HOW THE                                    1                             WEB 2.0                           CHANGED        ...
HOW THE WEB 2.0 CHANGED BUSINESS AND                                                                                      ...
TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                                                      3Web 2.0 ExposedWha...
WEB 2.0 EXPOSED                                                                                            4When computing...
WEB 2.0 versus WEB 1.0                                                                                        5Google AdSe...
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU?                                                                                       6Well t...
• SOCIAL BOOKMARKING                                                                                      7Bookmarking in ...
A great example of this type of website which utilizes Wiki is calledWikipedia. If you have enough know how about a subjec...
Web 2.0 is here to stay; it’s the new way of communicating your thoughtsyour dislikes, your desires, your needs and so muc...
Local sites like – care of Destiny Magazine, have made it therebusiness to know everyone’s business too.      ...
Everyone knows that in order to sustain your business you need to evolvenew business to old clients or create new business...
Research is always advised, choose a market that is viable for you. If youare unsure, begin visiting other blogs and sites...
13                                          Once again you are on the                                          World Wide ...
Social bookmarking can also be done on some social network sites, and to name ...
HOW DOES SOCIAL BOOKMARKING IMPACT THE WEB?                                                                               ...
SOCIAL NETWORKING                                                                              16Social networking has bee...
However instant messaging exposed your email address, meaning that youlost anonymity.    In today’s Web 2.0 system, social...
Think about it, most business is done socially or at networking meetings,where you get to chat about what you do and how y...
AUDIO – VIDEO – PODCASTING                                                                                19All successful...
It is important to understand that search engine robots cannot ‘read’ contentof audio or video, and that audio and video i...
RECOMMENDED RESOURCES                                                                                           21   This ...
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How The Web 2.0 Evolved


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When computing over the net was first developed, everyone was introduced to the dot net system. This system used basic html and could only be used by certain companies or individuals who could speak code.

Over ten years ago, when the dot net system crashed, people lost fortunes overnight and most agreed that the World Wide Web was actually just a flash in the pan idea.
This statement could not be further from the truth, and when the dot com system when bust, some survivors condemned the World Wide Web while others could see the potential of growing the phenomena into something bigger and better.

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How The Web 2.0 Evolved

  2. 2. HOW THE WEB 2.0 CHANGED BUSINESS AND 2 MARKETING LEVERAGE LEGAL NOTICESEO Tips Spots has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in thecreation of this report. However SEO Tips Spots does not warrant orrepresent at any time that the contents within are accurate due to therapidly changing nature of the Internet.All attempts have been made to verify information provided in thispublication, the Publisher assumes no responsibility for any errors, omissionsor contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein.Just like anything else in life, practical advice books like this book, cannotguarantee the income made. We advice readers to caution their ownjudgment about their individual circumstances and to act accordingly.All readers are advised to seek proper services as this book is not intendedfor use as a source of legal, business, accounting or financial advicewhatsoever. We strongly advice the reader to seek professional help inregards to any advice legal, business, accounting or financial field.Please feel free to print this book out, and index it in your filing system foreasy reading reference.Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTS 3Web 2.0 ExposedWhat is Web 2.0 exactly and why it’s here to stay.BloggingCreate an Online Empire, join the Online Journal world and learn howweblogs can offer a huge boost to your business popularity & leads.Social BookmarkingPractice the folksonomy techniques, and store your social bookmarking. Theeasiest way to store, classify, share and search links online.Social NetworkingUse social media sites like a pro, have fun and do some serious business inyour network community.Audio/Video/PodcastingMaximize your business profits and create the edge with podcasting, audioand video release using the internet!Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013
