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  1. 1. 1. Sr. Consultant Linux, Wintel,Tivoli EngineerJohn HarperEngineer at The Walt Disney Studios Eric is a details oriented hard worker. He is very knowledgeable in all things IT. He is focused until the job is done. He works with and helps others very well. Eric would be an asset to any team.IBM Global ServicesRichard WilliamsSystem Administrator for IBM - SmartCloud Enterprise Team (above hypervsior support) During the past 2 years, working along side with Eric Lucas, I have come to know him as a very intelligent and generous person. He has a stong work ethic and he has worked on numerous high profile projects with ease, just like a true IT professional. He is always willing to teach other engineers what he has learned through his tenure with IBM.Gene Snyder-- Eric possess a deep technical knowledge of both Linux and Windows OS and is a very knowledgeable programmer as well. He has a very high dstandard that he sets for himself and is an excellent and willing mentor to his coworkers. Erics work ethic is exemplary and any assignment he receives will be completed on time and with exceptional quality.
  2. 2. John ZyhailoSr. System Engineer Eric is a detail oriented individual, eager to learn and was particular how he performed his task. Quick to be involved with issues and came up with resolutions. He managed his work task well and It was great to work with Eric. I would work with Eric again.Marc M.Sr. Cloud Services Engineer - Virtualization, Linux, Data Center Migration Eric is a detailed-oriented hard working Software Engineer and Architect who will deliver consistently per agreed upon deliverables. I have worked with Eric on difficult assignments and he is count-on-able in terms of picking up on what needs to be done and staying on task through the success of the project. Eric cares about the success of the entire environment such as...moreGerald VillanuevaSr. Consultant - Systems Engineer @ Bank of America I had the pleasure of working with Eric Lucas at multiple fortune 100 companies such as Countrywide Bank, Bank of America and IBM Global Services. We collaborated on multiple projects and supported Coutrywide Bank’s core applications, Bank of America eCommerce Division and IBM Global Services for Disney IT Operation. Eric is a well seasoned Sr. Engineer and very detailed on his organizational skills. I am privileged to have worked with a person that possesses a great deal of talent and a go-to technical resource.
  3. 3. Sr. Consultant EngineerRockstar Energy DrinkRobert Voigt (LION)Partner Eric was the kind of person you dream about working with on a project. He is the person you can count on when things get tough and make sure things are accomplished. Eric is genuinely concerned about the success and quality technology, along with the providing good customer service to his client. I would most definitely work with eric again. Director of TechnologyPathway ConsultantMichael Kaishar, MSIA | CISSPInformation Security Engineering, Architecture, Consulting, and Advisory Professional Services. I was at World Vision to essentially implement and architect the VMware Infrastructure. Eric was hired on as part of an extended project that reaches global capacity. World Vision has over 40,000 employees and the project that Eric was contracted for impacts all of those employees; it is just that big. He was instrumental in moving the project along with his creativity and sense of urgency. His tolerance of ambiguity goes above and beyond of what is required. He took new technology and was able to ramp up quickly by showing us how to use it. His vast knowledge about systems is extremely helpful in providing successsful project milestones. I recommend Eric in any endeavor.CIBAMichael TrouillonAgency Operations Manager Eric and I worked together at CIBA Insurance Services. While our positions did not usually
  4. 4. integrate, we often consulted with each other due to our common experiences (specifically work-flows and how our skills interacted). We ended up being each others sounding board on many subjects, which I considered one of the best parts of my job! Eric always had his eyes on the "big picture" and how the "small" pieces fit together towards the goal. I sincerely hope that our paths cross again and we get to be on the same team.LucasPRO CorporationChristina EdwardsApprentise @ E.T.I I have known Eric for a couple of years, and each time we get together for a project, I am constantly amazed at his skills. Not only does he possess strong analytical problem-solving skills, but he will take the time to make sure you fully understand how the infrastructure works in the IT industry. He’s extremely knowledgeable, and once you get to know Eric, he becomes a friend for life.lessIngrid ChenAAA GroupEdgar ZaryanG.M. of KINGS CARS This is the type of person that you love to do business with trust worthy, reliable and honest are the words that come mind. Very punctual and will go above and beyond of whats asked. Any chance i will get i will do business with Eric again. Its hard to find total strangers that are like this man.
