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  • I want to say hello to the world at large, I am very grateful for the good deeds DR.OKORUNDO did for me, I was a HIV patient, everything went bad for me, I couldn’t do things with my friends anymore, I loosed my job, I loosed everything, I was even waiting for death itself, I went searching on the internet I saw many testimonies on how different spell casters helped people in curing their deadly diseases, I collected one spell caster’s email, which DR.OKORUNDO I emailed him and he answered me, I told him all problems, he ask me not to worry, that I will be free from the deadly disease, which I did, he casted the spell, and told me that he will send a holy water to me through courier services, I was surprised, because he did not mention it to me before, I paid for the courier delivery service, I got a holy water, he asked me to drink it which I did and he asked me to go for a medical check-up in a hospital, I went to the hospital I went for a HIV test, I was tested HIV negative, I was shocked, I asked myself, “is there still good helpers out there”? I promised to share my testimony to the whole world, I’m now free, I have a better job, if you are passing through pains you need help you can share your problems to DR.OKORUNDO through DR.OKORIUNDO@HOTMAIL.COM
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  • Hi friends, am from Switzerland, I want to share a testimony on how a spell caster helped me in getting rid of my HIV disease, I was diagnosed of this deadly disease in the year 2010, ever since I was not myself, I thought I lost everything, I was in pain, one faithful day I was searching through the internet people in getting rid of their deadly disease, I contacted him, he gave me a form to fill, I filled it, he asked me to buy me some items, I couldn’t find the items but he told me that he can buy them for me, I sent him the money for the items, he bought the items and casted the spell, he then asked me to go for medical check-up which I did, friends I didn’t believe what I saw, I was tested HIV negative, friends am still in shock, I promised to tell the world about him, you can get your healings today, you can email him on DR.OKORUNDO@HOTMAIL.COM
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  • Thanks for this PPT, Lucia, This PPT is very detailed, very informative and very true. You can get more information on Information about HIV here.
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  1. 1. HIV &AIDS Lucía Sánchez Alonso 2 BACH A
  2. 2. Index• What are HIV and AIDS?• Where did HIV come from?• How is HIV spread and how is not?• AIDS• Symptoms of HIV and AIDS• Treatment• Summary• Questions
  3. 3. What are HIV and AIDS?• HIV is the human immunodeficiency virus• AIDS acquired immune deficiency syndrome.• Two types of HIV: HIV-1 and HIV-2• destroy specific blood cells that help the body to fight diseases.
  4. 4. Where did HIV come from? • chimpanzee in West Africa • SIV (simian immunodeficiency) virus mutated into HIV • It came into the blood from the chimpanzee meat.
  5. 5. How is HIV spread?• unprotected sex• Sharing any equipment used to prepare illicit drugs for injection.• Being born to an infected mother
  6. 6. It is not spread by:• Air or water.• Insects• Saliva, tears, or sweat• Closed-mouth or “social” kissing.
  7. 7. AIDS• Late stage of HIV infection• Immune system is severely damaged• Difficulty fighting diseases and certain cancers• People can live many years with HIV before they develop AIDS
  8. 8. AIDS Symptoms• Extreme fatigue• Rapid weight loss• Persistent diarrhea• High fever• Swollen glands into the neck, Armpits,Groin
  9. 9. HIV Symptoms• most of these are very benign, and they show up with a wide range of illnesses.• You can not fight off infections, bacteria, viruses.• You get sick more often.
  10. 10. Treatment• There is no cure for AIDS, but medications are effective in fighting HIV .• Doctors will develop a treatment plan .• take your medications exactly as prescribed
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Summary• The HIV is the virus that cause AIDS.• There are two tipes of virus: HIV-1, HIV-2.• HIV destroy specific blood cells.• It comes from West Africa.• It is spread principally by having unprotect sex.• HIV and AIDS don’t have specific symptoms.• There is not cure for AIDS.
  13. 13. Questions1. Where does the HIV come from?a) Asia b) America c) Africa2. What is AIDS?a) A mutation of HIVb) The last stage of HIVc) The same as HIV
  14. 14. 3. The HIV can be transmit by saliva.a) True b) False4. HIV have specific symptomsa) True b) False5. You don’t have to follow exactly the treatment plana) True b)False
  15. 15. LIFE RAIDS?