Travelog of a Network Janitor (January 8, 2009)

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Tim O’Neill is an independent technology consultant. He has over 30 years experience working in the WAN, Analog, ISDN, ATM and LAN test market. Tim has worked with companies like Navtel, Network …

Tim O’Neill is an independent technology consultant. He has over 30 years experience working in the WAN, Analog, ISDN, ATM and LAN test market. Tim has worked with companies like Navtel, Network General, Ganymede and ClearSight Networks and is now helping companies get lab recognition and technology verification. Tim is also the Chief Contributing Editor for, a website designed to help network managers gain access to valuable information and real solution stories from other customers. Tim is a patent holding, published and degreed engineer, who has seen this technology grow from Teletype (current loop) data analysis to today’s 10 Gigabit LAN’s focused on business applications with heavy compliance demands. Tim can be reached at oldcommguy (at) bellsouth (dot) net.

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  • 1. The Network Janitor Presents Messy Installations Or Things you should not do to your network! The First Edition of “The Network Janitor” is brought to you by Tony Fortunato, one of regular contributors and Tim Everitt of YR20. Both of these professionals sent these to me to share with you. Tony and Tim took these pictures while helping companies clean up their network. Things we all have done in moments of haste and panic but never went back to fix!
  • 2. An Ethernet cable extender (permanent)? The electrical tape prevents the electrons from leaking out! Maybe NOT the best way for your data!! Donated by Tony Fortunato – The Tech Firm
  • 3. Looks like some freeways I have been on – Not the best EMI environment for your data! Check out the grounding, at the top of the Chassis! TAPS (The Ghost Hunters) would call this a FEAR CAGE! The channels are not even put together? Donated by Tony Fortunato – The Tech Firm
  • 4. Spaghetti junction in Atlanta from space! I love the separation of data cables from power conduits (None)! Power in cables produce EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) Yes even in conduits, although the shield does reduce the radiation some) and according to the ANSI, TIA, ACA,NECA…etc standards on power and data cabling deployment there should be separation in varying degrees/distances thus trays and lashing rules to prevent the EMI from reducing the signal to noise ratio. I believe that this construction would be considered “Not Standard” not to mention “a mess”!!! Donated by Tony Fortunato – The Tech Firm
  • 5. Basic EN 50174 and BS 6701 Power and data cable standard separation table TIA/EIA-569 and ANSI/NECA/BICSI 568-2001 also give separation distances between power and data cables.
  • 6. Examples of Correct wiring Courtesy of YR20 Courtesy of YR20
  • 7. Not built by a Mechanical Engineer!!! Ad Hoc tray construction?? The tray is supported by the power conduit! What ever happen to finishing the job? I guess they do not need common grounding and a strong structure – Yeh! Mounting it was a bummer, dude! Plus the tray upside down so we earthlings can see the un-labeled cables in the tray – Why than a tray? I am completely missing the reasoning for this!!!???? Donated by Tony Fortunato – The Tech Firm
  • 8. Have you had your Fiber, Today? I believe they forgot to label these and I know they cannot wait to trouble shoot this nice bundle of joy! Doesn’t fiber break and have attenuation with sharp twists not to mention they are a wee big longer than necessary. What is an Optical Budget, does radical bending of my firer cause issues? Donated by Tony Fortunato – The Tech Firm
  • 9. Rule of thumb for Fiber cable bending – A minimum long-term low-stress radius of not less than 15 times the cable diameter. Besides mechanical destruction, other reasons why one should avoid excessive bending is to minimize micro-bending or macro-bending losses. Micro-bending losses are light attenuation that are induced by deformity of the fiber bilateral refraction, macro-bending is the leakage of light through the fiber edge by fracturing and this is more likely to happen where the fiber is excessively bent. A minimum bend radius is a function of the material and has little or nothing to do with the press punch tip, buffer or jacket of the fiber. All Fiber optic cable has a minimum bending radius, specified by the manufacturer, for loaded conditions, such as during cable pull, and for unloaded conditions, such as the time after the cable has been installed and is in its final resting position. Donated by ADH Communications
  • 10. 12 foot cables for a 3 foot run? No worry wound up cables with ac adaptors in them do not have any noise problems! Are12 foot cables cheaper than 3 foot cables? They are certainly bigger antennas! Too Many Cables, Spoiled the Signal! Donated by Tony Fortunato – The Tech Firm
  • 11. Put together with loving care? What a difference 4 more screws would have made! Fiber cables on the floor – Real Smart Why not finish the job? Donated by Tony Fortunato – The Tech Firm
  • 12. A quality, rope held chassis on an off-shore vessel! Note – the data cables over the fluorescent light !! Donated by YR20
  • 13. A not so quality installation of a SeaTel antenna control unit for vessel satellite tracking (ie. Very Critical!). Donated by YR20 How not to install your off-shore vessel geo-stable tracking system!!
  • 14. Another 12’+ cable for a 1’ Jumper!!! Plenty of outlets above but just in case add another power strip? Another EMI source! Several of these AC cables were not connected to anything! I wonder where the power backup is hooked up and to what, to all the open ended AC cables????? Donated by Tony Fortunato – The Tech Firm
  • 15. Physical security? The top and bottom of the fence are not connected to the pole! Plus anyone working by the cabinets will get cut, maybe that is the secret behind this physical security element – they get in but get cut in the process? Donated by Tony Fortunato – The Tech Firm
  • 16. The End Of this edition of the “Network Janitor” Please send us your pictures of Shameful, Goofy, Dumb and Funny Network things! Also send us pictures if quality Installations and Innovative ideas in networks! I wish you Less Stress and More Success - Oldcommguy ™ All rights reserved 2009
  • 17.
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