Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  /tle	  style	  Using	  dit	  Master	  text	  styles	   	       •  Click	  to	  e Solr	   t o	...
Agenda	  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  /tle	  style	    •  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  text	  styles	       Search	  at	  ...	  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  /tle	  style	    •  Click	  to	  eob	  sMaster	  text	  areer	  management	 ...
Search	   edit	  M adders	  	  Click	  to	  at	  the	  Laster	  /tle	  style	    •  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  text	  st...
Solr/Lucene	  at	  the	  Ladders 	  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  /tle	  style	  	     •  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  text...
Standardiza/on	  of	  Search	  Products	  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  /tle	  style	   •  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  tex...
Solr	  S o	  edit	  Click	  tetup	   Master	  /tle	  style	    •  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  text	  styles	       Extend...
Challenges	  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  /tle	  style	    •  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  text	  styles	       Power	  us...
Typical	   e uery	  Click	  to	  Qdit	  M	  aster	  /tle	  style	    •  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  text	  styles	    •  ...
Recommenda/on	  Service	  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  /tle	  style	    •  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  text	  styles	    ...
Other	  Projects	  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  /tle	  style	    •  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  text	  styles	       Resu...
Suggested	  Candidates	  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  /tle	  style	    •  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  text	  Ladder	     ...
Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  /tle	  style	    •  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  text	  styles	         –  Second	  level	   ...
Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  /tle	  style	    •  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  text	  styles	         –  Second	  level	   ...
Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  /tle	  style	    •  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  text	  styles	         –  Second	  level	   ...
Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  /tle	  style	    •  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  text	  styles	         –  Second	  level	   ...
Suggested	  Candidates	  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  /tle	  style	    •  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  text	  styles	     ...
Challenges	  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  /tle	  style	    •  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  text	  styles	       Cer/fica/on...
Evalua/on	  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  /tle	  style	    •  Click	  to	  roducts:	   text	  styles	       Other	  p edit	...
Future	  Work	  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  /tle	  style	    •  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  text	  styles	       Job	  d...
We’re	  hiring	  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  /tle	  style	    •  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  text	  styles	       Email	...
Ques/ons?	  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  /tle	  style	    •  Click	  to	  edit	  Master	  text	  styles	         –  Second...
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Using Solr to find the Right Person for the Right Job


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Using Solr to find the Right Person for the Right Job

  1. 1. Click  to  edit  Master  /tle  style  Using  dit  Master  text  styles     •  Click  to  e Solr   t o  find   –  Second  level  the  right  person     • Third  level   –  Fourth  level  for  the  right  job   » Fi6h  level     M A Y   2 0 1 1   L A U R A   K A N G   T H E L A D D E R S . C O M  
