perspective on how to do things,right for your biz. Another very appealing way to advertise is to use viral SEO videos. In some cases when done correctly, this could mean massive sales. Open up a YouTube account, and use advertorial videos as well as small snippet videos to advertise your biz online. Don’t forget to use your SEO keywords and keyword phrases when uploading the video’s to www.YouTube.comSEO Tips Spot SEO Tips Spot eBookLucille@seotipsspot.com0793359534
  9. 9. Make sure you’re reaching out to the niche group that your business appeals to.People will respond to the video if they know what you’re selling and why.Make you biz benefits clear. Don’t just say, “hi, we’re the ‘Makeshift Company’ and wesell shifting tools. Customers can get just about any item anywhere they want to.Defining the actual benefits of that item, people will feel more confident if that is theproduct they are looking for. Highlight the positive benefits of your products, and makesure these are emphasized in as many ways as possible, through advertising, on thewebsite, or with ‘word of web’ campaigning.If the product or service doesn’t seem unique now, find something that will make itunique. If you feel as if you’re only offering the same old same old, then think ofdifferent angles to your product that you might not have thought about before.Brainstorm and write down a list of objectives that describe your business. Then, takethose words and play on them with taglines and features that make your productunique. It might not seem as if you have something unusual to offer initially, but with alittle of bit of out of the box thinking, you can put a “spin” on your product so people willbe interested in what you’re offering.If you need some guidance, than let our SEO Tips Spot team members help youthrough a brainstorming session, where you can begin to visualise and implement youronline marketing forecast with ease.Start with a list of several things that make your product unique. This is what a UniqueSelling Proposition is; it not only talks about the benefits of a product, but it also pointsout what makes that product stand out in a crowd.Figure out what people lack or what they need.As a new business, or one that is alreadyestablished, a great way to stay ahead of thegame is to look for and pinpoint a gap in yourindustry. What is it in your line of work thatcustomers are missing out on?What has not been sold yet or coulddrastically be improved upon within your biz?SEO Tips Spot SEO Tips Spot eBookLucille@seotipsspot.com0793359534
  10. 10. Stay current with the times. Remember that technology is constantly changing, and sois the Web 2.0. Many businesses have a fatal flaw of not keeping up with the latesttrends online. By staying abreast of what is happening with SEO and online marketingtechniques, you biz websites. This will definitely give you a leg up on the competition.Think about your target audience. Do some serious research and try to figure out yourideal target customer demographics. Knowing your target customer base will reallyhelp you hone in on the product you are offering. It also gives you a better idea ofwhere and how to advertise, so that you’re reaching a group of people who will truly beinteresting in buying from you. Setting up social media platforms like facebook, twitter and LinkedIn works well. Get your name out there by becoming friends with customers on these sites. You can use the social media networking websites to help spread the word, announce new products or services. Launch contests, compile surveys, and share daily posts.Create a social media community or groups. Don’t just be the judge and jury when itcomes to your business. Add a community to your website like forums or live chat thatgives the customers a chance to talk to you and talk amongst themselves. This givesthem a sense that you really do care about their opinions, and it serves as a meetingplace. If your website becomes a common ground for people to talk, they will returnoften and see what new things you have to offer.‘Word of web’ is and will always be the best form of advertising. Thanks to the newsocial networking sites, you can reach thousands of people in a matter of minutes,which translates into potential customers, and sales. SEO Tips Spot use Social Linkbuilding to further enhance your social media presence. Ask us to set up one for yourbiz by visiting our SEO packages.SEO Tips Spot SEO Tips Spot eBookLucille@seotipsspot.com0793359534
  11. 11. Set up an email campaign by using an email service provider. SEO Tips Spot recommend you use one of the following: or or . Using an email campaign service provider will help you avoid appearing spamy, and will give your biz a professional touch when it comes to sending emails. Newsletters can also help get the word out, however do not overload your customers with too many emails. People will soon consider this spam, and black list your email address, which is an automatic turn off.Instead, try to make all of your email correspondence as thorough as you can and packas much information into it as possible. Include links so readers can easily get to salesand products pages. Then, limit this correspondence to a few emails per month. Everyweek or especially every day emails make most people leery and they will usuallyunsubscribe from you list fast.Surveys can work for you. Don’t be afraid to ask customers what they think of yourwebsite or your company.Use online survey providers or emailbased surveys to get a feel for what yourcustomers are interested in. Ask themwhat they like and dislike. Ask themwhat they suggest you can do in orderto improve your biz or your website.These surveys can be an invaluableresource to help you get a betterhold of your marketing niche and style.Customer feedback is one of the mostvaluable tools in your online marketing arsenal.SEO Tips Spot SEO Tips Spot eBookLucille@seotipsspot.com0793359534
