Loylogic: Freddie Award 2008 - Frequent Flyer Preferences


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Freddie Awards 2008: Results of the frequent flyer survey

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Loylogic: Freddie Award 2008 - Frequent Flyer Preferences

  1. 1. Frequent Flyer Survey The Survey During the 2008 Freddie Awards voting process, Loylogic asked frequent flyers for their opinion about redeeming their miles. From January 15 to February 29, 2008, frequent flyers that filled out the survey had a chance to win an Apple iPod Touch 8GB. The Panel Loylogic collected over 9,000 votes from members of more than 60 different frequent flyer programs. Most voters are members of Delta SkyMiles, followed by AAdvantage, Jet Privilege, Miles & More and United Mileage Plus (top 5), with a regional split as follows: 14% Americas 57% 29% 57% EMEA 29% Asia/Pacific 14% The Results 2 1 During the last 3 years, how has the value of frequent flyer Are you satisfied with redeeming miles for the flight miles changed? rewards you want? 5% Very satisfied Decreased 32% 37% 29% 21% Satisfied Unchanged Somewhat satisfied Increased Dissatisfied 34% 42% 4 3 How would fully flexible miles-plus-cash reward How important are non-flight rewards for you? payment increase the value of your FFP miles? 6% 16% 13% More important than flight rewards 26% Would change my world An alternative to flight rewards I would really like it A nice to have 36% 35% Not at all 68% Not important
  2. 2. 5 What are your preferred non-flight reward categories? Travel (e.g., hotel, car rental, vacations, ...) 6% 8% Merchandise (e.g., electronics, music, accessories, ...) 2% 2% Experiences (e.g., adventures, wellness, cooking classes, ...) 43% 5% Auctions (e.g., VIP event tickets, one-of-a-kind rewards, ...) 8% Raffles (e.g., buy raffle tickets for a chance to win a great car ...) 26% Gaming (e.g., poker, casino gambling, betting, ...) Conversions (e.g., exchange miles into other FFP currencies) Donations (e.g., charity, ...) 7 6 Have you ever thought of switching from your co-branded What is most important to you in non-flight rewards? airline credit card to a credit card program? 18% 19% Top brands Already done that 40% Huge selection Thinking about it 52% 29% Great value Not an option 42% The Findings Savvy frequent flyers (the ones participating at the Freddie Awards voting) are generally satisfied with redeeming their miles for the flights they want. However, less than 30% of frequent flyers feel that the value of their miles has increased. In line with this finding, 40% of frequent flyers also consider switching from their airline co-brand credit card to a credit card program – one in five already has done so. Miles-plus-cash reward payment is a flexibility that 94% of frequent flyers want. More than 50% of frequent flyers, consider non-flight rewards ‘An alternative to flight rewards’ - one in six even considers non-flight rewards ‘More important than flight rewards’. Irrelevant of the reward category, more than 50% of frequent flyers seek ‘Great value’ when redeeming miles for non-flight rewards. The Contacts For more detailed information on the survey results, please contact: Robert Moerland Phone +41 43 500 51 55 Email robert.moerland@loylogic.com © 2008 Loylogic Inc. All Rights Reserved.