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  • 1. Story board.Investigator smith comes in Investigator smith comes inthe room. Long shot Investigator smith seats Investigator starts to look the room. Mid shot down. Mid shot. over files. Mid shot. Open s folder and takes Takes a pen. Mid shot..Get the folder. Close up out files. Close up shot. Opens starts to write, overshot shoulder shot.. Investigator smith drinksStarts to write , close up Looks over file while picks his coffee and phone Close up shot, he picks upshot. up hes coffe. Mid shot rings. Mid shot the phone.
  • 2. Talks to on the phone mid Talks on the phone, close shot. Goes back to reading over Writes valentina up shot of his mouth. files. Mid shot. name , close up shot.Close up shot of Valentines feet Valentina drops the Valentina drops the Panning of Valentinaas she comes in.. cigarette. Close up cigarette and steps as she comes in from shot on it. Close up shot. toe to head. Reverse shot Mid Close up shot of shot of Valentina Valentina seats Valentina crossing Mid shot of answering the first down. Two shot. her legs. Investigator asking question.
  • 3. Close up shot of Valentina Flashback , close up shot ofInvestigator reply, mid shot. playing with keys. Flashback , close up shot of Valentina feet Valentina feats, while her dress falls on the floor.Close up shot of Valentina Close up shot of Valentina Close up shot of Valentinataking her legs out of the putting on her stockings.. putting on her lipstick Close up shot of Valentinashower. putting on her lipstick Investigator gets plasticLong shot of Valentina Investigator looks over at Close up shot of investigator paper inside the drawerleaving the house. Valentina. writing details down. close up shot.
  • 4. Two shot of both Valentina and investigator. Investigator shows the Close up shot of the platic to valentina mid Over shoulder shot of plastic, while Valentina Valentina of valentina shot. picks it up. looking at paper. Close up shot of investigator picking up picture from inside folder.Close up shot of valentina Extreme Close up shot ofanswer. Mid shot of valentina. valentina answer.Close up shot investigator Mid shot of investigator Close up shot of picture on Investigator looks over atlooking at picture. asking valentina a the table. valentina mid shot.