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Group pres 2190   vacation planning
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Group pres 2190 vacation planning



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  • 1. A group project for stage 4.
  • 2. Students have been given the following real life scenario:“You are a travel agency and have been approached by a couple wanting an Australian adventure. They wish to go on a 2 week holiday around the country sightseeing. The couple has given you a budget of $5000.”
  • 3. Students are required to research and plan a sightseeing adventure for the couple, containing some of the well known and not so well known landmarks of Australia. This will be done in groups. They will be given three lessons to plan and prepare the holiday. In a fourth lesson, each group will then present their holiday activities to the couple (judging panel).
  • 4. Things students might like to consider:Costs such as accommodation, fuel, airfares and any other necessary factors affecting the price of the holiday.The sights the couple will see and the timing of the holiday.The season the couple are travelling in.The age of the couple travelling (can be assumed).
  • 5. Tangible OutcomesEach group is to have an itinerary to present to the couple (judges). This will include the timing of the holiday, the locations visited, the price and any optional activities.A slideshow presentation or website which can be viewed by the couple is also required of the agencies (groups). This will contain the information and features of each location or activity entailed in the holiday.
  • 6. Example of itineraryhttp://trulyaustralia.com/suggesteditins/Itinerar yOne.htm
  • 7. Marking Criteria Criteria 1 2 3 4 5Students have demonstrated a sufficient level ofdiscussion and collaboration in the task.Students have successfully researched, analysed andevaluated their decisions on locations.Careful consideration has been given to factorsaffecting the itinerary and budget.Well conducted presentation with engaging ideas andinformation.Peer Review
  • 8. Syllabus Outcomes• MS4.3 - Performs calculations of time that involve mixed units• NS4.2 Compares, orders and calculates with integers• NS4.3 Operates with fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios and rates