Presented byLOVES          #GAUCSydneyDATA
Improving	  Marke/ng	  ROI	           with	  Google	  Analy/csGoogle	  Analy+cs	  User	  Conference	  –	  Sydney   #GAUCSy...
Sales     $                                                    Leads                                                      ...
Conversion/              Sales	  Value                              –   Investment   =   ROIGoogle	  Analy+cs	  User	  Con...
Conversion	                                                                     Rate          CPC                         ...
Online	  Ad                             StoreGoogle	  Analy+cs	  User	  Conference	  –	  Sydney           #GAUCSydney
TV                                  Unique	  URL   Visit                                                          Search  ...
Five	  /ps	                    for	  improving	  ROI	  with	                       Google	  Analy/cs:Google	  Analy+cs	  U...
1.	  Tag	  everythingGoogle	  Analy+cs	  User	  Conference	  –	  Sydney   #GAUCSydney
Cost-­‐per-­‐click	                                 Paid	  /Sponsored           E-­‐newsle:er      Adver/sing             ...
2.	  Configure	  and	  implement	            values	  for	  your	  goalsGoogle	  Analy+cs	  User	  Conference	  –	  Sydney ...
Not	  all	  conversions	  are	                        born	  equal.Google	  Analy+cs	  User	  Conference	  –	  Sydney   #G...
Goal	  Value
Avg.	  conversion	  25%                             $12.50	  per	  email                                   +         Conve...
3.	  Link	  your	  Google	        Analy/cs	  Account	  to	  your	           Adwords	  AccountGoogle	  Analy+cs	  User	  Co...
82.6%	  of	  internet	  users	                                      use	  search                                          ...
Conversions                                                                    Clicks                                     ...
Website	  Insights                                                               Drop-­‐off	                               ...
AdWords	  Insights                                                          Seasonal	                                     ...
4.	  Take	  advantage	  of	      Google’s	  new	  remarke/ng	                capabili/esGoogle	  Analy+cs	  User	  Confere...
YouTube	  Ads                       Rich	  Media	  Ads              YouTube                       YouTube                B...
By	  2015,	  we	  expect	  that	  50%	  of	  all	         display	  ads	  will	  be	  rich	  media	  ads.                 ...
What	  is	  remarke/ng?Google	  Analy+cs	  User	  Conference	  –	  Sydney   #GAUCSydney
How	  does	  it	  work?Google	  Analy+cs	  User	  Conference	  –	  Sydney         #GAUCSydney
List	  A                                                                    List	  B                    Visit             ...
Social                                                                        List	  AOrganic                             ...
•	  Come	  to	  my	  website	  and	  search	  for	  flights	                                  to	  Sydney       •	  Visit	 ...
•	  Prospec+ve	  students                                          •	  Re-­‐enrolling	  students                          ...
E-­‐commerceGoogle	  Analy+cs	  User	  Conference	  –	  Sydney    #GAUCSydney
Research                                TransacGon      Products	        Features                                         ...
5.	  Set	  up	  E-­‐commerce	                                 trackingGoogle	  Analy+cs	  User	  Conference	  –	  Sydney  ...
ROI                                                              Traffic	                                                   ...
Tag	  everything                          Assign	  value	  to	  conversions                          Link	  your	  account...
Connect	  with	  us!                                 	  Analy+cs	  User	  Conferen...
Improving Marketing ROI with Google Analytics
Improving Marketing ROI with Google Analytics
Improving Marketing ROI with Google Analytics
Improving Marketing ROI with Google Analytics
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Improving Marketing ROI with Google Analytics


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Loves Data's presentation 'Improving Marketing ROI with Google Analytics' from Australia's first Google Analytics User Conference in Sydney. Using Google Analytics you can compare marketing campaigns, measure performance and improve ROI (Return On Investment).

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Transcript of "Improving Marketing ROI with Google Analytics"

  1. 1. Presented byLOVES #GAUCSydneyDATA
  2. 2. Improving  Marke/ng  ROI   with  Google  Analy/csGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  3. 3. Sales $ Leads EnquiriesGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  4. 4. Conversion/ Sales  Value – Investment = ROIGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  5. 5. Conversion   Rate CPC Medium Events Traffic  Source Goals CPA Call  TrackingGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  6. 6. Online  Ad StoreGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  7. 7. TV Unique  URL Visit Search VisitGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  8. 8. Five  /ps   for  improving  ROI  with   Google  Analy/cs:Google  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  9. 9. 1.  Tag  everythingGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  10. 10. Cost-­‐per-­‐click   Paid  /Sponsored E-­‐newsle:er Adver/sing Features Social  Media   Posts Blog  PostsGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  11. 11. 2.  Configure  and  implement   values  for  your  goalsGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  12. 12. Not  all  conversions  are   born  equal.Google  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  13. 13. Goal  Value
  14. 14. Avg.  conversion  25% $12.50  per  email + Conversion + $ = $ 100  email   Avg.  transac/on  $50 enquiriesGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  15. 15. 3.  Link  your  Google   Analy/cs  Account  to  your   Adwords  AccountGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  16. 16. 82.6%  of  internet  users   use  search eMarketer,  July  2011Google  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  17. 17. Conversions Clicks CostGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  18. 18. Website  Insights Drop-­‐off   Visitor   Points Flow Landing   AdWords PagesGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  19. 19. AdWords  Insights Seasonal   Trends Visitor   Segments Goal  ValueGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  20. 20. 4.  Take  advantage  of   Google’s  new  remarke/ng   capabili/esGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  21. 21. YouTube  Ads Rich  Media  Ads YouTube YouTube Banners  and  Tiles Smartphone  AdsGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  22. 22. By  2015,  we  expect  that  50%  of  all   display  ads  will  be  rich  media  ads. Google,  Watch  This  Space,  2011Google  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  23. 23. What  is  remarke/ng?Google  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  24. 24. How  does  it  work?Google  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  25. 25. List  A List  B Visit Cookies List  C OtherGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  26. 26. Social List  AOrganic List  B Display Visit Tag List  C Email Other SearchGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  27. 27. •  Come  to  my  website  and  search  for  flights   to  Sydney •  Visit  pages  of  my  website  with  Sydney  in   the  page  /tle TravelGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  28. 28. •  Prospec+ve  students •  Re-­‐enrolling  students Educa/onGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  29. 29. E-­‐commerceGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  30. 30. Research TransacGon Products   Features Free  Shipping SaleGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  31. 31. 5.  Set  up  E-­‐commerce   trackingGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  32. 32. ROI Traffic   Social Sources Tagged   Campaigns Website   ContentGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  33. 33. Tag  everything Assign  value  to  conversions Link  your  accounts Take  advantage  of  remarke/ng Set  up  E-­‐commerce  trackingGoogle  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney
  34. 34. Connect  with  us!  Analy+cs  User  Conference  –  Sydney #GAUCSydney