Planning for evaluation 2


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Planning for evaluation 2

  1. 1. Evaluation Luara Pires Kauana Labaldi Chantelle Gilkes
  2. 2. your mediaproduct (openingsequence) use, developor challenge forms andconventions of realmedia products (realfilms)?
  3. 3. INSPIRATIONAL FILMSSUNSET BOULEVARD. •Murdering men •Past obsessions •Tragedy •Death •Criminal •Guns •Anger •No consequence
  4. 4. INSPIRATIONAL FILMS DOUBLE INDEMNITY. •The use of detective •Investigation •Talked into a murder •Falling for the person not allow •Affairs
  5. 5. INSPIRATIONAL FILMS SIN CITY •Murder •No respect for the law •Investigation •Femme fatale •Romance •Affairs
  6. 6. NSPIRATIONAL FILMS BASIC INSTINCT •Investigator •Investigation •Seductive •Trying to get away •Dominant •Attractive •Smooth
  7. 7. How/why? They use/develop/challengeforms? SUNSET BOULEVARDFORMS USE/DEVELOP/CHAL WHY? LENGEBlack and Use •To show that theWhite Editing movie is film noir which mean black movie •To show the timeEstablishing Use/ •Establishing difference. shotShots •Give entire images Devel of places and op setting. Use •Create a specificMusic mood •Atmosphere •Sound effects
  8. 8. DOUBLE INDEMNITYFORMS USE/DEVELOP/CHALLE WHY? NGEBlack and Use They use various close •To show that the movie up to show specificWhite Editing is film noir which mean details and places. black movie •To show the time difference. They use various close upClose up Use/ to show specific detailsshots Devel and places. opMusic Use •Create a specific mood •Atmosphere •Sound effects •To create effects.
  9. 9. SIN CITYFORM USE/DEVELOP/CHALL WHY? ENGE •They use special effects to emphesise Special Use/Develop colours. Effects •Whole movie black and white. •Only colours used are green , red, blue. •They use various close up •Neo film noir. shots •establishing shot Shots Use/Develop • over the shoulder shot • extreme close up shots, which are all form to film noir, this is done to show specific details and places.Music •Create a specific mood Use •Atmosphere •Sound effects •To create effects.
  10. 10. DOUBLE INDEMINITYFORMS USE/DEVELOP/CHALL WHY? ENGEClose Use/Devel To emphasise certain importance.up opshotsLow Use To give show the importance of theangle lady.shots .music Use •Create a specific mood •Atmosphere •Sound effects •To create effects. •Create tension. .
  11. 11. How/why? they use/develop/challenge forms? SUNSET BOULEVARDConventions USE/DEVELOP/CHALL WHY? ENGE the narrator is the characterVoice Use/ telling his own story.over The villain is the femmeVillain Use/devel fatale develops as its a woman does this to show op the dominance of a woman in society and how they can be The victim is a man , dangerousVictim Challenge which challenges the conventions this is done because to show that man can also be The victim is a man , which .Femme Fatalle Use/ victims. challenges the conventions this is done because to show
  12. 12. Double Idemnityconvetions USE/DEVELOP/CHALL HOW/WHY? ENGEAffair Used Its the affair between suspect and the investigatorMurder Used The affair offers to kill her husband to get his money Used The victim here is a man and he is murdered and Victim no consequences, it is used to challenge the stereotype of men being domian.t
  13. 13. Sin cityconvetions USE/DEVELOP/CHALLE HOW/WHY? NGE In basic instinctinvestigatio Used investigation is used ton shown importance of a happeningseduction Used The woman in the movie uses seduction , this is done to show how woman can use seduce toFemme fatale Used o show her get away dominance.
  14. 14. Convent Use/ How? Screen shots Comparison ions Challeng e Femme /Develop Our character is Similarities to Use Fatale very dominant and Sun Set shows a lot of strong Boulevard: Both personality. femme fatales areVictim Use We have a victim very dominant Differences to Rafael which was Sin City: Victim is killed by our main now a male, to character. And his make man look death is being weak.Villain Challeng By being a women, investigated Similar to Basic e good looking for the Instinct: Women society her hobbies are both very are not conventions dominant on death. to a ‘normal’ killer.InvestigatoUse Investigator is Similar to Basicr used at the part . Instinct: Both of the investigators are interrogation. being tempted by the suspect. Similar to DoubleSeduction Use Character is trying . Idemnity: Investigat to seduce falls for the girl. investigator at
  15. 15. Forms Develop/ How? Comparison Screen shots Challenge / Use?Black Having the Sunsetand opening sequence Boulevard useWhite Use in black and white black and white except the throughout the flashbacks. whole film. Basic InstinctClose By having closeup ups when she is uses close ups UseShots remembering the when she is flashbacks. crossing her legs.Fade to black To end n/a Use the opening sequenceFade to white Every time n/a we have a Use flashbackBleach Our n/abypass Use flashbacks are all in this
  16. 16. Narrative and structure. The narrative of our movie is linear. It is set actual time , with just flash backs of the past.
