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EyePartner Social Media Strategy

  1. 1. EyePartner Social Media Strategy
  2. 2. Outline • Why is Social Media essential to your business strategy? • Facebook • Custom Applications • Twitter • News Updates and Product Launches • Pinterest • Create Instructional Boards • Taking TikiLive to the Next Level • Creating a Trend Out of TikiLive • Case Study
  3. 3. Why is Social Media Essential to Your Business Strategy? Social Media Strategies Build Online Branding Nearly 60% of adults had a profile on at least one Social Media Network, and more than 30% actively post at least once per week. Today, more than 900 million people use Facebook alone. If you don’t have a Social Media Strategy, your business is missing out on hundreds – potentially thousands – of leads. An effective Social Media Strategy puts your business name in front of an ever growing audience of global consumers, successfully building your online brand and establishing credibility within your field. Social Media Strategies Improve Web Traffic In addition to boosting your business’s visibility to thousands of potential customers, a good Social Media Strategy will also generate more online traffic. Whether you have a company website, an online store, or merely a Facebook page to promote your brand, effective Social Media Optimization will drive new and return visitors to the online destination that has the most impact on your profits. The ability to share content among users has a tremendous impact on web traffic that Search Engine Optimization alone can’t possibly match. Social Media Strategies Increase Search Rankings Not only will Social Media Optimization drive additional traffic to your website, a good Social Media Strategy can improve the overall SEO of your site, resulting in even more web traffic through better search rankings. Real time searches include Social Media results, and many Search Engines reward web pages that generate buzz within Social Networks with higher placement on the results pages. Social Media Marketing can also create more backlinks to your web pages which plays a big role in your site’s Search Engine rankings.
  4. 4. • Custom Applications • Welcome Page • Contact us Form • USTREAM Live • FAQ Form • Integrate Blog • Integrate YouTube • User Tips • Polls of Interest Facebook
  5. 5. Obtaining popularity in the Social Media outlets depends mostly on how useful you can be to your audience. Therefore, integrating applications to Facebook is one way to ensure that once your customers enter your page, they won’t want to leave. Consider these applications. • Custom welcome page. I would suggest tying branding concepts such as a creative board of a new product. The goal here is to attract your customers’ attention in the first 5 seconds. • Customer Reviews. Now you have the choice for customers to review your products directly on your Facebook page. • Integrating your blog feed to drive traffic to website. • Integrate Contact Us form for questions and customer engagement • FAQ. Use a page to jot down these. Some people might be confused with the complexity of the service. Take care of that with a simple FAQ integration. • USTREAM Live. Just like you have in your website, integrate a service that let’s you chat with your customers live • Integrate YouTube. Videos are becoming increasingly important in Social Media Marketing. If you already have a YouTube page, we can easily integrate it to show some of your sample videos, testimonials, etc. Custom Applications
  6. 6. Welcome Page A welcome page should tell your audience what you’re all about. It should emphasize your company culture and should contain some level of branding. This could be done with images or video. Either way, see this as making your first impression. How would you like your audience to see you?
  7. 7. Contact Us Form Integrate this form in order to increase engagement with your audience. Eliminates the extra step of going to your actual website for a signup. More Conversions any time you can shorten steps.
  8. 8. USTREAM Live Just like you have a live chat on your website, you can also integrate an application that allows you to have it on one of your Facebook pages. This will help increase your Facebook engagement and activity.
  9. 9. With the free integration tabs you will have an option to create FAQ form. Use these to inform your customers about the products and services you provide. Since you are providing a very technical product, this will at least provide the basics to move forward from. FAQ Form
  10. 10. Integrate your blog on Facebook as well. This ensures that your audience is informed about the product before they purchase it. Have your customers direct to your website after they’ve read your blog’s fresh content and are more informed on what they are looking for. Integrate Blog
  11. 11. When you integrate your YouTube Videos not only will your fans be able to view them on the YouTube channel, but they will also have a chance to vote and share them with their friends. This promotes visibility through potentially viral Social Media mediums. Take your video promotion to the next level by uploading videos once a week. Integrate YouTube
  12. 12. User Tips When it comes to technology, most people want their information clean and concise. They want to be able to understand the functionalities of your product from a to be. For that reason, allow your audience the chance to understand your product with free technical tips you’ll be providing every week. Provide your audience with 2 weekly useful tech tips. These tips will also help your clientele return to your Social Media sites when they’ve already purchased a product and require technical assistance.
  13. 13. Polls of Interest It’s important when promoting a product on Facebook not only to target the product itself but the culture / market itself. 2 posts per week Begin by establishing your company culture by creating polls of interest tied to an image. For instance, you may want to ask: Use www.surveymonkey.com for this These will be syndicated on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. If you were on live TV, what is the first thing you would say?
  14. 14. • News Updates and Product Launches Twitter
  15. 15. I suggest using Twitter as a new/update source as well as a form of customer service…Your goal is to persuade your audience to buy a product. Therefore, include news stories on Twitter that may persuade prospects of certain needs. Show them the reason why they must choose your services. Update these regularly. Post 1 each day. News Updates and Product Launches
  16. 16. • Create Instructional Boards • Taking TikiLive to the Next Level • Creating A Trend Out of TikiLive Pinterest
  17. 17. Create Instructional Boards Pinterest is a graphic based platform that allows you to share and pin content from other users. The great thing about Pinterest is that is very easy to integrate with Facebook and Twitter making you graphic content reach more users and travel faster. We suggest starting with 2 per week.
  18. 18. Taking TikiLive To The Next Level The idea here is to use Pinterest Business page to emphasize live events to promote TikiLive . It’s important to start developing a strategy that focuses on the culture around the product. In this case, we want to focus on live events, upcoming movie trailers or any form of interesting real time video that would catch the attention of your audience. The key here is to work with real time updates; that way, your audience won’t only go back to your website for your products, but also be informed about the sports, entertainment and news industry. The goal is to add value to your website by providing them with free information. We could use Pinterest to promote your live channels by: - Creating a Pinterest business account - Using boards to identify categories (sporting events, church events, news updates, etc) - Linking a graphic to a live video feed from the website. - Encouraging traffic by syndicating it on other Social Media channels. - Strategic use of Social Media follow buttons. - Integrating Twitter and Facebook with Pinterest
  19. 19. Creating a Trend Out Of TikiLive We also want to be able to target different audiences that might have the need to use TikiLive. We can start doing this by conducting a preliminary search on your Twitter/Pinterest followers and finding out what they would like to stream live. This might also lead us to trends of TikiLive. The goal is to start engaging your audience by emphasizing the many ways they could use live streaming. For Example: Where would you stream live? Where would you stream live?
  20. 20. This case study outlines the progress report of one of our clients when using promoted Facebook posts. In this link you’ll find all the information you need to know about Facebook promoted posts including FAQ and usability: http://www.facebook.com/help/promote Case Study
  21. 21. Exhibit A 93 likes to the post in less than 24 hours. 7 comments. Reached 11,308 people.
  22. 22. Exhibit B 78 new likes to Boca Terry Fan Page 449 people "talking about this" we only had 3 before. 38,200 people reached in total by post. 5,966 people reached by Boca Terry Fan Page.
  23. 23. Exhibit C 108 new likes to Boca Terry Fan Page. 775 people talking about this. 57,816 people reached by post. 29,721 people reached by Boca Terry Fan page.
  24. 24. Optimum 7