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Music industry
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Music industry


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  • 1. Image/StyleAvenged Sevenfolds style is hard rock to heavymetal and this comes into the image they haveg created for themselves.
  • 2. Individual Members• Lead Vocals: Matthew Charles Sanders ‘M. Shadows’.• Lead Guitar: Brian Elwin Haner Jr ‘Synyster Gates’.• Rhythm Guitar: Zachary James Baker ‘Zacky Vengeance’.• Bass Guitar: Jonathan Lewis Seward ‘Johnny Christ’.• Drums: Arin Llejay.
  • 3. GenreThe genre of music I would put AvengedSevenfold into would be Hard Rock/HeavyMetal.
  • 4. MerchandiseThe band has a lot of variety when it comes tomerchandise ranging from buttons to hats andbags to shirts.
  • 5. Career PathsWhile most of the members formed the bandstraight out of high school, Brian Elwin Haner Jr.or ‘Synyster Gates’ studied ‘Jazz’ and ‘Classical’guitar in a program called ‘The Guitar InstituteOf Technology Program’ at the MusiciansInstitute in Hollywood. Although after a yearthere he received a phone call from ‘The Rev’who is recently deceased.
  • 6. Target AudienceThe target audience for Avenged Sevenfoldwould be teenagers aged 13 to adults aged 35.
  • 7. Their Record LabelThe company Avenged Sevenfold are underWarner Bros.CEO: Steven Cooper.Other band signed with WB: Art Of Dying,Metallica, Linkin Park.Warner Bros. Records supports music of allgenres and doesn’t specifically choose one.They are “continually changing and evolvingmusic.”
  • 8. Task 2
  • 9. Metal Hammer MagazineThe magazine is published by Future Publishing.The editor of the magazine is WilfriedRimensberger.The magazine usually target adults from the age of20 to 50.The content ranges from certain bands status andactivity to surveys from readers and even famousartists. As for the style of he text it’s quite barbaricin a way of big broad letters and use of weaponry inmost of the camera shots.
  • 10. Metal Hammer Front CoverBig broad letters for The left and right third both havethe masthead to grab cover lines running down themthe readers attention. that portray what the magazineNumber 75 in a has inside. The main image is thepuff/plug. Main cover lead singer of Bullet For Myline ‘Bullet For My Valentine dominating the pageValentine’ indicating with an aggressive stance andthat they will be the facial expression, and the colourmain story also the use of blue and black shows a darkfont is used in a way to and horror feel and the lightningpush the . ‘THE use to show power. The genreFUTURE OF METAL!’ is ‘METAL’ is quite an aggressive ragethe selling line of the styled music usually used to getmagazine because it’s hyper or to calm down from stress.a powerful statement. The name of the magazine METALThe bar code at the HAMMER is so prestigious thatbottom is standard for even with the title covered, it isretailed products. easily identifiable by the readers.