  12. 12. Offering guarantees is another way of adding value as a service or product provider.When you can offer a money back guarantee on your products, you’re giving thecustomers serious peace of mind. While this is not something unique, it’s still a lotmore than many sellers can give people, particularly smaller businesses who sell theiritems strictly online.By giving peace of mind, you’re letting people have the option to back out of a salelater on. Odds are they won’t, but the security in knowing that they can, will give youthe edge. Blog about your brand. Blogging is a super effective way to get people involved in what is happening with your company. Post an updated blog on the home page and watch how quickly people will respond. Most people enjoy the story line aspects of blogs, so use this to your advantage and write about updates, happenings at your company, new products, and upcoming promotions. While daily may seem impossible, it really is best since it will keep your customers interested in what is currently happening on a daily basis, and kind of “reel” them in.Remember to tell your story. Write an entertaining “about us” section for the website.Give people a better insight into your biz, how it was formed, and what you arepassionate about. This makes people feel connected to your business and gives thema sense of confidence so they have a background on what you do, and where youcame from. This is quite an effective way to reach out to people, particularly newcustomers because stories have the power to sell.Once your blog is set up, begin to build some back links. It’s a simple way to staying atthe top of the search engines. Learn about SEO and other Internet marketingtechniques so you can make sure that your website is as effective as possible,resulting in more hits and more sales. SEO Tips Spot has a range of workshops andcourses both online and live events where you can learn these simple onlinetechniques.SEO Tips Spot SEO Tips Spot eBookLucille@seotipsspot.com0793359534
  13. 13. Yes we all want positive results by having more customers say “yes” to our offers. Ifcustomers respond to particular offers more than others, the odds are that they willcontinue to do so. So always stick with what works. Don’t be afraid to try new things,but remember that most people are creatures of habit and will come back and buymore if you continue to offer them the same deals or similar promotions on a fairlyregular basis.Mix up your online marketing posts, blogs, video’s and other marketing tactics. Thisgoes without saying, but don’t just stick to one form of advertising. Banner ads, popups, viral videos, flash videos, mailings, email newsletters, and many other methodsshould all be used in conjunction if possible. If you choose only one method, you’relimiting your leads and the number of people you reach, besides the fact that yourwebsite will become boring, and uneventful.Be aware of advertising online, the costs aregenerally very competitive, however not everyplatform is a great idea to advertise on. While marketing as mentioned in is important,don’t spend more money on advertising than you’rebringing in. Do a very careful assessment of alladvertising and make sure it’s fruitful and pertainsto your target market.You can do a wide variety of analysis on your advertising and how well you’re doing,so you can cut certain things or decide where to place more money and where to cutback. Speak to one of our helpful team members about advertising for your biz, and letus help you advertise in the right places to attract the right customer. Stay consistent. Be sure the tone of all of your correspondence, your website, yourcustomer service and the people who work for you all maintain the same code of ethicsand keep the same tone throughout any dealings with customers. People will shy awayfrom companies who seem “unstable” because of the way they handle things.Consistency is key when it comes to interacting with others and with how yourcompany portrays itself.SEO Tips Spot SEO Tips Spot eBookLucille@seotipsspot.com0793359534
