Analysis of nickelback ‘how you remind me’

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  • 1. Analysis of Nickelback ‘How you remind me’!Mise-en-scene There clothing represents the genre of the band in the music video, they are wearing dark clothing that shows the band is a rock band. Also the clothing represents the type of song it is, the song is about the main character missing a former lover and the clothing shows how he is feeling, dark and sad. Black clothing represents the bands The lighting in the video shows genre of music, rock music. the genre of music the band is, a rock band, and the type of song it is. There is a lot of low key lighting in the video, but when the girl approaches the man the light becomes high key because he is happy when he’s with her. Then when she leaves there is low key lighting because he is sad. Whenever the man thinks he sees the girl the scene has high key lighting and when he realizes he hasn’t seen her the scene has low key lighting. At The lighting in the scene shows high key the end of the video it shows the lighting when the woman walks in woman in low key lighting and because the man is happy to see her. the man in high key lighting which shows the man has realized he doesn’t need the woman anymore. The setting is a dark room, possibly the characters house/flat, this shows the character hasn’t left his room and likes to be in the dark because he misses the
  • 2. girl, this represents the genre of music, rock, and the type of song it is. The props in the scene shows the genre of music the video is representing. There are guitars, drums, drumsticks, microphones and a necklace, all these props represent a rock band and show the genre well. There are guitars and drums in the background which shows the genre of the band, the props show the band is a rock band.SoundThe man and woman do not speak there is only the musicplaying, the band are in the scene and are on stage in front ofan audience as if they were playing the song there. Themusic is therefore non diegetic in the scenes where it is justthe man and the woman and the music is diegetic when theband are playing in front of the audience.Camerawork The camerawork used shows the type of genre the song is and the mood of the song. Rock songs are usually about pain or loss and the camerawork used shows these emotions very well.
  • 3. There are a few close-ups of the man’s face when he realizes he only imagined the girl and it shows him looking sad and disappointed which matches the genre and style of the song and band. At the start of the song there is a mid shot of the lead singer singing the lyrics, then the camera starts zooming out This is a close-up of the man looking sad and reveals the rest of the when he realizes he has imagined the girl band, the shows the video is and hasn’t really seen her. about a rock band because it reveals the other band members playing their instruments. There are mid shots and close ups of the other band members playing their instruments which shows the song is a rock song. They many different camera angles to keep the viewer interested and so that they don’t get bored. There are angles such as; canted angles, low angles, high angles, shots from above and master shots.This is a mid shot, high angle of the drummer which shows the band is arock band. There is an establishing shot at the beginning of the scene when the man is sitting in the room, this shows
  • 4. his surroundings and shows he is alone in a dark room which represents how he is feeling and the mood of the song. Pan is used often when the man looks to see where the girl has gone and realizes she isn’t really there, this is used to show the change in lighting and the way the girl disappears from sight.Editing Editing is used in the video, it is used to keep the viewer hooked by changing rapidly to different camera angles different scenes to keep the viewer interested in the video. There is a lot of cutting in the scene, the camera cuts to different scenes and camera angles, this is used to keep the viewer interested because keeping the same camera angle would be boring and the viewer would get bored. The video cuts from the band playing the song, to the story in the video where the man is sad about losing his lover and keeps seeing her everywhere. This is used to show the audience that the band is a rock band and to show the story behind the song. Shot/reverse shot is used when the man and the woman are looking at each other in the rave, it shows his look of pain as he realizes she is not there after all and he is This is the shot of the man looking at the woman, this is during the editing process, shot/reverse shot.
  • 5. imagining her, this relates to the song well and is agood representation of the meaning of the song.