DigifyPRO Gradutes

DigifyPRO graduates who have successfully trained under Lucille Divine. Each graduate is Google certified and digital marketing skills DigifyPRO graduates who have successfully trained under Lucille Divine. Each graduate is Google certified and digital marketing skills ...Show More

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DigifyPRO Gradutes

  • Pulanie is an social influencer under the name PullyBeast, she is also has her own cupcake business called PullysCupCakes. Digital strengths: social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), copy writer, blogger, live video creator, tweeter. Soft Skills: Presenting skills, project management skills. Overall: Pulane takes pride in all her work, she is responsible and sets the bar high for herself. Well liked by her peers.

  • Blogger and copy writer Roselia is an explorer of digital things. She showed a keen interest in digital strategy, social media marketing, digital PR and analytics. Planner and organised, needs guidance at first then can take responsibility easily once she has all the facts.

  • Jnr social media community manager post - very young yet ambitious - did not find her digital mojo during the course. Need guidance and monitoring, still young.

  • Good analytical talent yet unsure of herself - needs more experience and exposure in this arena. Tshenolo is a woman who can read data with ease, she just needs more practice and human understanding. Jnr analytics

  • Good with analytics and reading between the lines, is very shy in interviews which has not won him a seat at a leading agency. Needs to work on taking control of his nerves. Can be a great jnr analytics or SEO person

  • Mark has strong character and a passion for sport! He loves anything sport and is a huge fan, which leads to why he is such a peoples person. You can have a good conversation with Mark around sports and digital marketing. He is keen on Google analytics and adwords

  • A project manager and organiser at heart, digital PR and media planning and buying caught Eunice very early on at DigifyPRO. She also has a strategic mind and if mentored correctly with make a phenomenal digital strategist.

  • Lesego is a content creator with an analytical mind. A introvert who is sometimes and extra-vert in community settings, he enjoys digital strategy and branding as well.

  • jnr SEO or Google analytics - Tumelo needs to learn less and apply more. Needs guidance, mentoring and more training in these areas.

  • Excellent graphics, web developer who enjoys UX and UI elements as well as Adwords. He takes responsibility for all his efforts and is well liked with his peers. Shy and quite at first but once you get to know him, he is amazing to work with.

  • Entertainment and lifestyle specialist, Zigi is a hustler who wants to join an agency to learn and grow quickly. Keen interest in social media, content marketing, analytics and SEO. He is always hustling a deal.

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