  17. 17. 2. How does yourmedia product(openingsequence)representparticular social
  18. 18. Who/Social class is beingrepresented?LADIES/MEN/FEMME FATALEHIGHER CLASSBECAUSE OF :
  22. 22. FACIAL EXPRESSION (NEGATIVE) Disgust. Authority.
  24. 24. OUR SOCIAL CLASS REPRESENTATION LINKS TO OUR TARGET AUDIENCE ASWELL ASONE OF THE CATEGORIES OF OUR OPENING SEQUENCE IS : THE AGE BOUNDRY OF 30-40 – this links with our social class representation because of way our character is represented as experienced. THE CULTURAL LIFE STYLE : Traditional life style , this links as we show the traditional life style of a higher class person.
  25. 25. Why did we represent this socialgroup?We decided to represent this social group because : Of the time set of the film The character representation The use of femme fatale The effects used The setting.
  27. 27. 1ST DITRIBUTING COMPANYRESEARCHED Paramount Pictures What we found out during our research and why we thought it would be suitable: 1. it is one of the oldest distributing companies. 2. It distributed the most amount of film noir 3. Serves film worldwideReasons why it wasn’t suitable: 4. Good finance, they have made more than $300 million over 2011.1. Their budgets for films are higher than our budget.2. It hasn’t distributed any neo film noirs lately.
  28. 28. 2ND DISTRIBUTING COMPANY RESEARCHED Columbia Pictures What we found out during our research and why we thought it would be suitable: 1. It had partnership with paramount pictures 2. It is within the 5 distributingReasons why it wasn’t companies that distributed more thansuitable: 499 film noirs.1. Very hight budget 3. Distributed worldwide2. Hasn’t distributed any 4. Had the budget of $200 million over neo film noirs lately. 2011.3. The partenrship with paramount pictures makes it be a worldwide
  29. 29. CHOSENONE.
  30. 30. 3RD DISTRIBUTING COMPANY RESEARCHED Miramax What we found out during our research and why we thought it would be suitable: 1. More to do with the gender, usually produce films for female 2. Miramax produces film noirs 3. Miramax produces film with affairs 4. The budget of Miramax was of 150 million in 2011. 5. Owned by Disney 6. Miramax works with films with the budget of $10-20 million per film.
  31. 31. REASONS WHY WE DECIDEDTO CHOOSE MIRAMAX1. Centred on a female audience after the age of 12 , our target audience is on females.2. Produces Neo film noirs such as Sin city.3. Has themes of affairs and crimes.4. Works with budgets of $10-20 million per film.5. Smaller company.
  32. 32. TYPES OF FILMS RELEASED.Miramax movie. Our opening sequence. CHÉRI OUR OPENING SEQUENCE (Romance/suspense) 1. AFFAIRS 2. WOMAN DOMINANCE 3. FEMME FATALE
  33. 33. Miramax movie. Our opening sequence. Miramax movie. DIRTY PREETY THINGS OUR OPENING SEQUENCE (CRIME/DRAMA) 1. SECRETS 2. MYSTERIOUS 3. LONDON BASED.
  34. 34. MIRAMAX Our opening(crime/drama) sequence. 1. FILM NOIR 2. ROMANCE 3. Femme fatale 4. Crimes. 5. Death 6. Investigation.
  35. 35. Who would theaudience beinterested inyour media
  36. 36. Target audienceHobbies: Cinema, fashion, antique.Age: 30-40Gender: Mostly Female, but someolder men. English/ American/Ethinicity:German.Lifestyle: Traditional, cultural, used to havingtechnology but still likening the old versions of films.Likes women power, feels proud about their sex. Location: People that live in the city. will out target audience be Why• Target Audience will be interested because our opening sequence interested? shows enigma, culture, fashionable and very feminist.• They way our film is edited creates a lot of enigma, we use extreme close up shots to emphasize important things. We also use zoom in and zoom out to show different places and times. Flash backs are also used to show scenes of the past to make the present scene more clear.