  2. 2. Agenda  Click  to  edit  Master  /tle  style   •  Click  to  edit  Master  text  styles   Search  at  the  Ladders   •  Current  Plrojects   –  Second   evel   • Third  level   –  Standardiza2on  of  search  products   –  Fourth  level   –  Recommenda2on  service   » Fi6h  level   •  Suggested  Candidates   –  Tes2ng  Sessions   –  Challenges  and  Future  Work    
  3. 3.  Click  to  edit  Master  /tle  style   •  Click  to  eob  sMaster  text  areer  management   $100K+  j dit   earch  and  c styles   •  Right  person  for  the  right  job,  right  job  for  the  right   –  Second  level   person   level   • Third   –  Fourth  level   •  >  4  million  evel  embers   » Fi6h  l m •  Recruit  Ladder   •  Community  of  recruiters  and  job  seekers   •  Job  search  advisors  and  talent  specialists  
  4. 4. Search   edit  M adders    Click  to  at  the  Laster  /tle  style   •  Click  to  edit  Master  text  styles   January  2010:  search  team  formed.     –  Second  level   computa2onal  linguist,  Dr.  Leslie  BarreD   First  member:   •  February  evel   plaYorm  team  formed.     • Third  l 2011:   –  Fourth  level   –  9  members   » Fi6h  level   –  Search,  CMS,  shared  services   –  Led  by  Ed  Cudahy    
  5. 5. Solr/Lucene  at  the  Ladders  Click  to  edit  Master  /tle  style     •  Click  to  edit  Master  text  styles   Search   –  Second  level   • Third  level  Subscriber     –  Fourth  level   Candidate   Recruiter     Hiring     Editorial   Job  search   search   search   search   alerts     content     » Fi6h  level   search   search   Sugges/ons  Candidate   Job  to     Recruiter  to   Recruiters   Candidates   Jobs   to  Job   Candidate   Candidate   like  this   like  this   like  this  
  6. 6. Standardiza/on  of  Search  Products  Click  to  edit  Master  /tle  style   •  Click  to  edit  Master  text  styles   Before   –  Second  ilmplementa2ons   Legacy   evel   • Local   l ucene   • Third  Level   index     • Different  vevel   –  Fourth  l ersions  of  Solr   » Fi6h  level   –  Hard  to  make  improvements   •  Move  to  Solr  3.1.0      
  7. 7. Solr  S o  edit  Click  tetup   Master  /tle  style   •  Click  to  edit  Master  text  styles   Extended  dismax   –  Second  level   •  Preprocessing  non-­‐alphanumeric  characters   • Third  level   •  Analyzers/Tokenizers   –  Fourth  level   –  Stop  word  evel   » Fi6h  l removal   –  Index-­‐side  synonym  expansion   –  Custom  stemmers   •  Custom  length  normaliza/on  for  job  descrip/on  and  resumes   •  Replica/on     •  Mul/-­‐core   •  Template:  maven  archetype   •  Autosuggest  
  8. 8. Challenges  Click  to  edit  Master  /tle  style   •  Click  to  edit  Master  text  styles   Power  users   –  Second  oolean  queries   Large  B level   –  Target  revel   set  of  50   • Third  l esult   –  Fourth  level   •   Synonyms  with  different  lengths   » Fi6h  level   –  HR  manager  vs.  Human  Resource  manager   –  Phrase  slop   •  Company  variants   •  Communica/ng  to  users    
  9. 9. Typical   e uery  Click  to  Qdit  M  aster  /tle  style   •  Click  to  edit  Master  text  styles   •  Title:  "sales  consultant"  "sales  engineer"  "solu/ons  architect"  "solu/on  architect"  engineer  architect   –  Second  level   "pre-­‐sales  consultant"  "presales  consultant"  "solu/ons  engineer"  -­‐president  -­‐vp  -­‐cmo  -­‐ceo  -­‐cfo  -­‐chief  -­‐ director  -­‐so6ware  -­‐"s/w"  –database   • Third  level   –  Fourth  level   •  Loca+on:  Redwood  City,  CA,  100  miles   » Fi6h  level   •  Company:  apple  "ingram  micro"  "tech  data"  intermec  "insight  enterprises"  "super  micro  computer"  "digi   interna/onal  inc"  radisys  "silicon  graphics  interna/onal  corp"  cray  angilysys  voltaire  "concurrent   computer"  gtsi  "socket  mobile"  hp  hewled  hitachi  ibm  "i.  b.  m."  "i.b.m."  "interna/onal  business   machines"  "business  machines"  intevac  xyratex  quantum  "western  digital"  wd  w.d.  ramtron  "micron   technology"  e.m.c.  "e.  m.  c."  sandisk  brocade  seagate  3par  stec  "dot  hill"  ocz  o.c.z.  "o.  c.  z."  "hutchinson   technology"  "hutchinson  tech"  lasercard  edci  dataram  "overland  storage"  emc  netapp   •  Keyword:  (presales  "pre  sales"  pre-­‐sales  sales)  AND  (engineer  engineering)  AND  (storage  hardware  "sun   microsystems"  "sun  servers")  
