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Artifacts P P T
Artifacts P P T
Artifacts P P T
Artifacts P P T
Artifacts P P T
Artifacts P P T
Artifacts P P T
Artifacts P P T
Artifacts P P T
Artifacts P P T
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Artifacts P P T


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Artifacts
    • 2. Guiding Questions
      • 1. What is an artifact?
      • 2. What is one approach to developing a reflection to go with an artifact?
      • 3. How can you embed PPTs. PDFs and slideshows on your site?
      • 4. How can you embed images and video to your site?
    • 3. What is an artifact? Artifact –an item that the candidate creates to demonstrate knowledge, dispositions, and performances acquired within a particular course or experience.
    • 4. Helen Barretts Guide to Reflections
    • 5. As one of the projects for the practicum I had to create a WordPress manual to supplement the current e-Portfolio. I had done some technical writing in the past although with very little guidance. Completing the manual was an exercise in trial and error. How could I write a manual that the teacher candidates could easily follow? I began by only describing paths and instructions: To Write a Page: Dashboard>Write>Write Page Click on the write and then write page tabs. A page view will appear. Fill in the title and the page content in the visual editor. Click save. However after exploring examples of instructional manuals I realized I needed to also present the information visually. I asked around at work and figured out how to use Alt Print Screen to print screens. Then I opened them in paint and used the paintbrush tool to describe the process. The quality of these images really lacked. Here is an example:.
    • 6. Pictures
    • 7. Slideshow
    • 8. PDF
    • 9. Video: Bliptv
    • 10. Tasks
      • 1. Embed photos in your site with a URL
      • 2. Change one of the photo’s dimension to 100 by 100 pixels, change its alignment and set its borders and vertical and horizontal space
      • 3. Add the video to a page on your site using the provided password (user name: lucwrite, password: eportfolio.)
      • 4. Add a slideshare to a post using the provided password (Username: LucWrite password: ganesh23)