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LucianAshe keynote
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LucianAshe keynote


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Alias keynote about the distribution of a new album and suggestions.

Alias keynote about the distribution of a new album and suggestions.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Lucian Ashe presents Thought Criminal
    • 2. Strengths and Weaknesses Established Human Fan base of indentured servants; i.e. the victims of his trans metal mind control. Ability to enthrall masses with intelligent mind-speak. He is Not Human. Is unable to recreate in a live setting, must rely on other methods of establishing presence.
    • 3. Awareness Participate in radio interviews and internet based podcasts to introduce the new album. generating street buzz by passing out flyers and free buttons & stickers. Hosting an experimental night at local venues once or twice a week.
    • 4. Release Details New Release titled “Thought Criminal” Includes ten new tracks to set the soul on fire. available in physical and digital formats on several different platforms and retailers. Pricing for digital versions vary according to the sites, SRLP is $9.99.
    • 5. 3 Methods of Distribution Online distributors such as Ioda, The Bizmo, and SongCast.
    • 6. Content Amazon SongCast Creator Fans and customers
    • 7. Monetary Information One time start up fee $19.99, paid through paypal on the 20th of every month. Artists maintain 100 % of royalties. Generates UPC and barcodes.
    • 8. The Bizmo Content Spotify Creator Bizmo Napster Fans & cust.
    • 9. Bizmo monetary info. They pay out 85 % of the royalty rate paid by digital retailers. Can generate barcodes if necessary. Pay through Paypal.
    • 10. Ioda Content Ioda Zune and Creator Emusic Fan & Customer
    • 11. Ioda Monetary Info They take a standard 20 % and pay out royalties every month given the artist makes at least $250.
    • 12. Strategic Partnerships Lucian Ashe will pursue deals with rock-star games which will allow him access to avenues to release music directly to his fan-base. Also pursue a partnership with Dr.Pepper to start a campaign of promotional videos for Dr.Pepper that include his artwork and music.
    • 13. 3 suggestions I suggest using video services such as Veoh or Vimeo to release podcasts and promotional videos to the public. Produce and broadcast newsletters through e-mail management services such as mad mimi and Because I know he is a writer also, he could release his poetry through a publishing service like