  37. 37. List of things we did to attract ouraudience. Followed the conventions Challenged some of the stereotypes Used props affectively Plots is unusual and different Had a good amount of close ups Characters were represented well Clear narrative Clear story
  38. 38. Target AudienceAudience were attract to our opening sequence because the plot is very different and it challenges some of the stereotypes. The narrative is easy to follow as our target audience prefers simpler films.
  39. 39. BBFC
  40. 40. BBFC BBFC OPENING SEQUENCE OURDiscrimination DiscriminationDiscriminatory language or behaviour We are not discriminating anyone.must not be endorsed by the work asa whole.Drugs Drugs:Any misuse of drugs must be infrequent We are using cigarettes , but its not beingand should not be glamorised or glamorised or instructional.give instructional detail.HorrorModerate physical and psychological Horror:threat may be permitted, provided We are not having horror indisturbing sequences are not frequent or any form.sustained.Imitable behaviour Imitable behaviour:Dangerous behaviour (for example, We are not applying any ofhanging, suicide and self-harming) should these into our film.not dwell on detail which could be copied,Languageor appear pain or harm free. Language:The use of strong language (for We are not using any strongexample, ‘fuck’) must be infrequent. language.Nudity Nudity:Nudity is allowed, but in a sexual context No nuditymust be brief and discreet.Sex .SexSexual activity may be briefly We are only showing a very discreet
  41. 41. BBFC
  42. 42. What have youlearnt abouttechnologies fromthe process ofconstructing thisproduct?
  43. 43. RESEARCH  Computers  Google  DVD player  DVDs  PowerPoint  Active board.
  44. 44. RESEARCHDVD players watch DVDs research the different techniques used in real films gain inspiration for our opening sequencePowerPoint slides with all the information examples we gained in our researchInteractive bored present presentations Of what we found in our research
  45. 45. BRAINSTORMING/PLANNING: Cameras PowerPoint Computers Google Usb cables Usb Active board. Internet.
  46. 46. BRAINSTORMING/PLANNING:Internet Gain examples of movies Inspirational scenesUsb We used to save our presentations Also to present our work on the interactive white boardsUsb cable Used it to transfer images from our camera to the computer
  47. 47. BLOGS: Computer Google Internet BloggerCamera cables Iphone PowerPoint
  48. 48. blogIphone We used iphone to take pictures- As evidence Costumes CharactersInternet We used internet to update blogger We used slide share to upload PowerPoints to bloggerUsb cable Upload photos from iphone to blog Evidence of filming Setting
  49. 49. PRELIMINARY: iMacs Computers Camera Tripod PowerPoint Active board Internet Camera cable Photography camera Iphone iMovie
  50. 50. DRAFT 1 : DRAFT 2 : DRAFT 3 :•Camera •Camera ALL OF•Tripod •Tripod •Memory card THOSE•Memory card DRAFT 4 : •Imac•Imac •Garage band ALL OF•Imovie •Imovie•Garage band•Garage band THOSE•ITunes •ITunes DRAFT 5:•Internet •YouTube ALL OF•Google •Internet THOSE •Google
  51. 51. Things we used for our Draft 1 Opening Sequence DRAFT 1 : Camera Tripod Memory card Imac Imovie Garage Band ITunes Internet Google
  52. 52. Draft 1/2/3/4/5Imovie Upload our footage to the computers Editing our first draft Add transitions/ EffectsGarage band We used garage band to record voice overs Also to put music into our openingTripod To make our footage steady Control camera angles Control camera movement
  53. 53. Preliminary  Grade:  With this task we learned how to edit and how to use the camera in a variety of shots and angles.
  54. 54. Opening Sequence draft 1 Draft 1:Grade: 1B We got this grade because our location and framing was very poor and our focus. We also didn’t use the editing techniques and transitions affectively. We now learned how to frame our characters correctly, found a better location.
  55. 55. Opening Sequence draft 2 Draft 2: Grade: 2C We had this grade because the flashbacks we was using was not affective and clear and our credits was not good. We now added extra flashbacks to be more specific on what we want to emphasize.
  56. 56. Opening Sequence draft 3 Draft 3: Grade: 2A/3C We have this grade because we didn’t do well on the titles and credits. We now learned where to put the titles and credits and we also use better fonts.
  57. 57. Opening Sequence draft 4 Draft 4: Grade: 3A We have this grade because we had good shots, and our framing was very clear and we used rule of thirds very affectively but our voice over was not correct We now have a new script for voice over and we added more shots.
  58. 58. Opening Sequence Final Draft Draft 5: Grade: A2 We got this grade because we had really good framing, filming appropriate material for the target audience. We now learned that we should have had a voice over for the male investigator and more variety of shots.