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  1. 1. Assigment13 : filming Jobs.
  2. 2. LuaraKauanaChantelle
  3. 3. Director DIRECTOR: -This person should have A’s/B’s in subject and excellent leadership skills. -Main person in charge of how the film is made/should look. -Responsible and can overlook. -people/scripts/plans to create new spontaneous ideas. -How to set the mood and visual look (angles and mise-en-scene) of the film. -Instructs first assistant director and works with Director of Photography.
  4. 4. Examples of the job.
  5. 5. Steven Spielberg • one of the most influential film personalities in the history of film • Steven Spielberg is perhaps Hollywoods best known director and one of the wealthiest filmmakers in the world.director • Director and producer
  6. 6. ALFRED HITCHCOCK-Considered one of the best film director.-Has directed famous movies such as the‘PSYCHO’-Joined the film industry in the 1920’s.
  7. 7. What will I do to be successful at this job?• Try to keep the filming times organise• I will keep the script and plans always to the best standards.• Will try to encourage the other members as much as i can for all of us to be successful.• Will always have the characters costumes and props organised.• Will overlook the other jobs.
  8. 8. Art director ART DIRECTOR = (PROPS/COSTUMES & CONTINUITY) -This person should have excellent listening and ‘ability to work quickly’ skills and strong ATTENTION TO DETAIL!! -Art director is responsible to all props and costumes. They make sure all props/costumes are ready to go and everyone is wearing/got everything they needs. -Makes sure and checks the supply of props (E.g. Enough supplies/props if scene is to be re-shot a few times. -Replenishes props if needed. -Records prop and costume positioning, which ensures that there is good continuity. (Have paper to write down)
  9. 9. Examples of the job.
  10. 10. Rick Carter• Rick carter is originally a photographer• He has art directed major movies such as avatar and forest Gump• Has won many Oscar nominations.
  11. 11. Kim Sinclair-Kim Sinclair has also art directed movies such asAvatar and The last Samurai.-he has lately art directed the movie TinTin.-Won the Oscars.
  12. 12. What will I do to be successful at this job?• I will always keep the costumes together.• I will always take the costumes to the filming.• I will remember what costumes actors were wearing.• I will keep the costumes and props in good standards.• I will make the costumes and props are always available.
  13. 13. Camera Man CAMERA OPERATOR (everyone)* -should have technical abilities to work camera and excellent listening skills, must respect and value others instructions/ideas. -This/these people operate cameras, following instructions from Assistant Director and director of Photography. -Films the scene using equipment; cameras (2), tripods etc.
  14. 14. Examples of the job.
  15. 15. Jack Cardiff• Jack Cardiff• Filmed movies such as Rambo and the Conan.• One of the greatest cinematographers.• Won an Oscar in 2001.
  16. 16. What will I do to be successful at this job?• I will try to cope with doing the acting and filming some scenes.• I will have a good knowledge of filming shots and angles.• I will always look after the camera.• I will help the other camera operators.