  4. 4. WEB 2.0 EXPOSED 4When computing over the net was first developed, everyone was introducedto the dot net system. This system used basic html and could only beused by certain companies or individuals who could speak code.Over ten years ago, when the dot net system crashed, people lostfortunes overnight and most agreed that the World Wide Web was actuallyjust a flash in the pan idea.This statement could not be further from the truth, and when the dot comsystem whet bust, some survivors condemned the World Wide Web whileothers could see the potential of growing this phenomena into somethingbigger and better.A pioneer called Tim O Reilly was one such man, who although through thedot com crash lost a fair share, decided to challenge the system, and met upwith Dale Dougherty from Media Live International in 2004.From their meeting a brand new system wasdeveloped called Web 2.0. WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF WEB 2.0?SO WHAT’S NEW ABOUT WEB Tim O’Reilly explains this best: “Web 2.0 is2.0? the business revolution in the computer industry caused by the move to the internetWell there is a list of great new as a platform, and an attempt to understand the rules of success on that new platform.elements that Web 2.0 has brought Build applications that harness networkswith it. New technologies like effectively to get more traffic and better insight to more people who use them.”blogs, social bookmarking,wikis, podcasts and RSS feeds are So Web 2.0 is an actual fact an upgrade, to the old dot com system, making Web 2.0shaping our World Wide Web today. the improved version or ‘user friendly system’ we know as the World Wide Web.The World Wide Web has evolved, andwe now refer to the dot com system asWeb 1.0 and the newer version Web 2.0.Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013
  5. 5. WEB 2.0 versus WEB 1.0 5Google AdSense replaced DoubleClick, and the ever familiar BritannicaOnline was replaced by Wikipedia.Personal Web Pages where replaced by Blogs, and Content ManagementSystems were set in place to replace the old static sites. A contentmanagement system is a bundled or stand alone application that creates,manages, stores and deploys content on Web pages.These are some of the major replacements that Web 2.0 developed throughit’s new presence. However there was an even more important fact that leadto this evolution. You see the old Web 1.0 system was governed, developedand run by ‘the powers that be’, while the new Web 2.0 system was nowrun and driven by ‘users or consumers’.This fact alone made a huge difference making the World Wide Webaccessible and user friendly not to mention the limitless opportunities thatpeople are now exposed to over the web, to increase their business profitsand develop new ways in which to utilize the web as a mortised concern.HOW IS WEB 2.0 SHAPING OUR WORLD?The old Web 1.0 websites could only be operated by a hand full ofbusinesses, which had to manage and maintain them. These sites were alsovery limiting, because they did not carry functions of interactive socializingor purchasing.While the Web 2.0 websites could be accessed by many. With the rise ofnew businesses and more people having the know how to develop websitesand create interactive. Making it possible to create sells pages or purchasepages, the web was blown wide open, because it meant that monetisingyour website was now possible.What made Web 2.0 more desirable was the fact that anyone could learnand apply their knowledge on the web inexpensively and sometimes forFREE!Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013
  6. 6. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? 6Well the long and short of this is that in fact now more than ever you canturn to the web and create your own website.Those who had old static sites can use this new technology and begin addingBlogs and Forums which could propel their business into the future ofInternet commerce.The new Web 2.0 system allows customers to take the platform giving riseto better exposure for all. More people are able to interact with one anotherand their favorite or in some cases least favorite businesses.Let’s have a look at more innovations that Web 2.0 has created. • BLOGSBlogging is a term used to describe web entry stories which people upload todiscuss or inform other people about. The word Blog is a shortened versionto the term ‘web log’. Blogs can be found all over the internet and twopopular sites where you are able to create are Blog is Wordpress.comor makes these sites so viable is the way you can interact with them. Notonly do these sites allow you to load information about yourself, all yourentries can be read by others on the web and also have a unique function forothers who do read your blog to leave a note or comment.The advancement in technology has also created BIG business and manypeople actually make money from their blogs, and add value to theircommunities by sharing information.Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013
  7. 7. • SOCIAL BOOKMARKING 7Bookmarking in effect is actually a by product of Blogging. Sites allow users to upload their own favorite site Bookmarks sothat their online network can view and subscribe to their bookmarked sites.When a user uploads a favorite site bookmarks into his online account, abacklink is created directly to that site. Search engines are bookmarkedand indexed when enough people click on the link.These are also referred to as user driven advertisements, which cangenerate paid for advertising. New software is always being developedmaking these sites more productive than ever.Always keep abreast of new technology, by following expert leaders on thissubject, because the more you know and understand, the more you will beable to monetise your Blog site and create Passive income. • WIKISimply put Wiki is server software that allows users to edit Web pagecontent or images, using any Web browser. Wiki technology supportshyperlinks and simple text, as well as a system called syntax which is usedfor creating new pages and crosslink’s between internal pages.Wiki allows web users to upload and edit their sites easier, quicker andfaster than before.The old Web 1.0 would only allow those in control of static websites toupload and change content, however this newer way of managing awebpage allows not only the controller to interact with the website, butothers too.Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013
