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Leadership and the law of attraction   aug2013
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Leadership and the law of attraction aug2013



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Leadership and the law of attraction   aug2013 Leadership and the law of attraction aug2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Leadership 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 1 UWI, Mona Leahcim Semaj
  • Mobile: 876.383.5627 Skype: LSemaj Office: 876.948.5627 Twitter: LSemaj Email: Semaj@LTSemaj.com Facebook: Leahcim.Semaj.PhD www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 2
  • 3 a) Provides vision and direction, values and purposes b) Inspire people to work together with common vision and purpose 8/15/2013 3www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • 4  Brain theory research explains why some people are excellent producers but poor managers  or great managers but weak leaders 8/15/2013 4www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 5
  • 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 6
  • Did he manage Or lead? 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 8
  • This can be by direct or indirect actions intended or un-intended actions 8/15/2013 9www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  1.Your first mistake  is to assume that people are rational  2.Your second mistake  is assuming that people are eager for change  3.The third mistake we make  is assuming that once someone knows things the way you know them,  they will choose what you chose 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 10
  • FOR you 8/15/2013 11www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • FOR people 8/15/2013 12www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • Your partner, children, workteam… 8/15/2013 13www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • people 8/15/2013 14www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • THEMSELVES 8/15/2013 15www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • which increase or decrease the probability of people changing themselves 8/15/2013 16www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • WishfulThinking Threats Punishment Promises Rewards Motivation Inspiration 8/15/2013 17www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • www.LTSemaj.com 18  Displaying “Management” Characteristics  will get you promoted to middle management  Displaying “leadership” characteristics  will get you to the top  True leaders break things and take risks to build long-term value  AlWasserberger Founder, Chairman and CEO, SpirianTechnologies Chicago - IL US 8/15/2013 18www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • www.LTSemaj.com 19  Leadership is about doing the right thing, not the easy thing  MichaelVolkema  The acts of the leader are the acts of the nation  If the leader is just, the nation is just;  if he is unjust, the nation too is unjust and is punished for the sins of the leader  Zohar 8/15/2013 19www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • www.LTSemaj.com 20 With good leadership, any problem can be solved. William R. Rhodes 8/15/2013 20www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • www.LTSemaj.com 21  People don't want to be managed  They want to be led  Whoever heard of a world manager?  World leader, yes  Educational leader. Political leader. Religious leader. Scout leader. Community leader. Labour leader. Business leader. Gang Leader  They lead.They don't manage 8/15/2013 21www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • www.LTSemaj.com 22  Ask your horse.  You can lead your horse to water,  But you can't manage him to drink 8/15/2013 22www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • www.LTSemaj.com 23  Manage yourself  Do that well and you'll be ready to stop managing  And start leading 8/15/2013 23www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • Believe Feel Think 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 24
  • ByTristan Loo 8/15/2013 25www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 26
  •  We attract into our lives anything that we give attention to,  regardless whether it be positive or negative  From a psychological view,  the law of attraction can be best explained by the information filtering system of the brain  known as the reticular activating system (RAS) 8/15/2013 27www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • 8/15/2013 28www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  The RAS is an automatic mechanism inside your brain  serves as a filter between your conscious and subconscious mind  bringing relevant information to your attention  it plays a vital role in your ability to achieve goals 8/15/2013 29www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  Here are 3 examples of famous people who have used the techniques of visualization to activate the law of attraction in their lives 8/15/2013 32www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  Successful entrepreneur and author, John Assaraf, brought the age-old concept of a vision board to the mainstream public by relating his story of it in the motivational documentary,  The Secret.  In May of 2000, John was working in his home office inside his beautiful new home in Southern California when his five-year old son came in and asked him what were in the dusty boxes in the corner of his home office.  John told him that it contained his vision boards. 8/15/2013 33www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  His son didn’t understand what they were, so John opened one of the boxes to show him.  