Meaningful business is profitable business


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Innovation must be meaningful. Meaningful Innovation and meaningful Business mean Profitable Business. Develop Customer focused strategies: Lean Six Sigma, Web Marketing, Content Management. There is a very strong connection between customers/employees’ happiness and Financial Profits in a company.
These 3 strategic leverages improve Customer Satisfaction and profitability.

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Meaningful business is profitable business

  1. 1. Meaningful business is profitable business.Empowering Meaningful Innovation
  2. 2. “None of them started alone.”Empowering Meaningful Innovation
  3. 3. “None of them wanted to become rich.”Empowering Meaningful Innovation
  4. 4. The MEANING is the valueEmpowering Meaningful Innovation
  5. 5. NOT the money.Empowering Meaningful Innovation
  6. 6. Innovation MUST be meaningful.Empowering Meaningful Innovation
  7. 7. “The best reason to start a business today is to make meaning; it’s to create a product or service to make the world a better place.” Guy KawasakiEmpowering Meaningful Innovation
  8. 8. “A business has to be involving, it has to be fun and it has to exercise your creative instincts.” Sir Richard BransonEmpowering Meaningful Innovation
  9. 9. “There is a strong connection between creating employee happiness and the tangible of financial profits.” Happy employees + Happy Customers = Profitable Business Chip ConleyEmpowering Meaningful Innovation
  10. 10. “We did not want to just sell shoes. It was not even into shoes, but I was passionate about customer service.” Tony HsiehEmpowering Meaningful Innovation
  11. 11. What to do?Empowering Meaningful Innovation
  12. 12. Develop Customer focused strategiesEmpowering Meaningful Innovation
  13. 13. Work on the UX User eXperience to improve Customer SatisfactionEmpowering Meaningful Innovation
  14. 14. How?Empowering Meaningful Innovation
  15. 15. Apply three strategic leverages 3Empowering Meaningful Innovation
  16. 16. Lean six Sigma strategy Eliminate wastes, improve profit margins, reduce costs, create continuous improvement.Empowering Meaningful Innovation
  17. 17. web marketing strategy Social Media is an extension of the business strategy,it accelerates the achievement of major business objectives.Empowering Meaningful Innovation
  18. 18. content management strategy To build effective and flexible processes and to align the communication governance to the market needs.Empowering Meaningful Innovation
  19. 19. They are relevant to the business environmentEmpowering Meaningful Innovation
  20. 20. Customers & Employees’ Happiness means Financial ProfitsEmpowering Meaningful Innovation
  21. 21. meet customer expectations means that you’ve been effective Your Customer is satisfied.Empowering Meaningful Innovation
  22. 22. meet customer desires means that you’ve been very effective Your Customer is very satisfied!Empowering Meaningful Innovation
  23. 23. meet unrecognized customer needs means that you’ve exceeded expectations Your Customer is “Happy!”Empowering Meaningful Innovation
  24. 24. Empowering Meaningful Innovation The winning mentality You can follow Luca Leonardini on:Empowering Meaningful Innovation