  8. 8. A great example of this type of website which utilizes Wiki is calledWikipedia. If you have enough know how about a subject and want to add a 8valuable input to Wikipedia, you sign up for an account and add yourknowledge to this site, allowing others to view your contents.These sites are driven by people. • RSS FEEDMost people get very confused when they see this icon or the acronym“RSS”. RSS means Really Simple Syndication and is yet another greatWeb 2.0 feature which allows the web to be driven by people.Just as its name RSS is a simple technology system which you can apply toyour websites, people subscribe to your site and use the RSS feed to tagyour website, allowing the RSS feed to notify them whenever a new blog orchange has occurred on the website. Simply put an RSS feed is almost likea subscription button, where people are kept in the loop whenever newcontent is uploaded. It also acts like a lighthouse, allowing the person to benotified and kept up to date with blogs or website info. • PODCASTS OR WEBCASTSPodcasts or Webcasts are recorded videos or presentations which are loadedup onto the Web to be viewed by others. More and more people are takingadvantage of this sort of technology as it allows the person viewing thevideo to watch and listen, just like a TV advert would run on television. Thisis also a great way to start gaining more traffic to your website.Professional Bloggers are making use of this unique technology more andmore to sell their products and promote their sites.Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013
  9. 9. Web 2.0 is here to stay; it’s the new way of communicating your thoughtsyour dislikes, your desires, your needs and so much more. With this 9technology big corporate who were in the pound seats are now trying to lookat ways in which they can interact on the same bases, but what makes theWeb 2.0 system so desirable is the ability for all who use the system to notonly enjoy the experience in using it to create more business, but it is souser friendly that even a child can use it.So who benefits the most from the Web 2.0 system?Well anyone who has a computer and who is using their computer tocommunicate to their customers, friends or family.The internet no longer belongs to Big Business tycoons, or privileged few, itnow belongs to YOU.YOU drive the power to create anything on the new Web 2.0 system. BLOGGINGBlogging is one of the main portholes to share knowledge or content withothers, and is fast becoming the hottest avenue to getting your message outthere.This way of communicating is viewed by many as the new wave to thefuture. Unlike the old Web 1.0 system when a hand full of operators wouldlog or write a post about what they wanted to know only. Back then theinternet was a one way street!The Web 2.0 system via Blogging created a whole new and different platformwhere you could post or log what you wanted while others who viewed yourBlog could in effect leave a comment or add more information to your Blogsite.This made way for many new Blogging sites, and to date there are so manysites that offer a Blog application where you can interact with not only yournetwork, but with their network too.Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013
  10. 10. Local sites like – care of Destiny Magazine, have made it therebusiness to know everyone’s business too. 10The internet began to grow and grow, and with it came more technology andmore insight, and SPAM!SPAM such a bad name that the American Congress actually passed the CANSPAM act in 2001 and it became the law, that no emails were allowed to besent without the consent of the person receiving them.Just like any brick wall humans face, and after the downfall of manybusinesses – yet again, an opt-in response was added to each marketingemail that these businesses sent out. Allowing the person to either choose tocontinue to receive these emails or to click on a link and take their name offthe mailing list.This gave birth to opt-in lists, which now form a very big part of an internetmarketing process and community. Blogs are also now viewed in thisregard, and often most professional marketers are creating successful blogopt-in lists to their members, which giving the receiver a voice.WHAT IS BLOGGING REALLY ALL ABOUT?Well blogging is another way of keeping a journal. People have beenkeeping journals for years. Weather its about daily happening within theirlives, or a way of expressing their value system or communicating about aspecific topic, Blogging is a new of expression or storytelling.Today however small business or even big business use this avenue to driveand share their gained knowledge. This is one of the biggest and easiestways of sharing knowledge online to date.Together with this element of sharing understanding or knowledge, comesimple tools that unlock successful Internet Marketing, and that’s the art ofcreating more or new traffic to your business or website.Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013
