Weight Loss After A Baby


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Get helpful advice on how you can lose weight after pregnancy. Please visit http://www.lose-weight-after-childbirth.com

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Weight Loss After A Baby

  1. 1. ==== ====To learn more about losing weight after pregnancy please visit:http://www.lose-weight-after-childbirth.com==== ====There is nothing more exciting than being a new mom. Having a baby can dramatically changeyour life in a positive way. Unfortunately, becoming a new mom can sometimes leave you feelingless attractive than you did before your pregnancy. Dont think that having a baby means a worldof bulky sweaters and roomy pants. You can still look great post pregnancy with these great tips.Wear Your Maternity Clothes: I understand. For nine months youve been finding clothes to fityour growing belly; now that youre holding your little one in your arms the only thing that canmake life any better is being able to slide back into your old jeans with little effort. Unfortunately, ittook you nine months to make your baby and grow your belly; logic says it will take some timebefore your back to your pre-pregnancy size. While your pregnancy clothes may be the last thingyou want to wear, they are actually a great option. Most retailers are offering very trendypregnancy clothing that can be adjusted and worn during and after your pregnancy. Often times,the clothes you wore around 5 or 6 months may not scream maternity wear and will give you theextra room that your body deserves.Leave Your Workout Wear at Home: Everyone loves wearing sweat pant. Nothing feels betterthan wearing pair of forgiving cotton pants that make you forget all the weight you may have puton. The forgiving nature of stretch pants and sweat pants covers up your body, makes you lookand feel less than sexy, and often keeps you from returning to your pre-pregnancy weight. Howcan those comfy pants stop you from losing weight? When you wear nothing but roomy sweatpants you lose sight of what you once had and would like to regain. Sweats are great for whenyour home on the weekend or to slip into after a hard day of work, but when you leave the house,try putting regular clothing on. Wearing regular clothing will help you maintain your weight lossfocus.Endorse Your new Curves: Congratulations, youre a new mommy. You have a new baby and youhave some great new curves. After giving birth, many women are put off by their brand newshape; however, this is absolutely unnecessary. Many people, including men, often think that thenew curves youve obtained over nine months are sexy and portray characteristics of a maturewoman. Dont cover your new body up with baggy clothing. Instead find the areas of your newbody that you really love. For many women the cleavage formed from a larger chest is a favoriteasset. Find some great V-neck shirts to show off what your hard work gave you.Choose Dark Colors: In case you didnt know, dark colors are a great way to disguise parts of
  2. 2. your body that you dont particularly like. They work well to create an overall slimmingappearance. If you gained a lot of weight on your backside, wearing a dark pair of pants or jeansis a great way to mask that. Likewise, a dark colored shirt can help divert attention away from atummy that just carried a baby for nine months. Even though it does work to create a trimmerappearance dont overdo it by wearing only dark colors. Mix it up a bit. My suggestion is to utilizethis trick more often for your legs than for your top. While you can often get away with a lightcolored top, light colored pants and jeans are usually less forgiving.Choose Clothing Strategically: Choose clothing that down plays body parts youre not happy with.If you recently had a baby, youre in luck. Shirts that mask your stomach area are big right now.This includes baby doll shirts, and empire waist shirts. Both these garments accentuate yourchest and draw attention away from your middle section. Not only do they help take attentionaway from your tummy, but they often leave you with a bit more confidence since it is not snugaround your belly but still looks attractive and stylish.Wear the Right Undergarments: Pregnancy does strange things to your body and this includesyour breasts. After your pregnancy you definitely will want to think about purchasing nursing bras.These bras are specifically made for easy nursing access. Not only do they make feeding easier,but the padding on the bras will help support your chest and prevent embarrassing leakage.Wearing the right undergarments is also a great way to help your clothes look better on your body.Bras and underwear that are too small or dont give enough support will take away from what youput on top of them.For trendy clothes clothes that will compliment your new curves check out the great selection atwww.babyphat.com Baby Phat is your one stop shop for sassy, sexy, and stylish urban apparel.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jennifer_Wasilewski==== ====To learn more about losing weight after pregnancy please visit:http://www.lose-weight-after-childbirth.com
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