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Networking skills  rotaract - feb2014
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Networking skills  rotaract - feb2014 Networking skills rotaract - feb2014 Document Transcript

  • 1 The 10 Commandments for Better Networking Leahcim Semaj, PhD February 28, 2014 Commandment 1: Always have your tools. Have the tools to network with you at all times. Pen/pencil, notepad, smart phone, business cards, a brochure (or resume) Don’t just hand them out indiscriminately -That makes them seem less valuable. Commandment 2: Networking is more like farming than hunting. You will be more successful in the long run by cultivating relationships with people than by trying to close the deal in a first meeting. Commandment 3: Understand where you are in the pecking order The “rules” for networking with peers are pretty straightforward: follow up promptly, connect with them on LinkedIn, offer to buy them coffee or lunch. Those rules don’t work for people who are above you in status. Connecting with someone above you on the food chain, you need to give them a very good reason. (What’s in it for them?) Commandment: 4 People remember engaging people Listen and ask questions. You have two ears and one mouth, use them proportionately. Find out about their business as well as their outside interests. (Keep fine-tuning your elevator speech)
  • 2 Commandment 5: The law of Karma is real - It is in giving that you receive. Give leads or referrals whenever possible. If you don’t genuinely attempt to help the people you meet, then you are not networking effectively. Reciprocity builds the relationship. Success in business is the result of service and relationships. Introduce others to people you have already met, especially if they have something in common. Meet people who are standing by themselves. If you are in a group, open up to others and make it easy for them to join your circle. Commandment 6: The little things count for much. Small courtesies count a lot in today’s world. A thank-you note or follow-up call after someone has given you a They are more likely to remember you and be interested in helping you again. If you see an article that might be of interest to someone, send or e- mail a copy. Commandment 7: Grow Your Quality Network What’s your strategy for meeting new people? Get out of your comfort zone. One good contact where you have made a real connection with a person can be far more valuable than 20 people who can’t remember your name and have no impression about you. On the other hand, you may need to circulate so you know who is there.
  • 3 Commandment 8: Have a Good Business card strategy Write notes on the backs of business cards you collect.(and have a filing system) Record anything you think may be useful in remembering people or the conversations you had, especially anything you promised to do.. Commandment: 9 Keep it Real - First Impressions Last Be your best self. Be authentic. Remember, you are building relationships that may last a long time. People trust you more when they see a consistent pattern of behavior. Trust and knowledge are the basis of developing a relationship. Sometimes it is just better to skip an event if you are not at your best, Feeling under the weather or stressed? You do want to present yourself in a positive and professional manner. Commandment 10: Close the circuit Follow up! (and Feedback) This is the most important part of networking. Ask for permission to call or e-mail or send information. Then do whatever you say you are going to do. If someone has helped you get an interview or gave you a referral, keep in touch and let them know how things went. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dr. Leahcim Semaj is noted among the leading Creative Thinkers, Problem Solvers and Motivational Speakers in the Caribbean. This Psychologist combines the ancient wisdom of The East with the contemporary ‘livity’ of Rastafari to bring fresh insight to old human problems. He is a frequent facilitator for Strategic Planning Retreats, Cultural Alignment and Organizational Restructuring. He is Chief Ideator & Resultant at his company, The JobBank. He has conducted Staff Selection and Development Programmes for a wide range of sectors across the Caribbean.