  11. 11. Everyone knows that in order to sustain your business you need to evolvenew business to old clients or create new business with new clients. Either 11way you have to market your business continuously in order to continue toexist.That is why social bookmarking is a guaranteed way to get some astoundingamount of traffic flowing directly to your blog.Social bookmarking allows users to upload their selection of favorite sites tolists so that others can click to also view these links. Every time a userclicks on one of these lists a back link is created and begins to multiply,index and accelerate.A successful blog carries these links, which are can be very profitable, aseach time one the users view these links, the person who owns the blog canreceive and exchange of money in exchange for these links.WHAT SHOULD YOU USE WHEN BLOGGING?We have already established that blogging is a way of promoting, discussingor simply exposing your business and products, it is also great to use as adaily journal, should you want to use it in this manner. With the ongoingdiscovering of new application and programs having a blog and learning howbest to use it, is what any professional marketing agent wants to achieve.Blogs can also make use of RSS feeds. Podcasts and webcasts to enhanceand promote their sites or web blogs.WHERE CAN I GO TO CREATE A BLOG?Creating a blog is very simple, go to or try,either of these has predesigned templates that you can use to create yourblog.Before you get started, always decide what topic you want to begin creating.If you’re in the event arena and want to get your brand out there, a greattopic to begin with is something in the lines of ‘Events Chronicles’ or ‘EventExperience’. Also decide how you would like to monetise your blog.Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013
  12. 12. Research is always advised, choose a market that is viable for you. If youare unsure, begin visiting other blogs and sites that you enjoy reading 12through first to get a better understanding.With the new wave that Web 2.0 presents, you don’t need to be aprofessional code programmer who understands or can create HTML code.The new Web 2.0 allows you to operate as a novice, allowing you to buildyour site with easy to use tools or techniques.There are of course other technicalities and knowledge that one needs toknow before hand, but this taskbecomes very simple because all You can control your blogthe information and guidance you subjects and have to makeneed can be found on the Web. sure that you keep your blog site up to date all theWHAT TO DO ONCE A BLOG time. Don’t forget toHAS BEEN CREATED? encourage comments from your network, so that youOnce you have created your Blog, can keep traffic consistentlyyou need to begin exposing it to flowing toward you.the World Wide Web. The firstthing to do is to apply social Most blog sites do have anbookmarking to your site, so that edit function and if one ofsearch engine sites like your traffic persons, MSN Bing and Yahoo an undesirable comment,robots can identify and rank your you are able to go into yoursite. blog site and delete it or address it in a manner thatAnother great way to get out there is open and to link your site to another blogsite that either enhances your topic REMEMBERor is similar in version. Mostinternet marketers do this with other marketers who have decided to partnertheir efforts to create common traffic. These backlinks can be traced by thesearch engine robots too, increasing the exposure of your site.Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013
  13. 13. 13 Once again you are on the World Wide Web stage. You OTHER SITES THAT are able to comment and try INTERGRATE WITH turning a negative comment BLOGGING SITES into a positive experience. Use the proper netiquetteYou can begin to use sites like across social sites and where you are able to will build a network of nevertag to your blog. Weather you have ending clients.uploaded your own video’s or aresimply using the many video REMEMBERresources on your topic, there is somuch available nowadays.Using podcasts, webcasts and video will give your site more body which willstart attracting more traffic. SOCIAL BOOKMARKINGWhat is Social Bookmarking?Wikipedia explanation to social bookmarking is defined as:Social bookmarking is an activity performed over a computer network thatallows users to save and categories a personal collection of bookmarks andshare them with others.Users may also take bookmarks saved by others and add this to their owncollection, as well as to subscribe to the lists of others – a personalknowledge management tool.WHO USES SOCIAL BOOKMARKING?It’s the perfect platform to expose to your network to yoursites of research and knowledge resources. SEO TIP: Social bookmarking is another greatProfessionals like lawyers, doctors and engineers use tool that you cansocial bookmarking services to keep track of research use to improve uprecords. Especially in the professional community, this your Search Engine Optimisation.allows people to get their hands of valuable researchinformation.Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013
  14. 14. Social bookmarking can also be done on some social network sites, and to name but a few. 14Sharing information about websites or information that has mutual interestwith one another.HOW DOES IT WORK?Social bookmarking is a way of organizing and categorizing information byusing tags. Tags are user generated, meaning that the user identifies andbookmarks certain keywords that are relevant to theirblog. The user-directed way organize and categorise all SEO TIP:information. This tacticWhenever a bookmarked site is created that bookmark buildsprovides access to other sites that the same user has networks.bookmarked. The person who created the bookmark andthe tag is also provides information about how many time thelink has been clicked on as well as who has clicked on the link.This system works two fold, not only are you able to meet other people whoare interested in the same topic, but this system allows you to make socialconnections with other individuals who identify with the same interests asyou.As these communities of users develop, they also sometimes develop a veryunique set of keywords, which define resources of common interests.These unique sets of keywords have come to be referred to as ‘folksonomy’.This form of common interests is normally found in public websites that donot have non-hierarchical communities or multi-level teams.Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013
