Part 1 group project The Predators


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Part 1 group project The Predators

  2. 2. INDUSTRY LEADERS • Live Editing – Google Inc, Writely Team, Ted Juch • Video Conferencing – Skype, Microsoft Live, Cisco • Instant Communication – WhatsApp, Line, Viber • File Sharing – Apple iCloud, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive • Social Networking – Facebook, Twitter, Linked In
  3. 3. Expectations: • Google Docs: Easy Access for all members. • Skype: Minimize face time done in person. • Dropbox: Can upload files that are contributed to the overall project and allow other group members to easily access it and download it. • Facebook: Mobile notification; we'll be able to recieve messages via our mobile device from anywhere. Maximum size for Facebook upload is 100MB. • WhatsApp: Will provide a free, quick, and easy-to-use alternative to SMS text messaging. Concerns: • Google Docs: Hard to convert if work is begun with different source. • Skype: Group conferencing is not free, forces 1 on 1 chat. • Dropbox: Automatically saves files when they are edited or updated. So if member makes a change to a file in a shared folder that other members do not want or do not like, the change is automatically saved. • Facebook: Sometimes mobile notification are delayed and at times you will not even get a notification until you open the Facebook App • WhatsApp: Provides a free, quick, and easy-to-use alternative to SMS text messaging.
  4. 4. Pros: 1. Accessibility. Reliable access to your data 24/7 wherever there is an internet connection. 2. Multiple Users. In the Docs, Sheets and Slides editors multiple people can work on the same document at the same time. 3. Easy to Learn. If you have any experience with a word processor or programs such as Word, Excel, etc, you will pick up on how to use the different options within Google Docs. Cons: 1. Weak Presentation Program. It is not the strongest presentation program. If you are planning on creating a dynamic presentation, I would look elsewhere as Google Docs will not meet your needs. 2. Internet Access Required. No internet access, no Google Docs. It is worth mentioning that documents you are working on will no longer be available when you cannot get online. 3. File Formats. If you want to upload existing documents and then edit them, you’ll need to have Google convert them upon upload. This may remove custom layout, font, and formatting from the document. GOOGLE DOCS
  5. 5. Pros: 1. Accessibility. Free to download on any kind of IOS your computer supports. 2. Multiple Uses. Can file share, instant message, video chat, voice chat, and also hide your availability. 3. Easy to Learn. Many tutorials are available both on the Skype’s homepage and YouTube videos. Cons: 1. Expensive. It is free for 1 on 1 video conferencing but in order to add additional users it costs $8.99/month. 2. Internet Access Required. No internet access, no Skype. Must have a 3G, Wifi or hardwired connection in order to operate skype. 3. PC Requirements. Although it is available on every platform for free and on every IOS there are still PC requirements. If your laptop or PC does not have a webcam or a microphone incorporated then the extra expense presents itself. SKYPE
  6. 6. Pros: • Friendly .You can send an e-mail with a link of a file in your Dropbox to other people who can then download that file through the link. This way other people can have access to a file without having to have an account themselves in order to access it. • Sharing. You can set up a folder with files in your Dropbox and give people who do not have Dropbox access to it by inviting them to access the folder, which means you can have a shared folder that anyone can access regardless of whether or not they have Dropbox. • Accessibility. You can install Dropbox on multiple devices such as laptops, smart phones, and tablets and files are available on all devices. Cons: • Unprotected. There is no built in password facility or file encryption for files that are uploaded. So if anyone gains access into Dropbox files they are not supposed to have, there is nothing to keep them from downloading and opening those files. • Security Issue. Because files are stored in the cloud, there is the possibility of Dropbox employees or hackers getting unauthorized access to files stored in someone’s Dropbox. • Plagiarism. The people you share your Dropbox files with are able to download and save those files, so you no longer have control over who those people share the files with or send the files to. DROP BOX
  7. 7. Pros: • Popularity. There’s over 600 millions of people out there that uses Facebook to keep in contact with friends and families. You can find long lost family that you never seen since you were a baby. Facebook is also a place where you can share your thoughts and ideas. • Multiple Communication Channels. Facebook offers direct messages, wall posts, and comments; it allow users to pick the best method to have their message deliver. You can view and comment on your friends’ uploaded pictures and videos. • Convenience. You can easily create an event on Facebook with a group of friends, a message can be sent to all of the party at the same time along with their response: All responses will be posted on the event page, only people who “join” the event will receive notification of new messages whenever they log into their Facebook Cons: • Privacy. Hackers can have access to- and misuse- personal information. Pictures that you upload can be downloaded and misuse by others. • Underage user. Kids can be mean, cyberbullying can be a real problem. There are even some documented cases of kids who committed suicide after being bullied on social networks. Kids can post regrettable information or photos that will be discovered by college admissions or potential employers in the future. • Time Consuming. besides all the social features there are games on Facebook that can be very addictive. There are hundreds of mobile games that allows Facebook to connect and send request to friends to play the same game. The most addictive game currently is Candy Crush. FACEBOOK
  8. 8. Pros: • Easy. WhatsApp can send messages without having to pay SMS text-messaging fees. • Accessible. It is a cross-platform app. Users can use this app on any platform to instantly communicate across any of these platforms. • Innovative. WhatsApp now contains voice messaging. Cons: • Dependency. This app is dependent on Internet connection. Users have limited access. • Limited. There are no Voice Calling capabilities. • Costly. WhatsApp isn’t completely free. After the first free year, every year following will cost $0.99 a year. WHATSAPP
  10. 10. REFERENCES • conferencing-industry-leaders • your-business • dropbox-lead-cloud-storage-market/240151382 • • • Messaging-Apps.htm