  10. 10. Recommenda/on  Service  Click  to  edit  Master  /tle  style   •  Click  to  edit  Master  text  styles   RESTful  web  service   •  Solr  backend   –  Second  level   • Third  level   •  Tracking/feedback   –  Fourth  level   Client   Applica/on   •  A/B  framework   » Fi6h  level   Recommenda/on   Service  Candidate   Job  to     Recruiter  to   Recruiters   Candidates   Jobs   to  Job   Candidate   Candidate   like  this   like  this   like  this  
  11. 11. Other  Projects  Click  to  edit  Master  /tle  style   •  Click  to  edit  Master  text  styles   Resume  parsing   –  Second  agging   Parse  fl level   •  Company  list   • Third  level   –  Fourth  level   –  Company  evel   » Fi6h  l variants   –  Similar  companies   •  Synonym  list  genera/on   •  Search  help  for  users  
  12. 12. Suggested  Candidates  Click  to  edit  Master  /tle  style   •  Click  to  edit  Master  text  Ladder   Coming  soon  on  Recruit   styles        hdp://   –  Second  level   • Third  level   •  Suggest  candidates  that  might  be  a  good  match  when  a   –  Fourth  level   recruiter  plosts  a  job   » Fi6h   evel   •  Goal:     –  Help  recruiters  quickly  iden2fy  candidates  that  are  right  for  the  job   –  Increase  interac2on  between  recruiters  and  job  seekers    
  13. 13. Click  to  edit  Master  /tle  style   •  Click  to  edit  Master  text  styles   –  Second  level   • Third  level   –  Fourth  level   » Fi6h  level  
  14. 14. Click  to  edit  Master  /tle  style   •  Click  to  edit  Master  text  styles   –  Second  level   • Third  level   –  Fourth  level   » Fi6h  level  
  15. 15. Click  to  edit  Master  /tle  style   •  Click  to  edit  Master  text  styles   –  Second  level   • Third  level   –  Fourth  level   » Fi6h  level  
  16. 16. Click  to  edit  Master  /tle  style   •  Click  to  edit  Master  text  styles   –  Second  level   • Third  level   –  Fourth  level   » Fi6h  level  
  17. 17. Suggested  Candidates  Click  to  edit  Master  /tle  style   •  Click  to  edit  Master  text  styles   Hybrid   –  Second  level   Categories   1.  Posi/on   • Third  level   level   Fourth  level   2.  –  Job  special/es/disciplines   3.  » Fi6h  level   Industry   •   Job  /tle  =>  posi/on  level  (VP,  director)  +  job  func/on  (marke/ng)   •   Relevance  matrices  for  par/al  matches   –  Text   •   Job  func/on  keywords   •   Candidate’s  job  experience  vs.  job  descrip/on  using  MoreLikeThis   •  Boos/ng   •  Filters:  salary  range,  years  of  experience,  loca/on  
  18. 18. Challenges  Click  to  edit  Master  /tle  style   •  Click  to  edit  Master  text  styles   Cer/fica/ons  and  skills   –  Second  level   Taxonomy   •  “Good”  rlesume   • Third   evel   –  Fourth  level   –  Resume  slcoring   » Fi6h   evel   •  Job  descrip/on   –  Short  job  descrip2ons   –  “Series  7  &  63  and  10+  years  of  experience  in  related  field  required”       –  Company  descrip2on/Equal  Employment  Opportunity  clauses   •  Different  priori/es  for  each  job  type    
  19. 19. Evalua/on  Click  to  edit  Master  /tle  style   •  Click  to  roducts:   text  styles   Other  p edit  Master   –  Second  level   precision:  search   Mean-­‐average   –  A/B  tes2ng:  suggested  jobs   • Third  level   –  Fourth  level   •  Tes/ng  sessions  with  talent  specialists  and  external   » Fi6h  level   recruiters   •  Randomly  selected  set  of  jobs   •  Given  5  candidates  and  their  resumes   0  =  not  a  good  match   1  =  keep  in  pipeline   2  =  contact    
  20. 20. Future  Work  Click  to  edit  Master  /tle  style   •  Click  to  edit  Master  text  styles   Job  descrip/on  parser   –  Second  level   Skills  and  cer2fica2ons   •  UI  improvements   • Third  level   –  Fourth  level   –  Personalized  weights  and  filters   » Fi6h  level   –  Company  descrip2on   •  Geospa/al  features   •  Recommenda/on  Service:  user  ra/ngs   •  Search/Recommenda/on  quality  tes/ng  framework   –  Customer  sa2sfac2on  metrics   –  Pre-­‐release  metrics    
  21. 21. We’re  hiring  Click  to  edit  Master  /tle  style   •  Click  to  edit  Master  text  styles   Email   –  Second  level   • Third  level   –  Fourth  level   » Fi6h  level  
  22. 22. Ques/ons?  Click  to  edit  Master  /tle  style   •  Click  to  edit  Master  text  styles   –  Second  level   • Third  level   –  Fourth  level   » Fi6h  level  
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