  15. 15. HOW DOES SOCIAL BOOKMARKING IMPACT THE WEB? 15Social bookmarking has a huge impact on the way information is beingclassified, categorized, stored and exchanged. The future impact will beeven stronger with Web 2.0 user friendly tactics.The technology for social bookmarking is relatively simple as it is based uponthe users, who do not necessarily need to be computer gurus, but who haveknowledge on how to implement this technology to their benefit.IS SOCIAL BOOKMARKING IMPORTANT TO INTERNETMARKETING?Creating tags and using keywords with social bookmarking is veryattractive to internet marketers. Most internet marketers use this tacticbecause it not only links their WebPages to better the search engine robotsto properly rank their Pages. It also provides an influx of traffic to their sites,which as we have already established can increase your business profits.CONCLUSIONSocial bookmarking is here to stay, as most users utilize these sites to makeconnections with their networks. The benefits for using social bookmarkingas a tool to increase search engine optimization which has a direct influenceon your business profits, is ten fold.Internet marketers are learning to use this remarkable tool more often,because they are able to share information with their networks, whichincreases their validity.Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013
  16. 16. SOCIAL NETWORKING 16Social networking has been around for years. Social clubs like Lions Clubs,Chamber of Commerce, Church, Book clubs and Social Circles have alwaysfound a place in everyone’s life.Members who belong to social networking clubs get together because ofcommon interests. They talk not only about this common interest, but alsocould chat about various other issues or topics that have value in their lives.Weather its providing information that is mutually beneficial or a topic thatcould be threatening, these communities would band together.There are a variety of online social networks, where you are able to discusswork related topics or social topics.A wonderful example of work related social networks is LinkedIn, this iscollection of professional, work orientated individuals who not only discusswork related issues, but also can seek other professionals online.Collectively these networks, will discuss topics that concern their workenvironments, careers, trials and tribulations.The point is that this group has a common interest that binds them together,and will in effect discuss the issues around this common interest.Social networking does not end there!With the new Web 2.0 system social networking has been hyped up severalnotches, and networking today is very much user based.Through social networking your world is open to global trends, friends andprofessionals alike. Socialising with the globe. No longer do socialnetworking groups need to be limited to community environments.So where did online social networking being? It all started with instantmessaging technology, allowing computer users to message one anotherover the internet instantly.Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013
  17. 17. However instant messaging exposed your email address, meaning that youlost anonymity. In today’s Web 2.0 system, social networking gave 17complete anonymity because all social networking sites would require you tocreate your own profile, and gave you the ability to hide your email addressand contact information.With the new Web 2.0 technology many new sites where created for the solepurpose to networking. One of the better known ones among the youngergeneration is or, but there are so many moreonline social networking sitesavailable today, and that are being Almost all of the social networkingcreated daily. sites are free to join. These sites generally allow you to blog onSome social networks are dedicated your site as well as give commentsto specific ethnicities, and when on other you can Google these socialnetworks to see which ones suit your REMEMBERneeds.For example, or are all socialnetworking site dedicated to photo sharing, while is for gaming.These are all membership sites, which attract members to them because oftheir specific social uniqueness. Once members join these networks,depending on their individual requirements, these membership groups tendto divide themselves according to interests and compatibility.There are also some sites that are closed to the public and only allow theirmembers to invite other members to their sites. These typed of sites arenormally topic specific.However you look at it, social networking is fun and very easy to grasp.Social networking is a wonderful way to enhance your business and have fundoing it. Making contact with potential clients and friends creates a greatplatform for people to get to know who you are and what you do. You canmake friends and influence other people’s lives.Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013