  5. 5. Cassandra MattesIT Recruitment Manager at Consolidated Graphics I have had the great pleasure of working with Eric over the past several months and have grown to trust his professionalism and dedication to honing his craft. He stands out as an industry leader and really shines at what he does. Being somewhat less technical than many of the candidates I place in IT specific opportunities, it is great to know people like Eric are out there willing to really explain some of the more technical aspects of a position to me. He has been wonderful in sending other highly skilled candidates my way! Eric is truly a diamond in the rough in the IT world!Lupe RochinBusiness Owner Very knowledgeable in his area of work and very helpful! Delivered professional work and on schedule. Hell make sure that all angles of your project are covered. Easy to work with person that will go the extra mile for his clients. 1. Enterprise Engineer/ Infrastructure ServicesMacrovisionJose SerranoTSA Sentara Healthcare Eric and I coordinated our efforts from different departments to support the same Business Unit. Eric has the ability to assess the situation and provide very insightful recommendations. Whoever picks Eric up as an employee would acquire a great asset/resource.
  6. 6. Aaron ArntsonDirector- Affiliate Sales & Marketing at TVG Network Eric is a fantastic IT professional! He always strives to provide the highest quality customer service to his fellow co-workers regardless of their knowledge regarding IT issues. Any company would be very fortunate to have him on their team.Andy ClydeVP Affiliate Sales at TVG Network Eric is extremely knowledgeable of IT infrastructure. His vast knowledgebase allows him to excel in servicing a very large customer group with very limited staff.Stephen GurnickNetwork Engineer I worked with Eric to bring him into the Network Administrator role I was transitioning out of at the time. He is quick-to-learn self-starter that was able to rapidly take in the new company atmosphere/culture and adjust accordingly. Eric was presented with numerous tasks, some familiar and others brand new, which he was able to accomplish with minimal guidance. For the tasks he was not as familiar with, Eric knew the best questions to ask and was able to reach out to a variety of resources to ensure the job gets done effectively and on time. He is a hard worker with a strong dedication that is hard to come by.lessErik MolinaTechnical Architect at Celerity Eric, has demonstrated to me the ability to think out complex options to complex issues. He would be an asset to any organization that values commitment and integrity.
  7. 7. 1. System Engineer - Build SpecialistCountrywideVithou ChhiapWintel Server Engineer 3 at Countrywide Home Loans Eric is an exceptional Engineer whos thorough and has a deep understanding in IT.Venkata KundetiVP;Cnslt - Systems Eng at Bank of America Eric is very energetic, knowledgeable, fun, and genuinely well rounded person. His efforts have produced high quality results time and time again. I remember the days where we had to spent countless number of days & nights in working on different projects at the same time and succeeded in delivering the projects on time. It is his tireless team oriented efforts made the projects and the team in successfully delivering the projects such as building new environments, enhancing the application environments, delivering new applications/products for the Countrywide Bank to name a few. Eric is an exceptional candidate, one that would contribute greatly in any job. I wholeheartedly recommend Eric and wish the very best in all future endeavors.lessNhi TranBuild/Release Coordinator Eric is one of the pioneers to the Countrywide Bank. Along with performing System Engineer role, He also assisted the Team with many Successful Releases. He is someone who seeks alternate methods to make the deployment more easy and efficient - which had save us from many long hours during release night. In addition, Eric is a team player and has strong communication skills. A Great Person to work with.less
  8. 8. Justin GrantSoftware Development Engineer Worked with Eric since 2001 at Countrywide when Ive been hired in a software consulting capacity. He always helped me with infrastructure and enterprise software requests that I had in a professional and timely manner. I look forward to working with Eric in the future.Eileen LucasAdministrative Assistant at PIMCO Eric demonstrates consistency, excellence and valuable insight regarding a wide range of business matters and in the quality of his work. One of his key attributes is the ability to recognize priorities and to modify them accordingly, as new demands arise, in a fast-paced environment. He has done this without compromise to the quality of his work. I am confident in Erics abilities and personally recommend Eric Lucas. His proactive manner and wide range of skills makes him a valuable resource. Sincerely, Eileen LucasDave YehManaging Director at Pathways Consulting Eric worked on projects for my firm Pathways Consulting. Eric is one of the hardest working people I have met, and I am glad that I was able to find him as a consultant for my firm. There were many times that Eric and I spoke late at night about projects, and he was always determined to make sure he was on top of the project at hand. I look forward to working with Eric in the future as he is a person with strong values and ethics.