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Parkour - The Extreme Sport
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Parkour - The Extreme Sport


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If you are interested in learning Parkour, please visit:

If you are interested in learning Parkour, please visit:

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  • 1. ==== ====Do you want to learn how to do Parkour? Visit ====The beauty, agility, and sheer power of a traceur can capture our imaginations. Parkour and freerunning speak to our hearts about freedom of movement and the possibilities we have yet topursue. It makes you want to vault and jump and fly. But it is not this that is at the heart of parkour.Parkour is firmly rooted in practical core values. Its motto is Georges Heberts quote "Be strong tobe useful". That implies so very much more than meets the eye. If one is not grateful for the giftshe has been given, he will have no desire to develop them. If one does not care for those aroundhim, he will have no desire to help them. Parkours motto encompasses the core values ofthankfulness and love.As a parkour practioner, you will learn to search your surroundings and circumstances forobstacles. As you explore those obstacles, you begin to see ways they can be used to make youstronger, to advance your parkour skills. They become opportunities that others overlook andavoid. As you grow, your thankfulness deepens, and it becomes even easier to spot theopportunities to progress that have been placed in your path.But becoming stronger is not just about being the best you can be for yourself. The foundation ofboth parkour and free running is in the life changing experience of Georges Hebert, who watchedin horror as a city perished because there were too few who were able to help the weak escapethe advance of the flow of lava. They paid for their weakness and complacency with their lives.But you dont have to. Your training can incorporate challenges that could be crucial in a crisis.You can add simple things, like practicing with a backpack so you are ready to carry supplies, orcarrying a bundle so you would feel more confident removing a baby from harms way.Parkour can be the unique marriage of art and survival. It is a celebration of freedom of expressionpracticed that we might honor our interdependence on each other. Parkour, practiced in thismanner, deepens our gratitude, love, and respect for others, while advancing the very physicalskills required to attain the beauty, agility and awesome power of a skilled traceur.Alex Daviddonov (pronounced da VID on off) is a traceur with background in marital arts, wrestlingand gymnastics. He is committed to providing the best introductory training so anyone with thedesire can learn the basics of getting stared in Parkour. To learn how you can start practicingparkour, go to [] and get your free video today!
  • 2. Article Source: ====Do you want to learn how to do Parkour? Visit ====