  18. 18. Think about it, most business is done socially or at networking meetings,where you get to chat about what you do and how you do it. More and more 18businesses are finding this way of exposing and promoting very beneficial.In additional to being a great way to promote and expose your business,social networking sites are great for research. Time consuming surveys canbe conducted through these sites, which gives you ‘real time’ comments areallow you to get to know and understand what your client’s interests orneeds are.What is truly amazing about social networking sites is the amount ofavailable information that is at your finger tips, for free. Just imagine whata single hour of research can do for you business surveys.One such site where questions and answers are constantly being updated isa site called 43 things. This site allows their members to blog about theirgoals. Other people, who belong to this site, discuss what steps they hadtaken to achieve their goals, assisting those who want to achieve their goalsa blueprint or roadmap which can be used by the person seeking to gainknowledge on achieving that goal.General questions on goals like learning a different language or how to paintor sharpen your memory are listed on this site.Simply put Social Networking is when a group of like minded individualsexchange information with each other.If you want to get your business out there, join one of these socialnetworking sites and begin to blog and create valuable interesting topics toget people to talk to you, it not only fun, it exposes your business and yourinterests to others globally.Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013
  19. 19. AUDIO – VIDEO – PODCASTING 19All successful businesses depend upon one common factor. TRAFFIC, Trafficequals potential sales. Sales equal profits. It that simple.In order to make sales, to increase your profits, you must expose yourbusiness to others, without a customer your business does not exist.We have already established that contributing towards social network blogs,developing business blog sites and using your website can generate traffic.Using the internet and driving SEO technology must be at the top of your listalways.However in order to continuously gain new traffic and to keep your existingclients coming back for more online you need greatcontent. Great content does not necessarily meanwriting articles or blogs, it could also encompass SEO TIPS:audio, video and podcasting. I am sure you are asking; “how often do I need to change pageAll these techniques increase Page Ranking and content?”alert search engine robots to rank and expose Experts say that posts and blogsyour page. should be updated daily, while multiple posts are far better than one long entry, because you are able to optimize your keywords in this manner.You have less than 30 seconds to impress a newclient and even less to impress an existing client,so content is key.So it goes without saying then, that posting new audio or video and podcastsare the ideal way of coaxing clients to stay longer, and get involved withyour business.A two minute audio, video or podcast is an ideal way to get clientsinteractive with your site. This increases your search engine optimization.Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013
  20. 20. It is important to understand that search engine robots cannot ‘read’ contentof audio or video, and that audio and video is not going to increase search 20engine optimization. But it will have a direct influence with the amount oftime an individual will spend on your website. This is the perfect way to getnoticed by those search engine optimization robots.You have an option to shoot your own video or use content that is alreadyavailable on sites like YouTube. provides an array of variousfree video’s that can be linked or tagged. This is the easiest way of settingup your blog or website.You will find videos on topics that are related to your topic of your website orblog, which should be of interest to your visitors.Podcasting is a way to publish audio and video online which letssoftware automatically find and download new broadcasts over a period oftime.Ben Hammersley coined the phrase podcast, the word is a blend of twowords namely: ‘ipod’ and ‘broadcast’, the difference is that you don’t needan ipod to view these podcasts or even to create a podcast.Now that you have the formula on how to get yourself out there online, onthe expressive Web 2.0 highway, your blogs or websites will now carrycontent and more content. As we discussed having content and uploadingnew content will get your website noticed which will increase your traffic andthus increase your business profits. This is the bottom line.Give your business the face it deserves.Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013
  21. 21. RECOMMENDED RESOURCES 21 This eBook is designed to help people just like you, who want to understand how to harness the power of the internet and start positioning themselves online. If you feel that this eBook added value to you, then share it with your network so that they can start taking control of their own SEO (search engine optimisation) and start using the internet to promote their business, just like you. At SEO Tips Spot we are passionate about sharing our valuable knowledge with people who want to learn, and that is why we will always share our FREE online training porthole with you. So please join our online video tutorials by simply navigating to: and register your name & email, then watch the video and install our Smart Library onto your computer today. Our Smart Library currently holds over 200 educational video tutorials that show you step by step formulas on how to use social media sites like facebook, twitter and my space. As well as other online editing and designing programmes like camtacia, gimp and so much more. These video’s are designed to take you from beginners to advanced, and are easy to follow. Alternatively if you would like to join our many live events, then join our mailing list by visiting SEO Tips Spot online. Remember your online success starts with YOU and a strategic plan online. Here is to your great success. Lucille Divine +0793359534Connect with Copyright SEO TIPS SPOT 2013