Play Simple Drum Beats


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To receive 5 free drum lessons from an expert drummer and teacher, go to:

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Play Simple Drum Beats

  1. 1. ==== ====To get 5 free drum lessons from an expert drummer and teacher, check this out: ====When you begin to play drums, what you want is to play a beat. Even if people tell you that youhave to learn this or that exercise, what you really want is to be able to play music. You want to beable to play with your friends. In this article, I will discuss how to play simple, funny and solid drumbeats. When you finish reading this article you will finally be able to jam with your friends!Before you learn how to play any drum beats, you should first have some basic information aboutdrum notation. Did I hear you say "I dont want to learn drum notation?" This is very easy to do. Ifyou have a metronome you can start with that and if you dont have one, you can find one onlineusing various search engines. Simply type the words "Online metronome" and search.Ok, next thing is to learn the two essential drum notations: quarter notes and eight notes. Very,very simple.Set the metronome to 80 bpm (beat per minute). Listen to the click and try to follow that click byclapping your hands. Done? Well, you actually played quarter notes. Easy, right? Ok, now it istime to move to eighth notes. What you need to do now is double your clapping rate, so to speak.For every click, clap your hands twice: once with the click, once between the click. Try to keep thespace between the claps even. Thats it, you have it, eight notes. With this in mind, we can nowlearn a simple rock beat.If you are a total newbie, it may take a few hours to learn how to play a simple rock beat. Please,dont give up. Learning how to play the drums is like learning anything else. It requires repetition.Just like learn how to ride a bike.We are going to use three limbs to learn this rock beat. Start with the right hand and play eighthnotes. Hit a hard surface while counting every stroke, like this, One, two, three, four, one, two,three, four, and so on. Continue doing this until it becomes familiar.Once you mastered that, add your right food. How? Simple, tap your foot every time you countone, pretty straight forward. Continue until you can do that naturally. Last thing to add is your lefthand. Where? Every time you count the number three.Now you have your right foot on one, your left hand on three, while your right hand keeps theeighth note going.You are playing a solid and steady rock beat. Congratulations!Ready to rock and roll? Once this became second nature to you, pick up the sticks and do the
  2. 2. exact same thing on your drums. Right hand on cymbal, right foot on the bass drum and left handon the snare drum.Last thing to keep in mind, have fun and dont give up!Mark J Fisher play the drums for almost 30 years. He is a passionate drummer and teacher.Article Source: ====To get 5 free drum lessons from an expert drummer and teacher, check this out: ====