When John pulled out the second board from the box, he began to cry.  On it was a picture of a 7000 square foot house on top of six acres of spectacular land that he had seen and cut out from Dream Homes magazine in 1995.  It was the exact house that he had just purchased several weeks prior  A sure testament to the law of attraction at work 8/15/2013 34www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  The late martial arts legend and my own personal role- model, Bruce Lee, understood the power of the law of attraction.  As a struggling entrepreneur and actor, Bruce sat down one day and wrote the following letter to himself:  “By 1980, I will be the best known oriental movie star in the United States and will have secured $10 million dollars…  And in return, I will give the very best acting I could possibly give every single time I am in front of the camera and I will live in peace and harmony.” 8/15/2013 35www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  In 1973, months after Bruce’s untimely death, the blockbuster movie Enter the Dragon was released in both the United States and China, elevating Bruce to the level of an international star.  that very letter that Bruce wrote to himself is hanging up on one of the walls at Planet Hollywood in NewYork City. 8/15/2013 36www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  As a struggling young comedian trying to make it in the make or break city of Hollywood,  Jim Carrey was just about ready to give up his dream of becoming a professional actor and comedian.  He had just performed at an open mic session at one of the nightclubs in Los Angeles and had been booed off the stage by his audience.  He sat by himself at the top of Mulholand Drive and looked out at the city below him  the city that held his future success or failure. 8/15/2013 37www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  He then pulled out his check book and wrote himself a check for $10 million dollars and made a note on it:  “for acting services rendered.”  He then carried that check with him in his wallet everywhere he went from that day forward.  By 1995, after the success of his blockbuster movies:  AceVentura: Pet Detective, Dumb and Dumber, andThe Mask,  His contract price had risen to the price of $20 million dollars 8/15/2013 38www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  Figure out what you want in your life  and then commit yourself 100% towards making that first step of creating your vision board  activating the law of attraction  to pull your dreams into reality 8/15/2013 39www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • WhyThe Law Of Attraction FailsTo Work For Many People  Jeremy Gislason  http://www.mindmaptoriches.com 8/15/2013 41www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  is very easy to apply in your life. However, it is also easy to misunderstand it. 8/15/2013 42www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  many individuals still can’t get the law of attraction to work for them  There are some law of attraction mistakes people tend to make  without being aware of it. 8/15/2013 43www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  One of the most common mistakes is ingratitude.  After all, the law of attraction is based on gratitude.  When you’re not grateful for what you have,  you tend to attract a lot of unwanted negative energy into your life. 8/15/2013 44www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  This might require a real shift of attitude for some people; but unless you find it in your heart to thank the universe for what you have, you’ll find the universe a little less generous in return.  So why don’t you make the first move?  When you wake up each day, be grateful that you are alive. 8/15/2013 45www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  When you see the sun setting down,  be grateful that you have sight.  When you hear something beautiful playing,  be grateful that you have the opportunity to hear it.  Do this everyday and gratitude will soon come naturally to you. 8/15/2013 46www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  A lot of people think that the law of attraction is like a genie in the bottle,  that the universe will be able to give you your dream home in just a matter of seconds. 8/15/2013 47www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  While the concept does seem to work like that,  you can’t exactly put a time frame on the process.  When you feel impatience with the universe,  you’ll start sending off waves of negativity.  That will automatically put your wish on hold. 8/15/2013 48www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  The law of attraction works on faith.  If you don’t believe it will happen,  it will never happen.  If you think you believe,  but still in your heart there’s some tinge of doubt,  it would still be very difficult for you to manifest your dreams. 8/15/2013 49www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  "It is not good for all our wishes to be filled;  through sickness we recognize the value of health;  through evil, the value of good;  through hunger, the value of food;  through exertion, the value of rest." ▪ Greek Proverb 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 50
  • 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 5151 Even before they finish praying to me, I will answer their prayers ISAIAH 65:24
  • 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 52August 15, 2013 www.jobbank-ja.com 52 Realise that we have an unlimited account with the universal bank Our faith is the deposit Our prayers make the withdrawals.