  14. 14. Be there for your customers.Think of yourself when it comes togreat customer service, all customerswant to deal with businesses that havesomeone there for them whenever they needthem. Whether it’s through live chat, personalemail correspondence, or by phone, customerservice is the key to success, hands down.Your biz will excel if you know your reason “why’. You must remember that customersare asking, “Why should I buy this product from you and not someone else?’Google is your friend and it is important to realise that many people won’t click on thesecond or third page of search results in Google. This is why it’s imperative that yourwebsite be the first ten listings. Remember use keywords and keyword phrases thatset your biz apart from the rest. Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to help boostyour results online will win you a listing on the front page.If you finding that you are not begin ranked or your new online tactics are not workingthe way you planned, remember to revamp, regroup, and redo. Sit down and take along hard look at what the business might be doing wrong.Think about all of the places your company is advertising, the things you’re using asmarketing tools, the price of your items, and the target audience. Then, strategise sothat everything is a bit more pinpointed to how you want it.Never give up. Thousands of Internet businesses fail because the owner simply wavesthe white flag and is not willing to try something new. Remember that onlinebusinesses are constantly changing, so you need to change with the tides.SEO Tips Spot SEO Tips Spot eBookLucille@seotipsspot.com0793359534
  15. 15. One very key success factor that we have found works very well is the follow up. Everheard that the fortune is in the follow up? When you have new customers, be sure tofollow up with them by either sending an email and asking for their feedback, or evenbetter by calling or sending them a personal email or letter. Following up with customers shows you care, and gives them a reason to become repeat customers. It also encourages people to tell others about the business since you’re going above and beyond what many companies do. This in itself lends to more word of mouth advertising, for free.Each lead is an opportunity for you to promote your biz. Remember to follow up withevery lead you generate, whether it is a small, individual customer or a large account.If you ignore your leads, you will miss out on sales and new opportunities.Check your website stats as well as your social media stats every week. Be sure touse some kind of conversion rate tracking software or other statistical tracking softwareto see where your customers are coming from and what they’re buying.Web 2.0 sites like twitter, facebook and the like have their own analytics that you canmonitor. Google has a fantastic analytical tool available to use for free. Simply and view the stats available online.Stats can be invaluable in honing in on your marketing strategies, as well as what isworking well for your website and what is not. Statistics open your eyes to things youmight not have thought about.SEO Tips Spot SEO Tips Spot eBookLucille@seotipsspot.com0793359534
  16. 16. Partner with other companies. Sometimes, partnering up can be extremely beneficial. Find other niche markets and business who do not sell the same things you do (obviously), but offer something to compliment what you do have. Then, work together and see if you can form some kind of partnership.Often, customers like to see that companies are working with other companies, as itgives a sense of stability, security, and presence.Nothing stays the same. Remember, in business and in technology, nothing remainsthe same, and things are constantly updating. That is why our team at SEO Tips Spotwill always give you current information. This goes for your website, your products,your contact methods, too.As things change, you should be changing with them so you’re not left behind.Never promise what you cannot deliver. Never advertise yourself as something orsomeone who cannot give customers exactly what they expect. This is why productand/or website development is absolutely essential.So it goes without saying that being reliable is an absolute must. You can be above thefold by staying reliable in your communications and your dealings with customers.They should be able to expect email replies quickly every time. Remember that beingreliable, builds your biz reputation.Aspire to grow once you have learnt more. Don’t limit yourself to one product orservice. Going well beyond the call of duty will always get your foot firmly in yourcustomers doors.SEO Tips Spot SEO Tips Spot eBookLucille@seotipsspot.com0793359534
  17. 17. ConclusionThe world of business is extremely competitive in today’s online world. You want tomake sure that you are continuously promoting and updating all of your onlinemarketing tactics.The main objective is to keep highlighting what makes you unique, as a biz owner.Maintain and look for new potential customers by peaking curiosity. And sooner thanlater your efforts will begin to pay off. Once this happens, it is essential that yourproduct and customer service stands up to the many claims you’ve already laid outthere.This simple formula will keep a lifetime customers, and continue to bring in new ones.This is a success formula that has helped many businesses stay successful.Connect with us:Justin VicarsFounder, Coach, SEO DivineCoach, Trainer, Marketing Lucille.DivineKeep the online conversation happening by # the word #LetsGetSocial and keep intouch with SEO Tips Spot tips and news in the online twitter chat room.Success starts with YOU and a strategic plan online.SEO Tips Spot SEO Tips Spot eBookLucille@seotipsspot.com0793359534