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Audience feedback

  1. 1. TARGET AUDIENCE FEEDBACK!I made a survey on survey monkey for my target audience to give me feedback on my musicmagazine ‘Mainstream’.How do you think my magazine relates to my chosen audience?My chosen audience is people who enjoy Mainstream music, so girls and boys aged 10-25because a majority of mainstream music these days in targeted towards this age range.Feedback: “The magazine relates well to the chosen audience, with the style, layout and artists featured.” “The magazine is very good as a Mainstream magazine!” “Very well, many elements of your magazine. the genre could be alittle clearer” “It’s good, it is bright, bold and has artists that people who listen to mainstream music would like.” “It’s okay, I personally wouldn’t buy it because it doesn’t stand out enough!” “The magazine is good for a first time try” “It’s very good I think, the magazine stands out” “I don’t think I would buy it, but it is reasonably good!”My overall feedback for my magazine is my audience thought my magazine was reasonablygood, many of them liked the layout, the artists featured and they thought its style wasgood. Some people thought it didn’t stand out enough, this may be due to the colourscheme chosen. If I was going to make another mainstream magazine I would make sure itstood out more so people would see it in the shop and want to buy it, my target audiencewould then be easier to reach due to the magazine standing out.Does the colour scheme chosen work well with the genre, mainstream?My colour scheme for my front cover and contents is, gold, black and white and for mydouble page spread it is red and white. The gold, black and white relates to “bling” whichrelates to the genre mainstream because many of the mainstream artists are very rich.Feedback: “Yes, the colours match the style of the genre very well!” “Yes, the colour scheme is awesome, the colours all work well together!” “Doesn’t specifically represent the genre, but works well to make the magazine stand out!”
  2. 2. “The gold on the front cover represents money, which is related to mainstream music, because money is a contributing factor for why people enter the mainstream music business!” “The colours used make the magazine stand out against others of its genre!” “The colours work well together!” “I think the colours stand out and work well together” “The gold on the front cover relates to the genre of the magazine” My overall feedback on this question is my audience feel the colours I have decided to use make the magazine stand out against others, and the colours relate well to the genre of my magazine, mainstream music. One or two think it doesn’t stand out enough because not enough gold was used, I can address this issue by adding more gold to my front cover on the next issue, this may help me reach my target audience. Do the artists featured in the magazine relate to the genre of the magazine? “Yes the artists in the magazine relate to the genre, including Rihanna and David Guetta!” “Yes they work well with the genre” “Yes the artists used are mainstream artists” “Yes David Guetta, Rihanna and Skrillex are featured in the charts a lot so they work well in the magazine” “Yes the artists work well!” “I think it would of featured a few more female artists because they are a lot of female artists in the charts thesedays” “The artists featured are good for the genre!”Overall feedback from my audience is, the artists featured relate to genre of my magazine.Artists such as David Guetta and Rihanna are mainstream artists and my audience like theseartists. The only negative feedback from my audience is there isn’t enough female artists inthe magazine, because there are a lot of female artists in the charts at the moment.How well do you think the structure worked? Was it too cluttered or toospread out? “It was about right, very organised!” “It was very well presented, the cover lines were in perfect places!” “It is well structured, all cover lines and information is clear!” “I think it was just right, there was enough info on the front cover to entice the audience without it being too cluttered.” “The bottom half of the front cover is a little cluttered and the contents page is slightly cluttered, but apart from that it is good!” “The front cover is just right, but the contents is kind of cluttered!”
  3. 3. “I thought the whole magazine was well structured!”Overall my target audience think my front cover is well structured, they think the cover linesare spaced out well and there is enough info on the front cover the catch the viewersattention. My target audience feel my contents page is a little cluttered, I will address thisissue by reducing the amount of description for each page therefore making the contentspage a lot less cluttered.Do you think the font styles used relate to the genre of my magazine? “Yes, the main cover lines and the main title are bold and stand out, which will make the whole magazine stand out against other magazines of its genre.” “The fonts are snazzy, the cover lines about females have feminine fonts and the cover line about a rock band has a bold font!” “Yes the font styles are all related to the genre, good use of various fonts aswell” “Yes, the fonts where feminine when the story was about a female and bold to attract the audience to read it.” “The fonts are bold and make the magazine standout” “There are various fonts used, this makes the front cover stand out more!”Overall feedback from my target audience is, they think the various fonts used on the frontcover makes the magazine stand out. Also the feminine font used on the cover line about afemale attracts females to the magazine.Do you think the artist featured on the double page spread is relevant to thegenre of the magazine? “Yes the artist featured was very suitable!” “Yes he looks mainstream and his type of music is mainstream these days” “Sort of, he is known as “the American Ed Sheeran” but some people don’t like this genre of music” “He is kind of mainstream, but not everybody’s cup of tea” “They could of chosen someone more like David Guetta or Flo Rida” “I think he is very mainstream and many people would like to read about him”Overall feedback from my target audience is, some believe ‘Chad Taylor’ isn’t thatmainstream, they think the magazine should have had a double page spread aboutsomeone like David Guetta or Flo Rida. Others believe Chad is Mainstream and that he isthe perfect artist to have a double page spread about. To address this issue I should look atwho is the must see most talked about artist of the month and have a double page spreadabout them.
  4. 4. What features, if any, attracted you to the magazine and would want you tobuy it again? “I liked the interviews with artists!” “I like the album reviews and interviews with artists!” “The competitions sold it for me!” “I like the reviews, interviews and letters page and if they continue to be as good as they are I will continue to buy it!” “I like the album reviews in the magazine!” “The interviews are good in the magazine!”Overall feedback from my target audience is, they like the interviews with mainstreamartists, the competitions in the magazine and the album reviews. From this information Iwill probably have a lot of album reviews and interviews with artists because many peoplein my target audience enjoy reading these types of articles.