  • 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 53August 15, 2013 www.jobbank-ja.com 53  Attempting to obtain blessing by fraud  Insufficient funds  Unclear effects  Refer to drawer  Post dated  Stale dated
  • 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj ‹#›
  • 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 55August 15, 2013 www.jobbank-ja.com 55 Because they do not recognize the answer  We ask God for Wisdom  God gives us problems to solve, making us Wise
  • 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 56August 15, 2013 www.jobbank-ja.com 56  We plead for Prosperity  God gives us brain and brawn to Work with  We request courage  God gives us Danger to overcome  We ask for favours  God gives us Opportunities  Yes, all prayers are answered ▪ Rusea’s High School Office
  •  If you have not experienced success during your first tries, you should not be disappointed. Instead, you should keep moving forward towards your goal.  The law of attraction does not always work the first time, especially if you keep making the same mistakes.  So if you fail this time around,  why don’t you read about the other law of attraction mistakes in this article and see which areas you can improve on? 8/15/2013 57www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  The universe is not something you can really command.  You can’t expect what you want to happen the exact way you want it. 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 58
  •  Once you start dictating how you expect your desire to manifest, you are cutting off other avenues for which that desire can enter your life.  The way the law of attraction works is that you ask for it,  and let the universe give it to you in the way it intends to. 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 59
  •  We all have certain beliefs that we’re not 100% conscious of.  These beliefs might be hidden deep inside of us, emerging only at the most crucial moment.  These beliefs may not necessarily be harmful, but they may also be a hindrance to the law of attraction. 8/15/2013 60www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  One of the most common limiting beliefs is the idea of “I don’t deserve this.”  Once this thought enters your mind (or your heart even), the universe will interpret is as “I don’t want this.”  Part of the charm of the law of attraction is that it encourages you to open yourself up to the universe.  Don’t be held back by these negative beliefs. Instead, assure yourself that you are, indeed, worthy of having such a gift. 8/15/2013 61www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  why don’t you try embracing more of life?  Read about how every one of us truly deserves a happy ending.  Get rid of all your drama and angst. 8/15/2013 62www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  It has the capacity to give you whatever you want  However, there are a lot of law of attraction mistakes you can make if you’re not careful 8/15/2013 63www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  However, these are pretty easy to deal with as long as you stay aware of your thoughts, emotions and actions.  And as long as you’re open to change and improvement,  you too can harness the astonishing powers of the universe. 8/15/2013 64www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • Based on DepakChopra 8/15/2013 65www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  People use it like a wish magnet.  They bait the hook with a dream,  toss it out into the universe and expect to draw in money,  a soul mate,  happiness  whatever big fish they want to land. 8/15/2013 66www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • Gravity isn't selective. It pulls on everything, not just the things you want it to pull. 8/15/2013 67www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  it attracts to you many things at once, not just one thing.  The obstacles you meet are part of the whole picture.  For that reason, this law can't be used as a wish magnet, even though it would be wonderful if it could.  I think it's more useful to use another spiritual law,  the law of reflection. 8/15/2013 68www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  the whole situation around you is you.  "I am what I see. What I see is me."  Once you see it is only you reflecting yourself back, what happens?  You become more self-aware.  As self-awareness expands,  you become much clearer and focused on what you truly want.  Then and only then  can the law of attraction work for you reliably 8/15/2013 69www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  Do what it takes to reduce your sense of being stressed 8/15/2013 71www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • Do what it takes not to be afraid 8/15/2013 72www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  Do what it takes to have hope and a sense of power over your own fate 8/15/2013 73www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  Do what it takes to reclaim control over your own fate 8/15/2013 74www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  •  Maybe you will need to take outer action;  surely you will have to take inner action.  At bottom, whenever you see something negative in your reflection, 3 choices present themselves:  Do I put up with it?  Do I fix it?  Do I walk away? 8/15/2013 75www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • It takes self- awareness to know how to make them. 8/15/2013 76www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj
  • 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 77
  • 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj ‹#›
  • 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj ‹#›
  •  The archer sets up for the kill by pulling back and holding the bow,  but the accuracy of the shot is determined by  knowing just when to let go  Both components are critical 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 80
  • "Knowledge is learning something new every day. Wisdom is letting go of something every day." ▪Zen Proverb 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 81
  • 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 82
  •  50% of your focus should be focused on shaping the future,  30% should be on perfecting the present,  20% should be on reviewing and learning from the past.  You cannot safely go forward by spending all your time viewing life through the rear view mirror. 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 83
  • Believe Feel Think 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 84
  • Leadership 8/15/2013 www.SlideShare.net/LSemaj 85 UWI, Mona Leahcim Semaj