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Ltech India  Dare To Miss The Revolution Next The Mobile Revolution
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Ltech India Dare To Miss The Revolution Next The Mobile Revolution


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With over 4.1 billion mobile phone subscriptions and 3.3 billion people having mobile phones, and over 90% of the population living in a area covered by a cellphone base station signal, mobile phone …

With over 4.1 billion mobile phone subscriptions and 3.3 billion people having mobile phones, and over 90% of the population living in a area covered by a cellphone base station signal, mobile phone technology provides the platform to launch itself for mass and personal communication to the global population. Indeed the Mobile is the Revolution NEXT,the Next
Paradigm SHIFT, This Presentation by will show you HOW?

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Dare to miss Revolution NEXT?
  • 2. The MOBILE
  • 3. “The New PARADIGM is mobile computing and mobility”
    “That has the potential to change the economics of the internet business and to redistribute profits yet again.”
    David B Yoffie, a professor at the Harvard Business School
  • 4.  “The mobile internet is Google’s biggest opportunity for new growth.”
    Eric E Schmidt, Chief Executive, Google
    “We are incredibly excited about the opportunities that we see in mobile,”
    Vic Gundotra, Vice President of engineering at Google.
    " Nexus One is the next front of our core business,"
    Andy Rubin, Google's Vice President of engineering.
  • 5. Google unveiled Nexus One on Jan 2010
  • 6. Mobile Growth
    2000 – 2009
  • 7. An estimated4.1bnmobile phone subscriptions till 2009
    - International Telecommunications Union (ITU), an agency of the UN
    There was 1bnin 2002
  • 8. That is
    Subscription for 6 out of 10in Planet Earth
  • 9. Total subscriptions grew 563%
    The data revenue grew 32,600%
    The overall revenues grew over 400%
  • 10. 33% growthin 2010 - Global Mobile Media Industry
    (The industry has the potential to beat this projection)
  • 11. Africa
    The fastest growing Continent
    Internet users on mobile phone grew by 350%by the end of 2009
  • 12.  Get ready for The NEXT
    Paradigm SHIFT
  • 13. 'Mobile internet' stage of computing will be 10 times bigger than the PC/internet era of computing”
    Morgan Stanley
  • 14. “Total reach of computing had grown by a factor of 10”
    - Morgan Stanley
    Mainframe Computing - 10 million Users
    Desktop PC - 100 million users
    Internet PC - 1000 million users
    Mobile internet heading to – 10000 million users
  • 15. 1,000,000,000,000Dollar industry
    25 Billion dollars - total digital content incomes delivered online
    Over 80% is earned through the mobile phone. 
    Mobile advertising - 3 Billion Dollars
    MMS - 26 Billion dollars
    SMS - $ 100 Billion Dollars
  • 16. Mobile content worth more than
    all global cinema box office revenues
    all global video gaming industry software income
    all global music industry income
  • 17. Smart Phone ERA
  • 18. Worldwide there are 450 millionSmartphone in use in December 2009
    - IDC
  • 19. “The modern Smartphone of today is as powerfulas a desktop of 8 years ago”
    - Morgan Stanley
  • 20. The iPhone and iPod Touch the second most widely used portable gaming platform
    Overtaking the Playstation Portable (PSP) and now only trailing Nintendo. 
  • 21. Speed Revolution
  • 22. 3G data rates - 2.45 Mbit/s to 3.1 Mbit/s
    4Gdata rates - 100 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s
    By 2011 it is expected that wireless companies will launch 4G Broadband networks
  • 23. World Connectivity
  • 24. Calling Everest
    In 2007 China Telecom installed a mast near the Everest base camp
    With 100,000 phone mastserected each year, the number of places with "no signal" is dwindling fast.
    "More than 90%of the global population now has access," said Gabriel Solomon of mobile trade body GSMA.
  • 25. Mobile
  • 26. “People buyiPhone to use its apps”
  • 27. Apple’s App Store
    launched in July 2008 with just 500 applications
    Now has over 100,000 applications
    Apple announced on Jan. 5 2010
    Over 3 billion applications downloaded
  • 28. "There are now about 10,000 applications for Android
    There will be 50,000 to 75,000 applications by the end of 2010.” - IDC
  • 29. Total value of all apps sold in all Apps Stores was worth 343 million dollars.
    -Yankee Group, 2009
  • 30. Do you think Developing Mobile Apps is a Herculean Task??
    Think Again
  • 31. Creating mobile applications has suddenly become sexy and a very in-thing after the success of some very cool applications at iTunes App Store.
    Developers have found an opportunity to make it BIGby creating mobile applications.
  • 32. There are many firms in market which provides simplest method for creating and distributing applications.
    Platform allows anyone with basic knowledge of programming to create applications
    Mobile application portal makes searching relevant applications pretty simple
  • 33. “In Coming future anyone with basic knowhow will develop mobile apps”
  • 34.  “Are you still thinking to go for Mobile apps or not”
  • 35. Get ready for NEW paradigm SHIFT
    Come with us at