Post Pregnancy Weight Loss - Breastfeeding and Exercise


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Get helpful advice on how you can lose weight after pregnancy. Please visit

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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss - Breastfeeding and Exercise

  1. 1. ==== ====To learn more about losing weight after pregnancy please visit: ====We all think after our first baby that we will walk out as we where prior to getting pregnant. Dearthat is not the case. Our partner will most likely look and feel the same but his role in thereproduction process is so much easier.Women obviously gain weight during pregnancy. The baby accounts for 3-4 kg or about. Theplacenta weighs up to 2kgs and the breasts will grow maybe a few more kgs. The total weight gainactually shouldnt be more than about 10-12 kgs. This is what my Dr, suggested anyway.He didnt account for my loss of ability to exercise because of pain and a pubis separation and myhungry baby. That was my excuse.!!! When I gave gave birth to a tiny 3kg baby I was devastatedto realize the extra weight was me, and pure fat. I carried tummy fat, thigh fat and back fat. I had tolose it.How To Lose The WeightBreastfeeding is a great energy user. The extra burning of calories to produce milk will certainlyhelp a new mother lose weight. To take advantage of this exercise and care with eating highcalorie foods will rip weight off in a healthy manner. To lose weight burning energy and eatinghealthy is the best way, many think it is wrong for women to exercise to much while breastfeeding.As long as the diet is abundant in vitamins, minerals protein and carbohydrates then weight loss ishealthy.What are the Best Exercises to Start with?Every new mother can start with simple coordinated breathing exercises (Pure Pilates).Follow these instructions to get you started on exercising safely post pregnancy.These need to be performed slowly and with your complete attention.o Lay on your side with knees bent up and a pillow under your head.You must be relaxedcompletelyo concentrate on your breathing pattern, take your time and feel your breathing pattern and takenote of it.o now concentrate on the breath outo As you blow out draw your stomach in below the belly button. pull your belly button toward yourspineo Let it it out as you breathe ino This is the opposite pattern to which you are used aware of thiso Practice co-coordinating your breath out with a tummy draw in action
  2. 2. o as you get better and more aware of the tightening start to hold it for a few secondso the next step is to breath in as you maintain the tummy tightness.This is PilatesLearn how to do this as you do your daily work and exercise. this is the single most important stepin regaining a flat stomach and better posture to work, rest and play inTo progress these exercise follow the links below and get started on an exercise program that willwork for you. It has worked for many before you so no excuses, the weight loss has begun.Good luckAnnette Willson1.Physiotherapist2.Pilates Teacher3.Elite Horse Rider Source: ====To learn more about losing weight after pregnancy please visit: ====