Forthcoming EventsRetail Leadership Summit 2013India is a nation of shopkeepers with innovative competencies to delight cu...
Forthcoming Eventsfor a lower price. Consequently,          change their focus of business           Where senior represen...
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Retail leadership summit 2013


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Turning Consumer Footfalls into Retail Gains
The Loyalty Track at the Retail Leadership Summit 2013 in Mumbai is co-sponsored by LoyaltyOne. Featured sessions include:
- Chris Goodale (VP, Sobey's) keynote address: An Insider's View on Global Retail Markets
- Panel Discussion: Leveraging the Customer Asset for Increased Profitability, featuring Chris Goodale and senior leaders from Lifestyle, Trent and Shoppers Stop, hosted by Caroline Papadatos
- Workshop: Converting Customer Footfalls into Financial Gains, hosted by Caroline Papadatos

Register at the official site of Retail Association of India. (

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Retail leadership summit 2013

  1. 1. Forthcoming EventsRetail Leadership Summit 2013India is a nation of shopkeepers with innovative competencies to delight customers. Theevolutionary process has been quite exciting for modern retailers, who have had to re-examine the traditional methods of retailing, constantly upgrade processes and practices anddevelop them in order to increase their market share. Modern retail in India witnesses highproperty costs and operational costs while the sales transaction sizes are not very large. Inresponse to this combination of inherent consumption demand and a tight cost structure;retailers in India need to develop indigenous models of innovation in five key aspects of thevalue chain namely – Space, Merchandise, Price, People and Processes.A lso with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in retail getting a nod, retaillandscape will change further. Asretail organisations respond to such tion capability is a big opportunity for retail. However there are also cost challenges. This propels Indian Retailers to innovate in various aspects of retail including space, that retailers have to get a larger share of time and wallet of consum- ers. Innovation and local adaptation of international retail strategies are essential elements to thrive in thisexperiences, they also cull out and people, products, pricing, processes, market. Retail Leadership Summitshare best practices that are worth finance etc. and that is what the aims at creating a platform for variousreplicating. Committed to the growth summit aims to do – to create people to connect, converse,of organised retail in India, Retailers thought leadership. collaborate, celebrate with others inAssociation of India (RAI) has always the industry and create new strategictaken various initiatives to boost the Citing the theme of the Summit, focus for businesses.”industry through its various work- Kumar Rajagopalan, chief executiveshops and annual events. The most officer, RAI shares “Retailers in India The Summit shall also see LoyaltyOneimportant being its flagship event - can see high opportunity to sell to as its co-presenter and they shall beThe Retail Leadership Summit (RLS). customers. However customers too talking about the companys mostTaking the tradition forward, are getting accustomed to competi- important asset – its customers!February 07 - 08, 2013 shall see the tive retail offerings and channel options and they know that it is time The traditional business model as it is5th edition of RLS taking place in generally understood holds that aMumbai at Grand Hyatt, Santacruz to demand for items where they want , when they want and at prices they company must focus on manufactur-East, Mumbai. ing a gamut of products and services. want. Media explosion, internet,The central theme of the Summit for smart phones, social media and travel Owing to the high competition inRLS 2013 is “An invitation to options are creating various demands most markets, it is forced to produceInnovation”. Indias huge consump- for time of consumers. This means mass quantities of the same product 108 | January - February 2013 |
  2. 2. Forthcoming Eventsfor a lower price. Consequently, change their focus of business Where senior representatives frommarketing has to focus on gaining planning from one of a cost cutting Indian retailers come together tomarket share and marketers have to prescription for corporate prosperity discuss and share innovations theyplumb markets to find as many and an internal focus that underval- h ave m a d e i n c raf t i n g t h e i rcustomers as possible who want that ued the real needs and values of customers retail experiences,lowest common denominator customers…to a truly centered identifying opportunities to be moreproduct. business planning approach. Come relevant and hence create that much join us for an interactive session on needed differentiation as retailThe 1960s propagated the 4 Ps the Loyalty track led by LoyaltyOne competition heats up in India.(Product, Place, Price, Promotion) of that entails:marketing and a generation of The Power lunch presented byproduct managers followed this An insider view on mature retail Caroline Papadatosphilosophy, leaving little room for markets from leading global experts Where Caroline will take us throughindividual customers needs. And how retailers there derive those an interesting session on how critical customer insights and execute “Customer footfalls can be translatedFrom then, the world has changed a retail strategies to give them the into financial gains”. This talk willlot. Its now not a product-driven but competitive edge. This session will be revolve around the importance ofa customer-driven business format co-hosted by Caroline Papadatos, customer data, its collection andwhich often marks out the more Senior Vice President, International management and most importantlysuccessful companies. at LoyaltyOne and Chris Goodale, its application.Extending the same logic to retail, the Vice President, Loyalty and Customer Insight at Sobeys. They will with the More information on the summit caninnovation here was in the merchan- help of live examples demonstrate be sourced from -, product management andstore operations. But not anymore. If how innovative customer strategies, RAI cordially welcomes industrynew store concepts are designed for co-creation and social media can all players to Retail Leadership Summitnew-age customers and innovative be part of a bigger customer (RLS 2013): An invitation toproducts are for early adopters, then management blue print that comes innovation!! on 7th and 8th Feb 2013the business of retail innovation to life in the retail environment. at Grand Hyatt, Santacruz East,starts with knowing your customers. Mumbai. A panel discussion on leveraging theThe result of this approach will entail customer asset for improvedthe rapid need for companies to profitability Attendees at RLS 2012 | January - February 2013 | 109