==== ====Want to learn the secrets behind card tricks? Visit:http://tinyurl.com/cardtricksrevealed==== ====Say Pick a card...
community affair and people are far less likely to be trying to catch you out.And the fourth and final reason why you shou...
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Magic Card Tricks


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Discover the secrets behind card tricks - visit: http://tinyurl.com/cardtricksrevealed

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Magic Card Tricks

  1. 1. ==== ====Want to learn the secrets behind card tricks? Visit:http://tinyurl.com/cardtricksrevealed==== ====Say Pick a card, any card as you fan out a deck of playing cards and most card magic tricksaficionados are going to feel in pretty familiar territory. You could even forgive someone forsuggesting that your act is already looking a little old hat (with or without a white rabbit hidden init!)But before you dump this opener forever into the trash-can of historical clichés, take a momentto think again.Sometimes what appears clichéd at first is really one of the foundation stones of a strongtradition. Every day millions of magi across the globe perform thousands of different card magictricks that all begin with these famous lines. Just think how many times youve seen it and enjoyedthe trick. David Copperfield, Paul Daniels, Johnny Ace Palmer, David Blaine...name as manyfamous magicians as you like and youll discover that they all continue to use this opener all thetime! Why? Because it still works every bit as well as it did when whoever first came up with it,came up with it. And as the saying goes, "If a thing aint broke, dont fix it!"Lets have a look at why this opener works so well and has become so enduring and why youshould not be afraid to use it too in your own magic routines.Firstly, it states clearly from the start what is going on: we are going to do some card tricks. Thefact that it is so comfortable and well known is actually a good thing because it puts people atease. When theyre at ease, they relax and feel confident. When they do that, their guard goesdown. Thats very good for the magician who then has a head start in her/his deceptions andmisdirection.Secondly, it gets the audience involved right from the set-up and it is simply a golden rule thataudience involvement in magic tricks is an absolute winner every time. Having someone from theaudience directly involved in a trick gives all the other spectators someone they can sympathisewith, drawing them in to the show. Having that other person there, also means theres more forthem to watch and every time you ask the involved spectator a question, they will all look at him tosee what he says and does. While theyre all looking at him, you can do your secret move, switch,glide, ditch, anything you like because they are not watching you! So, having someone elseinvolved is also great for misdirection.Thirdly, getting the audience involved helps build rapport between the magician and the audienceand a good rapport, a sense of some kind of bonding and relationship is the absolute key tosuccessful magic. Swaggerers and boasters and ego-trippers who try to create magic setthemselves up for a very difficult time with critical eyes trained on them like hawks and hecklersfiring sly shots at them at every opportunity. Getting people involved positively makes the magic a
  2. 2. community affair and people are far less likely to be trying to catch you out.And the fourth and final reason why you should not ditch this classic opener is that it is simply thedoorway into literally thousands of classic, stunning, tried and tested card magic tricks that youreally ought to have in your repertoire.All of these classic lines are classic precisely because they are so useful. You can do them overand over and they will, like trusted friends, never let you down.About this AuthorAustin is a performing magician, entertainer, theatre practioner and writer of many years standing,always keen to share his experience and encourage the novice. His website, The Magic TricksHomepage is a great free resource for magic tutorials, articles, visual guides, eBooks and more. Ifwant to learn magic well, not just a huge number of tricks but solid performance skills, the site iswell worth a visit. You can also download magic video tutorials here which is a great way oflearning and building a repertoire.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Austin_Hackney==== ====Want to learn the secrets behind card tricks? Visit:http://tinyurl.com/cardtricksrevealed==== ====